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There is a new and improved version of this watchface called M2 (+ M2 Designer) which I recommend everyone uses now instead (it is a lot easier to customise):</p><p>-----</p><p>A high-quality minimalist watch face designed with a seconds indicator moving around the outside of a clean stylish display.</p><p>-----</p><p>Settings are grouped into a few main sections, from basic to advanced - see the forum thread for a step by step guide on changing displayed field data and other useful tips ( or click the Companion Hardware link to get there easily):</p>


If you like this watch face, please support my work with a tip to - thanks!</p><p></p><p>Any problems / suggestions please use the "Contact Developer" link - include your email address so I can reply. Or the forum support thread is here:</p><p>-----</p><p>Version 1.1.3</p><p>- Added some help URLs to the settings to open a color chart for choosing colors. Works in GCM - but not in the CIQ Store app which doesn't seem to handle that functionality yet. (Thanks for the suggestion!)</p>



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  • vívoactive® 3 Music vívoactive® 3 Music
  • vívolife vívolife
Medelbetyg: (62 betyg)

Florin Balanescu
den 2 februari 2021 | Version 1.1.3

Looks nice. Very hard to configure.

den 9 december 2020 | Version 1.1.3

poor quality settings for forerunner 935

den 22 oktober 2020 | Version 1.1.3

You can create a new version for Fenix 6 and 6X?

Svar från utvecklaren
den 22 oktober 2020,

This is an older version so I'm not updating it anymore - but there is a newer version called "M2" which works on all the Fenix 6 models. It has all the same features + some extra ones - just the design creation is a bit different. There are some nice examples in the M2 support forum thread.

den 3 augusti 2020 | Version 1.1.3

Masterpiece! Clear to read, perfectly configurable, nothing to want more! But... :) There is an alarm icon. If you choose it, it is always displayed, no matter if your alarm is on or off. It doesn’t display the number of alarms either. Am I missing something or this icon is just merely for decoration?

Svar från utvecklaren
den 4 augusti 2020,

Hi, thanks for the review! For the alarm icon the trick is to adjust the visibility of that icon element - change the visibility to be "alarm on", and then the icon will only be visible at the right time. (I went for this system as it allows more customization - you can choose any icon you like!) You can also add another icon (or a different color) and set that to have visibility of "alarm off" if you want the icon to change instead of disappear.

den 17 juli 2020 | Version 1.1.3

my favorite off all layouts! thanks for it.

John V.
den 28 maj 2020 | Version 1.1.3

I love the ability to customize everything!

den 19 maj 2020 | Version 1.1.3

Best watchface evaaaa

Rajesh Pillai
den 9 februari 2020 | Version 1.1.3

One of the best! Because it’s simple.. Question - how do I display the heart rate like you display in the representative photo. ie heart rate below the time with a heart sign next to it

Svar från utvecklaren
den 10 februari 2020,

Thanks for the review! Check this forum post for info on how to set the display like the cover image: (I have been asked it a few times!) OR there is an easier method now - if you install my newer watchface M2 then you just need the code in this other forum post and you can paste it into the "Profile Text" setting. If you want any help with this use the "Contact Developer" link and let me know :)

Michael Bobok
den 23 januari 2020 | Version 1.1.3

Beautiful screen. I want to get the image as in the photo, what settings should I apply? At the moment my heart rate and heart rate are not displayed at the bottom

Svar från utvecklaren
den 24 januari 2020,

Hi :) Can I recommend you use M2 which is a brand new version of this watchface - I've even posted a "profile text" code for this layout in a forum post yesterday: All you have to do is install M2, open the settings in Garmin Connect Mobile or Garmin Express, post in the "profile text" and save the settings - then the display will look like the photo. Or you can use M2 Designer to customize the display how you like. Any problems or if you really prefer to use M1+ rather than M2, then let me know via "Contact Developer".

den 6 januari 2020 | Version 1.1.3

The most comprehensive watch face I've ever used, and allowed me to tailor it just how I like it. If it were up to me, Garmin should buy this watch face and create an app for positioning data in an easier manner. The only problem I have is a massive battery consumption, using this face my Fenix 5 Plus uses 17% a day - the regular digital face uses 8% a day.

Svar från utvecklaren
den 6 januari 2020,

Hmm that battery usage sounds high to me - but it might depend on what you are displaying? I cycle between several profiles all with 1hz seconds and see about 7% usage per day on my Fenix 5x+. Occasionally though I notice my watch gets stuck in high power mode which forces the watchface to be in high power mode too - I suspect this might be some bug with Bluetooth connection to my phone, but not sure ...

den 4 januari 2020 | Version 1.1.3

The first watch face I didn't uninstall 5 seconds after activating it. There's some solid design skill here. Thanks! Will you keep doing updates?

Svar från utvecklaren
den 5 januari 2020,

Thanks for the review :) There is a major update soon but it will be a separate watchface on the store (called M2) so as not to affect current users. There are a few new features and improvements, but the main change is to remove the field settings and instead use a separate app (on your watch) to create a profile string (which you copy to the watchface). We'll see if the opinion is favourable or not! (But I find the process a lot easier.)

den 9 december 2019 | Version 1.1.3

Works great on FR245! I don't know if data like the weekly mileage, the recovery advisor, VO2max, etc. is limited to Garmin default watch faces, but it would be a nice addition.

Svar från utvecklaren
den 10 december 2019,

Yep it's a shame, but those values are not available to CIQ watchfaces currently. It's possible to calculate a distance for the week - but I think it's from all movement and not just activities (which may or may not be what you want?) [New version out in a few weeks by the way which will be much easier to set up!]

Darko Vojinovic
den 15 november 2019 | Version 1.1.3

You can do what ever you want EXCELLENT! it was a bit confusing at the beginning but now once you master the settings its an amazing thing to work with ! Support coming your way!

Christian Steffen
den 17 oktober 2019 | Version 1.1.3

Best and most stylish watchface for me and incredibly flexible. Read the FAQ first to learn how to handle the fields and how to retrieve the values.

Roberto Casati
den 5 oktober 2019 | Version 1.1.3

One of the best watch face, great! ...but phone connected and phone not connected (visible if... for item above) don't work on vivoactive 3 (music). The phone seems connected even when it is not!

Svar från utvecklaren
den 5 oktober 2019,

You are correct and sorry for the problem! Unfortunately Garmin introduced a bug in the latest VA3 firmware for phone connected status. They are working to fix it, but it will need a new firmware release from them. The bug report is here: (vote it up to help it get fixed faster!)

Doğukan Güngör
den 2 oktober 2019 | Version 1.1.3

Great but today is 2nd of September but mine shows 3th of september . Date is right it show wednesday but number wrong . How can I fix ?

Svar från utvecklaren
den 2 oktober 2019,

Wow interesting! I think it would be best if you contact me using the "Contact Developer" link on this page (right side maybe depending on how you view it!) - please include your email address so I can reply. First thing to check is whether other watchfaces also display the same thing. After that it would be useful to know some of your system settings - I can go through some steps via email. EDIT: an additional thought - check you are displaying "Day Number (of month)" and not "Day Number (of week)" (which could be 3 on a Wednesday if your first day of the week is Monday)

den 20 september 2019 | Version 1.1.3

I'd love the option for an even bigger font to use for the time. Amazing watch face though.

Stefan Schlensker
den 15 september 2019 | Version 1.1.3

Best Watch Face. Thanks.Please add a bigger Batterie Icon.

den 15 september 2019 | Version 1.1.3

Amazing, thank you for this excellent watch face.

Po-Chen, Liu
den 31 augusti 2019 | Version 1.1.3

Where can I add the step number I have gone through?

Svar från utvecklaren
den 1 september 2019,

The step number is just called "Steps" in the field element list. To add steps check this step-by-step guide: (also posting a summary here, but the formatting in these replies isn't nice!) Step by step guide for M1(+) on how to add an extra field/row of data underneath the time, displaying steps count: (1) Make sure M1+ is the current watch face on your watch (2) Open the settings in Garmin Connect Mobile or the Garmin Connect IQ Store app (3) Make sure Field Management is set to "On" - so the new field will be on (4) Set the Field Number to 2, to turn on the 2nd field. It was probably on 1 before, which is the field above the time (5) Set the Vertical Offset to a negative number which means below the centre, -64 is a good value as the screen is 240 pixels high. In GCM if you have a problem entering the "-", then first enter 64, then move the cursor to the start of the line, and it will let you enter "-". (6) Set Element 1 to be "Steps", and make sure the color for it is different from the background color (7) Set Element 2 to be "Footsteps Icon" (8) Set Elements 3-6 to all be "Not Set", meaning empty or unused (9) Save/send the settings to the watch (10) The new field should now appear underneath the time!

Brandon Ogden
den 31 augusti 2019 | Version 1.1.3

Great watch face! How do you add a negative sign for vertical alignment on the iPhone app?

Svar från utvecklaren
den 2 september 2019,

Update following email conversation: you found a workaround on iOS (well done!) by copying & pasting a negative number from another app. I'll open a bug report with Garmin as this horrible process shouldn't be required. (Also note there is a different bug in Garmin Connect Mobile on Android which means to enter a negative sign you have to do the following: it won't let you enter a minus if nothing else is in that setting - first you have to enter a number, and then click to move the caret to the start of the line before the number, and then it lets you enter the minus sign)

den 28 augusti 2019 | Version 1.1.3

This could be the best watch face with so many possibilities. But settings is so complicated with this numbers system. It took me 2 hr to see everything and try to adjust it as per my liking.

Nuno Granja
den 24 augusti 2019 | Version 1.1.3

Amazing work! Thanks for a great watchface!

den 21 augusti 2019 | Version 1.1.3

What a beautiful watch face, completely configurable !!!!! Thanks a lot

den 12 augusti 2019 | Version 1.1.3

Excellent. Possible to have minimalist, elegant and efficient face. I particularly appreciate the fact that fields can show only when appropriate (ex: connected status hidden when not connected).

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