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Z1 - Example for writing your own watchface


Hi</p><p></p><p>this was just a technical test for myselfe. You'll find the source code below this description as link.</p><p>Features:</p><p>12/24h support</p><p>date</p><p>steps and distance</p><p>battery bar</p><p>inactivity status as circle around the big major circle in the middle</p><p>analog fingers + moving sec indicator</p><p>color of the entire watch changes during the day, deping on the % you have already finished your daily goal. (red, pink, orange, blue, green)</p>

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den 20 februari 2017 | Version V1.0-upd6

F3 English version of the 8.20 power display is not normal, non regular white screen, will return to the default dial.

den 11 augusti 2015 | Version V1.0

Nice watch face.

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