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Update 20 March 2018: Hi. I have switched to a new tracker and won't be using the Vivoactive HR anymore. Hence I won't be updating this watch face. But I will leave it up here for those who still want to use it but won't be able to assist in any queries. Thanks for your support.</p><p>*****************************</p><p>NOTE: I have only tested this with the Garmin Connect app for the iPhone. There is an issue where configuration may cause some issues with Android's Connect app. Though I have addressed it in the coding for this watchface, I have not been able to test it on an Android smart phone as I do not have one.</p>


Vers 1d. No changes. Just some code clean up


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Mårten Holmberg
2017年10月31日 | 第 1d 版

Very good watch face. But the battery life shown in percentage 39% would have been nice. Can you fix it then I will give 5 stars

Shani Burnett
2017年6月16日 | 第 1d 版

Absolutely love this watch face but for some reason the seconds will not show on my watch (vivoactive HR) which is a requirement for me for work any tips to get that working and I'd give it 5 stars!!

2017年4月5日 | 第 1c 版


Marlon Meese
2017年3月31日 | 第 1b 版

Zeige immer Sekunden

2017年3月30日 | 第 1b 版

Awesome face! Is there a way to show the step count and distance at the same time?