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Space Station Run

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Run dude! Run!!!</p><p>Reach the goal and blow the space station!</p><p>This watch face shows an animation every time you look at it, simulating the flying of an spaceship trough a trench.</p><p>The counter shows the number of steps that is missing for you to get there.</p><p>When you hit the goal an animation shows the target getting closer and you shooting and exploding the whole thing!</p><p></p>


v 1.01 - Added 12 hour time-format option.




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平均評等: (4 個評等)

2022年12月15日 | 第 1.01 版

Bring to Instinct 2 Solar please.

2017年5月24日 | 第 1.01 版

The animation doesn't work on my hr.

Peter Samyn 🎮
2017年4月22日 | 第 1.01 版

I love Space War! Remember when Duff Moonwalker turned off his computer targeting machine? Classic Scene! Next do battle with moth!

Kassiana Mesquita da costa
2017年3月29日 | 第 1.0 版

Great! It is just like the movie. The animation makes the watch face funnier.