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VivoActive HR ActiAnalog</p><p>Analog watch face for VivoActive HR with HR and activity details.


No longer have this watch, upgrading to vivoactive 3. Linked the source code for anyone who wants to make changes.</p><p></p><p>Fixed for new software update, 3.9.

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den 26 september 2018

comprehensive face with a lot of activity infomation.

Andrew McNicholas
den 14 juni 2018

Great watch face. Lacking a bit of customization but a really good face with all the info you need. Even displays miles not km.

Mark Fish
den 30 mars 2018

One of the best straight forward watch faces. I would have given it 5 stars if you could configure the digital time and / or the date to the other positions (3, 6 or 9 O'clock ) and allow for digital time to be configured for local time selection based on your location for travelers. It is still a great WF, simple, lots of information and a little color to help.

Edward Kasch
den 15 november 2017

Best watch face. I'd love it more if it were configurable.

den 20 juli 2017

Ok, this is one of the best WF for me, but it shows two time the same information... more stars when it becomes configurable!

den 21 juni 2017

Thanks for the update! I really missed it it's a great face!

den 14 juni 2017

I like it, everything I need to know at a glance

Jos Peeters
den 10 juni 2017

This is the perfect one! All the necessary is on the screen.

Horea Pop
den 9 juni 2017

Super design. I like it.

den 9 juni 2017

По мне один из лучших. Спасибо.

den 9 juni 2017

I like this watch face!

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