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航點投影應用程式可遠端傳送並儲存地點到 fenix3 裝置,之後在導航時應用。只需設定好方向與距離,即刻出發!</p><p>




  • 將位置寫入裝置的位置清單
  • GPS 位置
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平均評等: (23 個評等)

Victor Ro
2017年11月13日 | 第 2.5-upd 版

Нет возможности спроецировать ни сохраненные точки, ни произвольную, только своё текущее положение..

Antonio J Díaz
2017年5月9日 | 第 2.5-upd 版

Very usefull, just begging for a few adds: -Be able to preset de measures and unit, so you dont have to do it every single time starting the app -more accurate degree (1º) heading income, saving the 5º and 10º gaps as an option -add Milliradian for heading income -add UTM for coords SAME APP BACKWARDS -given current position and a given coords data; tu tell us the distance and angle in between these two points. Greetings

2016年5月18日 | 第 2.4-upd2 版

Asked multiple times for the app to be updated to allow mils 0001 - 6400 with no reply from the developer

2015年12月29日 | 第 2.4-upd 版

Bonne application. L'amélioration possible serait de pouvoir utiliser le MGRS est de simplifier le changement d'unité en faisant par exemple une application pour les millieme/MGRS, une pour les degré/UTM.....

2015年11月24日 | 第 2.4-upd 版

Superbe application, qui permet de suivre un azimut. Le problème, c'est que de 10° en 10° ce n'est pas assez précis et rend l'appli pas vraiment utilisable. Merci de faire une mise à jour.

2015年11月21日 | 第 2.4-upd 版

Please allow us to switch current location to MGRS Coordinates Switch heading to military 000 - 6400 like the Compass allows too

Achim Fischer
2015年11月13日 | 第 2.4-upd 版

Please allow us to switch current location to MGRS Coordinates Switch heading to military 000 - 6400 like the Compass allows too

2015年10月20日 | 第 2.4-upd 版

Awesome tool for us in the military.... PLEASE add MGRS and heading within 1Deg. Good job, whoever created this.

2015年10月13日 | 第 2.4-upd 版

Very handy. But if one can enter the heading with more accuracy, and not just in 10 degrees increments, and the distance up to a MUCH larger scale and much quicker, this could really be awesome. One can then quickly create way points from physical maps, and offline. Hope the developer picks up on this

Francesco Nestola
2015年8月17日 | 第 2.4 版

please let enter MGRS coordinates WOULD THE TOP (do this as soon as possible !!)

2015年7月15日 | 第 2.4 版

Totalmente de acuerdo con la opinión de PabloRod, además la posibilidad de guardar waypoints ingresando las coordenadas geográficas está disponible en infinidad de dispositivos Garmin, yo mismo lo hacía con mi anterior Forerunner 310xt. Este forerunner 920xt no hace más que decepcionarme día a día. Para un reloj de U$D500 la verdad que hay cosas que son inaceptables.

2015年7月15日 | 第 2.4 版

Cool. Please add meters. And 1 degree.

2015年7月2日 | 第 2.3 版

Please UTM. Angle, unit by unit. Thank You.

2015年6月29日 | 第 2.3 版

No me ha sido útil para marcar puntos sobre el mapa. La escala de grados de 10º hace que sea poco preciso. Y es necesario hacer cálculos en referencia a la posición actual detectada por el reloj. Sería muy interesante una aplicación para poder introducir ubicaciones en mi Forerunner 920XT en grados sexagesimales o grados decimales de una manera sencilla. Es decir, sin necesidad de que esté relacionada con tu ubicación actual (creo que esto ya lo incorpora el Fenix 3). De esta forma no se necesitaría el uso del GPS para su introducción, sólo unos campos de entrada de datos.

Kasperek Jarosław 🇵🇱
2015年4月27日 | 第 2.0 版

Działa prawidłowo.

Francois Ducassou
2015年4月23日 | 第 2.0 版

Dommage que l'on ne puisse pas régler comme pour la fenix 2 l'angle au degré 10 degré c'est mauvais il t a trop d'erreur. Sur la fenix 2 on pouvait régler centaine dizaine unité et c'est pareil pour la distance. Merci de faire une mise a jour en ce sens.

2015年4月21日 | 第 2.0 版

I really like this app, it is very useful for navigation/wayfinding. However, having only the opportunity of shifts in the direction by 10-degree units is too rough for projecting waypoints that are farther away than a few hundred meters. It would be great if shifts by 1 degree would be possible (with an optional speed-up by keeping a button pressed). Such a speed-up option would also be a useful improvement for detting distances greater than a few kilometers, because I think that the possible changes in the distance units are too small at the moment (which means I have to press the distance increase buttons hundreds of times at the moment...). Anyways, thanks for providing such nice apps!

2015年4月18日 | 第 2.0 版

please allow bearing to be adjusted to a greater degree of accuracy. even when aiming off for short distances 10 degrees is a bit much. the screen is well laid and the introduction of this app brings the f3 a lot closer to meeting garmin's claim that this fenix model is still for outdoor nav.

2015年4月13日 | 第 2.0 版

This is a useful app and I'm glad to see the Garmin team gradually bringing back some of the many useful features which were offered by previous Garmin devices but for some reason were left out of the Fenix 3. Unfortunately the app in it's current form cannot be used. It only allows setting the heading in 10 degrees intervals rather than 1 degree interval and setting the distance is impossible (e.g. projecting a waypoint 12km away would require pressing the UP button 1200 times!!!)

Paul Summers
2015年4月12日 | 第 2.0 版

Great app... assuming that you have a basic understanding of orienteering! If you can locate your current position on a map and can determine the distance and bearing required to reach a desired destination, this application will allow you to simply enter them and create a waypoint to navigate to. We tried it several times this weekend while snowshoeing with great success, even while navigating through thick tree cover. It was a great way for the kids to practice their map reading skills (they were using traditional compasses and land marking), while I was playing with my new watch!

Dan Welch
2015年4月12日 | 第 2.0 版

No crashes... Does what it says. Please refrain from giving poor reviews and in the comments asking for requests for a different type of app. If you feel it deserves a bad review than put something in the comment section about the ACTUAL app.