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This data field* offers a secondary way to view Dexcom CGM data** at a glance on compatible Garmin wearables and cycling computers***. The data field displays estimated glucose levels and trend direction on your device during an activity — so there’s no need to interrupt your workout to view your numbers on a smartphone. Get setup instructions:</p>




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平均評等: (41 個評等)

Stephanie Holbrook
2023年2月2日 | 第 1.1.1 版

Won’t connect. Very frustrating

Josh Schulman
2022年11月1日 | 第 1.1.1 版

Keeps asking me to sign in and never shows up. Then it doesn't let me sign in. Useless.

Adam Thompson
2022年10月15日 | 第 1.1.0 版

This data field worked well until a few weeks ago. Doesn’t work at all now. I bought my Edge 530 to get the DexCom data field. I already had an Edge 130 that I was happy with, but couldn’t download the Dexcom data field. I purchased the 530 ONLY because of the Dexcom’s data field. Doesn’t work. Super disappointed right now.

Dave Chirayath
2022年10月7日 | 第 1.1.0 版

It connects for less than a minute and then craps out. I’m considering returning my Garmin since they appear unable to get this sorted.

Nic Porter
2022年9月24日 | 第 1.1.0 版

It shows data for a minute and then stops working. What a freaking waste. Why can’t Garmin get this dialed in!?

Mark Dalton
2022年9月10日 | 第 1.0.9 版

Well, it used to work on my edge but now after resetting my device (1030), I can't get to a log in screen on my android S21. It's frustrating knowing that just a couple of days ago, it worked and now all I see is an icon.

Quinn Adams
2022年8月17日 | 第 1.0.8 版

While I have not had the 'no data' issue that others seem to be plagued by, there could be many improvements made such as a watchface with the graph as well as being able to integrate the dexcom data with the custom faces you can build on the watch. Such a shame this app is not as robust as it could be

Judah imhof
2022年6月29日 | 第 1.0.6 版

This Data field is good for my Fenix-6 but continues to crash my Edge 1030 plus every time I try to start a ride ever since the software update 6.40 I have given up and uninstalled it on the Edge and will try again later once I see at least 2 updates to either the data field or the soft of the Edge device.

German Bauer
2022年6月23日 | 第 1.0.6 版

Not compatible with the new 255? I upgraded from a forerunner 245 to a 255 and the dexcom data field is no longer available. I can't believe this wasn't ready as the 255 is available in stores now

Timothy P. Stevens
2022年6月13日 | 第 1.0.6 版

The latest update, (POS) something, something is queued in Connect IQ, but won't install on Garmin device (530 Edge). When the Dexcom data field is working it is always 5-10-15 (it's random as to which internal) behind actual data. I can start a ride, and the datafield magically croaks 5miles into an effort. Other times it miraculously runs fo the duration of a ride. No rhyme or reason. Somehow I have spent the last 4 years fishing a G6 out of my pocket at speed and not crashed. The G6 hardware itself is a real masterpiece (of shizzit): three buttons need to be depressed in succession with a sweaty hand in order to tell me the rate of BG declination, but no landscape view - for that I would have to fish my phone out of my pocket at 30khp. It's a shame that developers and FDA/powers that be, etc. make it so damn difficulty for athletes who do their damndest despite chronic conditions. It would be bad enough if Diabetes was my only health concern... Stupid applet, stupid updating system, stupid hardware, yet we persevere. Here's to resilience and strength in the face of electronic idiocy.

Viorel Septelici
2022年5月30日 | 第 1.0.5 版

It does NOT connect! Ever!

Dave Chirayath
2022年5月23日 | 第 1.0.5 版

It rarely connects which is the whole reason I bought a Garmin 1030. I’m returning the Garmin and will go back to using the Dexcom receiver. I’m very disappointed.

2022年5月22日 | 第 1.0.5 版

three hours spent trying to get his to work! bought a Venusq with the sole purpose of showing my glucose on my wrist at all times...that's apparantly not possible, the watch will now go back to the store. oh well

2022年5月16日 | 第 1.0.5 版

Dexcom Widget doesn’t work on a Garmin venu. Wasted money buying this watch to connect to Dexcom. Hot garbage.

Rick Moore
2022年5月10日 | 第 1.0.5 版

Greatly disappointed! Was excited that Garmin finally had worked with Dexcom to display on a watch, and I could be done with Apple. Bought a Garmin watch, and then discovered the Dexcom widget and Decom data field require internet. Even with internet it can't maintain connection. If I don't sign in every 10 minutes I can't see any CGM readings on my watch. Are there plans to improve the widget and data fields or even create a watch face that can communicate via bluetooth directly with the Dexcom App on my phone, instead of the Dexcom share cloud via internet?

Brian Byrd
2022年4月27日 | 第 1.0.5 版

Not reliable. Data needs to update quicker and more consistently

Cody Lewis
2022年4月15日 | 第 1.0.5 版

Would be great.. if it worked! I should’ve bought an Apple. get it together Garmin!!

Bernard Feigenbaum
2022年3月17日 | 第 1.0.5 版

The software is poorly written with a number of errors. Some of the time the sign in appears and some times it doesn’t. Have to try it numerous times until it work. Got the watch yesterday and uploaded the Dexcom app and after one hour got the Dexcom to work on my 945 LE watch. Today I got what the watch called a Bluetooth error and could not read my blood sugar levels for part of the day. Reinstalled the program on my watch and it is working again

Brian Byrd
2022年2月20日 | 第 1.0.4 版

The performance of this app has degraded without a version change. Why am I being prompted to sign in multiple times on both the widget and the data field? My phone is always with me and I always have cell service, why is this app performing badly now. It updated pretty decently for a while. Please pull the data directly from the dexcom app. Why is an internet connection absolutely necessary for this? I understand this is pulling from the cloud, but it should not have been designed that way. I’m at a point now that I’m going to be wearing both my garmin and my Apple Watch during athletic events because the Apple Watch dexcom app display is reliable.

Robert Turner
2022年2月18日 | 第 1.0.4 版

GARMIN...WAKE UP!!! WILL SOMEONE AT GARMIN PLEASE READ THIS!!! Please design an App &/or Watchface that do the following. 1. Ditch the need for internet and the share server. Direct to Dexcom App. THIS NEEDS TO WORK WITHOUT INTERNET. 2. Large font size so we can read in the middle of the night without glasses. 3. Alert of Low & High threshholds that are set by the user. 4. Vibrate longer than just a quick buzz that we can't feel while sleeping. Your vibration on all Venu and Fenix products is not that great. I have bought and now returned the Venu Sq Music, Venu 2, Venu 2 Plus and Fenix 6 due to the lack of all of the above. Please help us here. If you want to change the lives of people with Diabetes who exercise and struggle with blood sugar issues please at least have some Engineering conversations about some of this. These are potential live saving opportunities here. For now I will stick with my old Vivoactive HR and the Apps from other people that allow me to at least communicate with Xdrip+. When I'm in the Mountains with the Vivoactive HR and other Apps it is Awesome! No Internet Required!

Chad Wildermuth
2022年1月6日 | 第 1.0.4 版

Despite multiple attempts I have not been able to get consistent readings during workouts. Most of the time I don’t get any reading at all. The third party alternatives work much better. It’s disappointing to see Dexcom and Garmin officially working together only to create apps and data fields with almost no functionality.

freddy lindo
2022年1月2日 | 第 1.0.4 版

Initially sinks and provides reading then goes blank. On a 30 mile test ride I only saw my glucose level 3 times.

Ken Hultberg
2021年12月20日 | 第 1.0.4 版

Why just available for the US Dexcom Server and not the European?

Paul Bloem
2021年12月1日 | 第 1.0.2 版

Works ok on my watch, but would really love to be able to use it on my Edge 130 Plus. No idea why that wouldn't be an option... Frustrating.

Robert Turner
2021年12月1日 | 第 1.0.2 版

Just give us a watch face!!! Also, if Garmin could make this "Datafield" (Not App) read it's values from the Dexcom app and not the Dexcom share server we would not have lost our readings for almost 2 hours on Nov 30th in the afternoon. And we could actually take our adventure/outdoors watch into the mountains where there is no cellular service and it would still get readings...what a genius idea!!!