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使用Garmin 的計時器應用程式,來記錄時間與圈數。</p><p>特點:</p><p> - 記錄總活動時間</p><p> - 記錄單圈時間</p><p>


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平均評等: (111 個評等)

2021年3月20日 | 第 1.6-upd2 版

Simple and works

2020年9月18日 | 第 1.6-upd2 版

Not sharing up on my 735XT

Colin Chan
2020年9月9日 | 第 1.6-upd2 版

I concur with Ben Howard. The app made noise with every push of a button even after I turned Key Tones off in Settings - System - Sounds. It should respect the wishes of the device user.

2019年9月12日 | 第 1.6-upd2 版

Bardzo dobra aplikacja. Stoper działa poprawnie, szybko można go znaleźć na zegarku.

Ben Howard
2019年8月10日 | 第 1.6-upd2 版

I wish there was a way to disable the chime for start/stop

Lee Cook
2019年7月19日 | 第 1.6-upd2 版

Downloaded and installed but cant seem to find out how to access it on my 735xt someone help please

Kim Arthur
2019年7月6日 | 第 1.6-upd2 版

Muito bom,gosto muito desse widget

James Pelletier
2019年6月21日 | 第 1.6-upd2 版

Major battery drain for some reason.

2018年10月8日 | 第 1.6-upd2 版

As a HS runner, GPS watches are not as useful for track specific workouts as the good old stopwatch. The GPS may not always record a 400 m or 200m track accurately, and neither do indoor running modes which utilize the accelerometer. For a stop watch, I think 3 functions should be incorporated and quite necessary if you use the watch like I do. 1 & 2 are lap time and total time. The current version does this just...ok, I just wish they were either the same size (for ease of clarity) or switched (total time on top and lap time on bottom) due to the size of the wearables. The third piece of data is displaying lap time and number on a pop-up screen once the lap button has been pushed. Even though this information can be seen later, it is useful to see it at a glance quickly and without hassle in real time. With those improvements, I think people would enjoy this stopwatch app much more. There is no need for a stop watch to be too complex, but too simple may not get the job done right either

John Belliston
2018年8月20日 | 第 1.6-upd2 版

It is awesome, but please make it so you can see the time while operating it.

2018年7月31日 | 第 1.6-upd2 版

Howdy Yu download it on Garmin vivo active it says I can download it on the iPad but when it finishes sinking it does not pop up on my Garmin vivoactive

Dan Foster
2018年7月25日 | 第 1.6-upd2 版

SImple to use and works perfectly on my 735XT.

2018年3月19日 | 第 1.6-upd 版

It is kind of confusing on the Vivoactive but other than that it is pretty nice!

2017年12月31日 | 第 1.6-upd 版

Works fine, I've used it a couple of times now and it's pretty good.

Rafael Leite
2017年12月4日 | 第 1.6-upd 版

Stopped working on latest 735XT firmware as of Dec 4th 2017. Very lame that a watch doesn't have this basic feature.

Gregg Denny
2017年11月1日 | 第 1.6-upd 版

You need 3 pieces of information to have a useful stopwatch. 1: Total elapsed time 2: Current lap time and lap number 3: Last lap time and lap number When you hit lap, it starts the next lap counter and shows the elapsed time, but does not show you what the lap time was, thus making it useless. I know you can see it on another screen, but who would do that while running? Please add the 3rd data field.

2017年6月20日 | 第 1.6-upd 版

stand alone stop watch,,,you have to stop all activities to use....not what i wanted...why on earth do Garmin omit an "on line " stopwatch is mind blowing..

Sean Carmen
2017年5月29日 | 第 1.6-upd 版

Good and simple app. One very important thing missing though... please Garmin add lap counter to main screen!!

Randall Kayfes
2017年4月23日 | 第 1.6-upd 版

Decent enough however - cannot check clock time without stopping and zeroing the stopwatch - should be able to swipe down to instead of searching through widgets.

Bailey Davis
2017年4月9日 | 第 1.6-upd 版

this was a great and used all the time but my account was not working real will so i deleted old account and made a new one now i can not download anything

2017年3月1日 | 第 1.6-upd 版

The app is good, it's location is not. Garmin, please make it available with the rest of your widgets so that I can swipe to it from the watch screen!

2017年2月27日 | 第 1.6-upd 版

Simple and effective.

Aris Loupatatzis
2017年2月25日 | 第 1.6-upd 版

very useful application !!!!

2017年2月2日 | 第 1.6-upd 版

Great idea. However it removes my Activity menu. I had to uninstall it.

2017年1月27日 | 第 1.6-upd 版

Using Garmin ForeRunner 630. Works just fine - it's a basic stopwatch - no frills.