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Hi, here I leave you my new creation, based on another of my watchfaces but improved. If you like my creations you can invite me to some beers, as always thank you very much</p><p>If you like to have all the possible data on the screen this is one of your watchfaces.</p><p>Colors for data, arcs and other customizable.</p><p>Selectable data field with information on the weather forecast, speed and wind direction, sunrise /sunset and heart rate graph with minimum and maximum. Also possibility of leaving the field empty.</p>


2.0.5</p><p>-Fixed error in Second TimeZone</p><p>2.0.4</p><p>Fixed square in elevation units</p><p>Change default data for datafields due to error when select sunrise/sunset data without location data.</p><p>2.0.3</p><p>- Second Time bug fixed.</p><p>-New data fields added</p><p>-Possibility to choose data fields to display</p><p>-Added second time zone, UTC zone selectable in configuration</p><p>-Added temperature graph ( clock sensor)</p>




  • 透過 ANT Radio 傳送/接收資料至/從協力廠商的感測器
  • 未啟用時在背景執行 (可能會影響電池壽命)
  • 從/向網際網路傳送/接收資訊
  • GPS 位置
  • 感應器資料 (即 ANT+、心跳速率、羅盤)
  • 心率、氣壓、溫度和海拔高度紀錄
  • 您的 Garmin Connect™ 健身設定檔
  • Approach® S60 Approach® S60
  • D2™ Charlie D2™ Charlie
  • D2™ Delta D2™ Delta
  • D2™ Delta PX D2™ Delta PX
  • D2™ Delta S D2™ Delta S
  • Descent™ Mk1 Descent™ Mk1
  • First Avenger First Avenger
  • Forerunner® 245 Forerunner® 245
  • Forerunner® 245 Music Forerunner® 245 Music
  • Forerunner® 645 Forerunner® 645
  • Forerunner® 645 Music Forerunner® 645 Music
  • Forerunner® 935 Forerunner® 935
  • Forerunner® 945 Forerunner® 945
  • fēnix® 5 fēnix® 5, quatix® 5
  • fēnix® 5 Plus fēnix® 5 Plus
  • fēnix® 5S Plus fēnix® 5S Plus
  • fēnix® 5X fēnix® 5X, tactix® Charlie
  • fēnix® 5X Plus fēnix® 5X Plus
  • fēnix® 6 fēnix® 6
  • fēnix® 6 Pro fēnix® 6 Pro, fēnix® 6 Sapphire
  • fēnix® 6S fēnix® 6S
  • fēnix® 6S Pro fēnix® 6S Pro, fēnix® 6S Sapphire
  • fēnix® 6X Pro fēnix® 6X Pro, fēnix® 6X Sapphire, fēnix® 6X Pro Solar
  • MARQ™ Athlete MARQ™ Athlete
  • MARQ™ Aviator MARQ™ Aviator
  • MARQ™ Captain MARQ™ Captain
  • MARQ™ Driver MARQ™ Driver
  • MARQ™ Expedition MARQ™ Expedition
  • vívoactive® 3 vívoactive® 3
  • vívoactive® 3 Mercedes-Benz® Collection vívoactive® 3 Mercedes-Benz® Collection
  • vívoactive® 3 Music vívoactive® 3 Music
  • vívoactive® 4 vívoactive® 4, GarminActive
  • vívolife vívolife
平均評等: (31 個評等)

2019年10月12日 | 第 2.0.5 版

Всё хорошо! Но как и у всех сторонних разработчиков значок статуса подключения телефона всё время светится. И на вашем циферблате тоже. На предустановленном циферблате всё работает. VA3.

Christine M Butcher
2019年10月12日 | 第 2.0.5 版

Using OpenWeather and now weather working. Thanks for the fix. Looks good.

Inderpreet Singh
2019年10月12日 | 第 2.0.5 版

Every description is accurate after an activity. It is the most attractive watchface I found in Garmin store. Thanks :) Lovely it is...

2019年10月12日 | 第 2.0.5 版

The watchface is superb, it's a very nice job. Just a note, the format isn't very suitable for my fenix 5x plus, there is some overtaking, especially at the circle. I hope there will be an upgrade.

Francisco Mantilla
2019年10月10日 | 第 2.0.4 版

I just installed the last one does not work on my fenix6 I get the same error that lets you enter the application

2019年10月10日, CharlySan

Hola Francisco, no entiendo a qué error te refieres, que pasa exactamente? No se inicia?, vuelve a Watchface stock? yo no dispongo de un Fénix 6, las pruebo en el simulador de Garmin y deberian funcionar. No obstante ponte en contacto conmigo a ver si damos con el problema.

Francisco Mantilla
2019年10月10日 | 第 2.0.3 版

I have a fenix6 watch and the application does not work error when opening it on the clock.

2019年10月10日 | 第 2.0.3 版

Great! All the information you need at a glance! Would it be possible To remove the data circles in order to have the time bigger? Thanks to the development, great work!

2019年10月10日 | 第 2.0.3 版

Now is great, no crash on my Fenix 5, my favourite wf as now!

2019年10月10日 | 第 2.0.3 版

Great watchface! I love it. Thanks for the excellent work

Daniel Salvador
2019年10月9日 | 第 2.0.1 版

Buena pantalla totalmente personalizable.

2019年10月7日 | 第 1.0.1 版

Nice, please CZ location for dates

Christine M Butcher
2019年10月6日 | 第 1.0.1 版

Weather data does not adjust to correct temperature post gps activities. Watch says 30⁰C but temperature is 14⁰C here. Using with Vivoactive Music. Otherwise nice face. Please fix weather.

2019年10月7日, CharlySan

I'll revise....thanks. however sometimes takes some minutes to update and you must connected to phone.

2019年10月6日 | 第 1.0.1 版

Excellent WF, works on my Fenix 5. I would like the option to deselect some of the data on the right and the option for 2nd time zone would be nice.

2019年10月6日, CharlySan

HI, Im glad you like it. In future updates its possible....

John C
2019年10月6日 | 第 1.0.1 版

Smooth, worked out of the box on my fenix 6 pro.

Francisco Mantilla
2019年10月5日 | 第 1.0.1 版

Mi funciona en el Fénix 6

2019年10月5日 | 第 1.0.1 版

Thanks for the project. I was waiting for something like this, but unfortunately data fields on the right are customizable:((

Michael Mays
2019年10月5日 | 第 1.0.1 版

I like the layout of this and it has a lot of good data. Unfortunately I can't really use it as the white background color schemes are too hard to read due to the non-solid textures.

2019年10月5日, CharlySan

Hi, you can remove textures selecting the same color for background and lateral color option.

Niels Hageman
2019年10月5日 | 第 1.0.1 版

When I change settings the watch face crash. Fenix 6

2019年10月5日, CharlySan

Hi,sorry for the inconvenience, I think it can be a problem with the data of sunset and sunrise. If you have put that data, remove it from the configuration in app and it works again. I will try to repair it tonight. thanks for your understanding

Σπυρος Καραλεκας
2019年10月5日 | 第 1.0.1 版

When I change settings the watch face crash

2019年10月5日, CharlySan

Hi,sorry for the inconvenience, I think it can be a problem with the data of sunset and sunrise. If you have put that data, remove it from the configuration in app and it works again. I will try to repair it tonight. thanks for your understanding

2019年10月5日 | 第 1.0.1 版

It will not install on my 6X Saphire

2019年10月5日, CharlySan

Why? In simulator works perfectly in 6x saphire.

2019年10月5日 | 第 1.0.1 版

Super Cadran ! Toutes les infos nécessaires sur un seul cadran de façon clair ! Sera-t-il possible de pouvoir enlever les cercles pour agrandir le format de l'heure ?Merci au développeur !

Ryan Brayshaw
2019年10月5日 | 第 1.0.1 版

Love it, would like the option to add an additional time zone. Thanks for all your hard work.

2019年10月5日 | 第 1.0.1 版

If I change one of all the options in my Fenix 5, the battery’s arc turns red, not green. Can’t take wind’s information. For the rest, great watchface, it has a lot of data for data’s lovers.

2019年10月5日, CharlySan

Yes, its true, ill fix tonight, i'll put battery color configurable. To take weather and wind info you need location info, start and activity with GPS, when you have gps Signal, exit activity. Sometimes takes some minutes

2019年10月5日 | 第 1.0.1 版

Ganz gut. Finde es nur etwas überladen. Wäre gut wenn man selber einstellen kann was angezeigt wird.

2019年10月4日 | 第 1.0.1 版

Can't install in my 935.