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If you like making plans with the Strava Route Builder or get inspired by a friend’s ride in the Strava feed, this app makes it easy to download routes from Strava to your Garmin device. Just create or star a route in Strava, and you can download it to your Garmin device.</p><p> </p><p>Note: If you don’t want to use a route anymore, just remove it from your Garmin device. Removing the star in S...


- Added support for new devices</p><p>- Various fixes and improvements

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Den här appen måste ha åtkomst till:

  • Skicka/ta emot information till/från internet
  • Edge® 1000 Edge® 1000
  • Edge® 1030 Edge® 1030
  • Edge® 520 Edge® 520
  • Edge® 820 Edge® 820
  • Edge® Explore 1000 Edge® Explore 1000
  • Edge® Explore 820 Edge® Explore 820
  • ForeAthlete® 735XTJ ForeAthlete® 735XTJ
  • Forerunner® 645 Forerunner® 645
  • Forerunner® 645 Music Forerunner® 645 Music
  • Forerunner® 735XT Forerunner® 735XT
  • Forerunner® 935 Forerunner® 935
  • fēnix® 5 fēnix® 5
  • fēnix® 5S fēnix® 5S
  • fēnix® 5X fēnix® 5X
Medelbetyg: (114 betyg)

Fabio Zanirato
den 18 april 2018 | Version 3.30

Non funziona col mio nuovo garmin 1030. Con 820 andava. Sistematelo perché mi piaceva molto

Josh Dapice
den 18 april 2018 | Version 3.30

Doesn’t work on edge 1030

Vali Larsson
den 15 april 2018 | Version 3.30

I just got my brand new Edge 1030 and after downloading courses from Strava using IQ Connect, I'm getting a message " Invalid Course. Delete?" when I try to use one of the courses. Any ideas??? Otherwise it works great with courses made with Garmin map.

den 14 april 2018 | Version 3.30

Works great on the 520, a lot easier than getting routes on the manual way.

den 11 april 2018 | Version 3.20

Works well on my 935. Been great for dialing in new bike/running routes, very helpful for exploring new routes or when I'm going from point A to B and don't want to stop every few turns to check my phone for directions. Have not had many of the issues reported by other users but those appear to be device-specific.

den 8 april 2018 | Version 3.20

Cannot get this to work - so disappointing. Generally get an icon with "IQ" and a small exclamation mark. Sometimes get a message telling me to open Garmin Mobile App to complete connection, when its eiher on already, or I re-open and the process starts again. Totally circular waste of time. Shame on you Garmin.

den 31 mars 2018 | Version 3.20

No funciona para el 520 cuando cargo ruta me Garmin me dice error de Bluetooth

Jamie Bekkers
den 31 mars 2018 | Version 3.20

Doesn't work with Edge 1030. Reports Server Error. The Edge 1030 is connected to the internet via WiFi and is logged into Strava.

Antoni Pons
den 30 mars 2018 | Version 3.20

Doens´t work on Edge 820 Explore. Server problems or so. It's a pitty.

Jay Anderson
den 24 mars 2018 | Version 3.20

Unable to sign in to Strava. I keep getting an invalid user agent error

den 22 mars 2018 | Version 3.20

So, it worked on my Edge 520 but my new Edge 1030 I get the IQ! error and the pair it with garmin connect IQ app message, both are bullcrap. So far not impressed. Have reinstalled apps, phones, you name it and nada, no workie... WTF! Called support and got the same reinstall crap dance...

Takenobu Tonegawa
den 22 mars 2018 | Version 3.20


den 21 mars 2018 | Version 3.20

The application does not work on Fenix 5x. Uploaded routes can not be opened or deleted from the device.

Roman Hungerbühler
den 20 mars 2018 | Version 3.20

Doesn't work on my Edge 820. I authorized the sign-in to Strava on the phone and it said. "Sign in process complete. Return to your garmin device". However on the edge 820 itself nothing would change.... Can't get the app to work.

den 19 mars 2018 | Version 3.20

I have a edge 1030 the app logs in to strava ok and I see my routes but when I try to download I get just an error icon IQ! absolutely no help at all. It would not be so bad if you get the reason for the error but noting how can this be released to the market. Updated both Device and IQ firmware version and reinstall the app no good

Robert Rodriguez
den 16 mars 2018 | Version 3.20

Impossible to enter from my garmin edge 820. Never login for more than authorize the accede in the smartphone. An important bug that disables the app's.

Dean Jones
den 16 mars 2018 | Version 3.20

Nope, doesn't work on the Edge 520. As other people have noted, the app never moves on from asking you to open the Garmin Connect app on your phone, even after you've been through the authorization.

Kian Ryan
den 13 mars 2018 | Version 3.20

Useful for getting routes on to a Garmin device on the first place. However, there appears to be two major problems (on a 735XT): 1) The transfer mechanism appears to be a bit buggy. Will suffer quite often from a Bluetooth Error, only resolved with a cold reboot of the watch. 2) After downloading a route, will ask "Launch Course With..." Run/Bike/Swim. This function doesn't work. No matter which sport you select, it launches Open Water Swimming. To use the route, exit out of the application, go to navigation in the normal menu and select the route from there. It'll work fine, but it should really work directly from the application.

den 24 februari 2018 | Version 3.20

Does what it says

den 24 februari 2018 | Version 3.20

Pour tout ceux qui ont des problemes de connexions et d'authentification : il faut modifier sur votre compte strava le mot de passe pour ne plus se connecter directement avec le compte google mais avec un email et un mot de passe défini. il suffit de réinitialiser le mot de passe et d'entrer les nouveaux identifiants sur connect mobile garmin. Bonne route......

Sebastian Echalar
den 18 februari 2018 | Version 3.20

Cuando la app dice que debo dar permisos a strava, se los otorgo pero no me aparecen las rutas. no funciona

den 15 februari 2018 | Version 3.20

Fonctionne parfaitement sur Edge 520. Très pratique. Quelques problemes de connexion et telechargement parfois mais peut etre pas imputables à l'application (Pb bluetooth ou reseau)

Mike Lamper
den 14 februari 2018 | Version 3.20

Worked once - I created a route from an activity and it worked seamlessly. However now I cannot get anything to come across to my Fenix 5. It says "The next time you sync your Garmin Connect and Strava accounts" but I have no idea what this means. Can someone explain please?

Scott Rooks
den 11 februari 2018 | Version 3.20

Waste of time.......again! It would be great if it would work. "To complete Connection, open the Garmin Connect Mobile App on you phone", I've done that about 100 times, restarted everything and it never works.

den 6 februari 2018 | Version 3.20

Ho letto le lamentele che condivido pienamente, vedo i segmenti sul telefono ma non riesco a portarli sul mio Garmin edge 1000. Per fortuna che ho letto queste lamentele perchè mi stavo convincendo di andare a comprare un 1030 perchè ho letto che ha già l'app Strava intallata, visto che non funziona ugualmente, mi piacerebbe anche avere la versione in lingua Italiana. Mi chiedo come si fà a lanciare un programma che non funziona, io non sono bravo col computer ma voi non siete tanto meglio.

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