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Altimetric Gradient


This data field calculates the gradient of the climb by using the internal barometer/altimeter instead of using the GPS signal.</p><p>Use this data field if you have inconsistent data from the gradient field provided on the Garmin 820 when climbing a shady mountain or you are in the woods.


** 1.0.2</p><p>Changed smoothing to 10 meters, otherwise short climbs would be lagged</p><p></p><p>** First release</p><p>Gradient data is smoothed over a maximum of 40 meters distance (to avoid strange spikes). I find this smoothing quite good for me, but if you feel there is too much (or too little) smoothing, please let me know via mail :)

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den 24 januari 2021 | Version 1.0.2

on Edge 820, the reading of the gradient through this app makes much more sense than through the GPS-based data provided by the device. I've been using this app for a whole year and it works really well to me. Before installing the app, I would start reading the actual gradient after 200 mts. of a climb, as it would adjust very slowly. Now, I can appreciate the gradient almost in real time, let's say 3 seconds from beginning a climb or a descent.

den 2 augusti 2019 | Version 1.0.2

I downloaded it and tried it on a hilly mtb ride. It works very well even on relatively short ups and downs. I have no other device to check it against but seat-of-the-pants says it's reasonably accurate. What's mystifying is that Garmin didn't do this in the first place and hasn't done it after all the complaints about their existing gradient calculation.

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