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Download current tide data through your smartphone. 7 days of tide data are available for offline viewing so you can leave your phone in a safe place during your on-the-water activites.</p><p></p><p>Defaults to current GPS position, press START to enter coordinates for a different location or select a recently used location. Use UP/DOWN to change the date.</p><p></p><p>NOTE: The Tides app depends on an active connection to Garmin Connect Mobile to download tide data


Adds support for:</p><p>- MARQ Athlete</p><p>- MARQ Aviator</p><p>- MARQ Driver</p><p>- MARQ Expedition</p><p>


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  • 從/向網際網路傳送/接收資訊
  • GPS 位置
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  • MARQ™ Athlete MARQ™ Athlete
  • MARQ™ Aviator MARQ™ Aviator
  • MARQ™ Captain MARQ™ Captain
  • MARQ™ Driver MARQ™ Driver
  • MARQ™ Expedition MARQ™ Expedition
平均評等: (257 個評等)

2019年7月2日 | 第 1.9.2 版

Tide data absolutely incorrect for my location (2 hours aprox.). (Pasajes-Gipuzkoa-Spain) Longitud: -1.9270700 Latitud: 43.3253000

Miguel Martin Gascon
2019年6月29日 | 第 1.9.1 版

When I try to use it an load error message comes up in my watch

Tim Manson
2019年6月28日 | 第 1.9.1 版

cannot get accurate tide - seems to be 4 hours out

Anthony Pickard
2019年6月27日 | 第 1.9.1 版

Perfect. Accurate and simple to use

2019年6月27日 | 第 1.9.1 版

Tide information is incorrect (Pasajes-Gipuzkoa-Spain) Longitud: -1.9270700 Latitud: 43.3253000

2019年6月21日 | 第 1.9 版

Tide information is incorrect (Pasajes-Gipuzkoa-Spain) Longitud: -1.9270700 Latitud: 43.3253000

Marcos Beaton
2019年6月16日 | 第 1.7 版

Tide info is one of the biggest reasons I got the watch. Doesn't work. Fails to retrieve tide data. Wouldn't have bought watch.

George C
2019年6月13日 | 第 1.7 版

What a shame. An opportunity missed. I was totally sold on the concept. The information displayed and the format is brilliant. However the data cannot be relied upon. For me, the current data is out by 5 hours.

Miguel Romero
2019年6月6日 | 第 1.7 版

Why this is not available for all MARQ devices?! I have an athlete and previous a Fenix3HR where i had this app, i think a costumer that spent 1500 on a watch deserve this feature

2019年6月2日 | 第 1.7 版

Sometimes right, and like right now, tide data is way off. Disappointing to say the least!!!!

Nils Werner
2019年5月28日 | 第 1.7 版

This should really be a widget and is in desperate need of a visual overhaul

Stuart Ewing
2019年5月23日 | 第 1.7 版

As a seafarer, this would have been super useful. Especially considering my navigation and sounding hardware is also made by Garmin. Unfortunately the data it's dangerously incorrect. This app should not be used and certainly not relied on. Where are you pulling this data from Garmin team???

2019年5月21日 | 第 1.7 版

Apparently not compatible with MARQ watches, aside from the captain - absolutely disappointing move by Garmin to enable it for most every other watch, but hamstring the MARQ line. App functionality is already questionable, but seemingly intentional lack model support (for top line) is terrible.

Kevin Melanson
2019年5月9日 | 第 1.7 版

Tide data absolutely incorrect for Vancouver, BC, Canada. App is dangerously inaccurate. Do not use.

Jonathan Wright
2019年4月28日 | 第 1.7 版

Incorrect tide times - 90 mins late in northern Spain.

Cristobal Thompson
2019年3月28日 | 第 1.7 版

funciona bien, pero no siempre se ajusta a los cambios de hora de invierno y verano...

Jose Moreno 🇪🇸🇮🇨
2019年2月26日 | 第 1.7 版

Se ha actualizado y ha dejado de funcionar.

2019年2月19日 | 第 1.7 版

Tide information is incorrect (Pasajes-Gipuzkoa-Spain) Longitud: -1.9270700 Latitud: 43.3253000

2019年2月9日 | 第 1.6 版

It works...but the tide times are wrong. Not sure where this is pulling from but if you verify against multiple other sources this app is always wrong.

2019年2月6日 | 第 1.6 版

It's working on my FR645. I love it :)

2019年2月4日 | 第 1.6 版

Does not work with fenix 3hr

2019年1月21日 | 第 1.6 版

Very useful, Shall be even better if it was displaying the current tide, and not only the min/max

2019年1月19日 | 第 1.6 版

A mi me sirve

2019年1月11日 | 第 1.6 版

Con Fénix 5x plus da error "invalid tides API key"

2019年1月5日 | 第 1.6 版

Cannot uninstall

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