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**For some reason we don't have server for support it. Maybe recently we can't fix the problem.**</p><p></p><p>3.0 - fix network bug. If you can't connect with those step. Try another Api Key. The server Api Key only enable connect with serverial times each day.</p><p>2.7 - more devices suport</p><p>2.3 - fix OpenWeatherMap city change don't work (accu works well) & request all data at the same time (faster then before).</p>


support New devices like 645, 5x plus and so on.




  • 從/向網際網路傳送/接收資訊
  • GPS 位置
  • ForeAthlete® 235J ForeAthlete® 235J
  • Forerunner® 235 Forerunner® 235
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2020年6月4日 | 第 3.0 版

Same here, none works bad

2020年4月22日 | 第 3.0 版

I try with both api keys: it doesn't work!!!!

Christian Schmid
2018年9月29日 | 第 2.7 版

I try both ways and enter the API keys from Open weather and Accu weather. All APIs looks valid. Never the less I'm not able to get access in app. I receive first city loading... later I get an error 30... My entered city is ok. Where is the problem?

2018年9月19日 | 第 2.7 版

The best app, but don't work with vpn. Its bad for travel.

2018年8月28日 | 第 2.7 版

GARMIN EDGE 1030 .... STAY ON AWAY ! FOR 30' . AFTER GPS IS READY AND NONE LOCALITY IS FOUND.. [mY SETTING. Alessandria, Italy] - Insufficiente app im sorry...... i see feww app that work !

Matt Smith
2018年6月13日 | 第 2.4-upd3 版

Doesn't current work with open weather api key on Garmin 645. I would love to use this app! Please fix

2018年8月20日, Zszen

Try again.

Paolo Negro
2018年5月21日 | 第 2.4-upd 版

Good meteo widget's possible to split info in two screen? The first with actual condition and the second (scrolling or tapping) with hours forecast? It will be more readable, I've a vivoactive HR and info are too compressed... Thanks you. Paolo

2018年8月20日, Zszen

Consider new functions

Laurent Rémy
2018年5月11日 | 第 2.4-upd 版

Unfortunatly For me, don't work with OpenWeatherMap wich is very simple! after register to Accuweather i'm unable to find any mention to api key?

2018年8月20日, Zszen

The key is in your account. Try find it there.

Jose Carlos
2018年4月17日 | 第 2.4-upd 版

I finally got it set up, jejeje It works very well in my forerunner 235 With AccuWeather goes perfect. Thanks guy.

2018年8月20日, Zszen

My pleasure.

Nikolay Sirakov
2018年4月1日 | 第 2.4 版

You say you fixed the bug but it is not fixed... Any city I chose it shows the same weather info... Fix your app please.. For now this widget is useless

2018年4月21日, Zszen

Please supply your setting info . I will check it.

2018年3月7日 | 第 2.2-upd2 版


2018年2月8日 | 第 2.2-upd2 版

Лучший (в плане дизайна уж точно) виджет для погоды. У меня не заработал сервер openweathermap, зато с accuweather проблем не возникло. Немного тяжеловато получать api, но это не проблема виджета.

2018年2月8日 | 第 2.2-upd2 版

Лучший (в плане дизайна уж точно) виджет для погоды. У меня не заработал сервер openweathermap, зато с accuweather проблем не возникло. Немного тяжеловато получать api, но это не проблема виджета.

2018年1月28日 | 第 2.2-upd 版

displayed weather data is not the api data from openweathermap, displays bullshit

2018年4月21日, Zszen

please change the weather search service

2018年1月24日 | 第 2.2-upd 版

cannot work for my 5X

2018年8月20日, Zszen

Try to deal follow app instruction. ;P

Spencer Kaplan
2018年1月8日 | 第 2.2-upd 版

Simply doesn't work

2018年8月20日, Zszen

Try to read app instruction. ;P

Chris Moody
2018年1月6日 | 第 2.2-upd 版

When you say "Check city", just what information is needed? For instance, I live in Rotorua, NZ. Do I just type in "Rotorua". Or do I put "Rotorua, NZ", or do I put some other information such as a unique code that accuweather or openweathermap uses? EG, should I be using "246960" as shown in the link below?

2018年4月21日, Zszen

Use the keyword whick can serch your location first. The weather app will get the first result.

David Zhang
2017年12月16日 | 第 2.2-upd 版

Does not seem to work on Fenix 5S. I was able to successfully create accounts and input API but hangs on 'loading city

2018年1月2日, Zszen

check your city on the two website.

2017年12月9日 | 第 2.2-upd 版

Doesn't work on ny Vivoactive3. Just says "Loading... city --:--"

2018年1月2日, Zszen

1. check your city on the two website. 2. check your phone app is activity. 3. make sure your api key is correct. 4. app setting type in correct. Don't need all api key. Just need one witch request site. 5. check your network (wifi and edge) connect those website clearly. 6. close it and retry.

Antonio Elia
2017年11月30日 | 第 2.2-upd 版

Non funziona.. api key non so cosa sia.. prego rispondere in italiano grazie.

2018年1月2日, Zszen

Try to read the instruction again.

2017年11月29日 | 第 2.2-upd 版

Does not work with F5x

2018年1月2日, Zszen

Try to read the instruction again.

Esteban Serpa
2017年10月29日 | 第 2.2 版

Hola soy esteban quisiera saber como se actualiza el estado del tiempo? Gracias!!!

2017年10月31日, Zszen

More than one hour it will auto request weather data. If you want frequence do that. Click ENTER key. I don't think it is good frequency request data. The api limit times each day request.

Giorgio Santini
2017年10月29日 | 第 2.2 版

Very good widget. AccuWeather provide a fairly good weather forecast. The only thing it's currently missing is the forecast for the following days.

2017年10月31日, Zszen

Maybe later, maby not.

Darren Croton
2017年10月22日 | 第 2.2 版

A great start! The openweathermap api doesn’t return accurate info for me (I’m in Melbourne Australia). Accuweather works ok but the description runs off the edge of the screen (E.g. “Intermittent cloud” only gets the first word and cuts off at “c” of cloud). Recommend moving the description to the very top (full width) and the temp where the description currently is. Or shorten the description. Otherwise looks nice, thanks!

2017年10月22日, Zszen

Thank you feedback. I will consider the info display problem in next update.

2017年10月20日 | 第 2.2 版

Cant work out where to type API once I have it. So this does not work

2017年10月21日, Zszen

Please send me your serivece site select and API with email feedback to me. I will help you check out what problem.