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# Simple connect IQ datafield with:</p><p></p><p>- Grade</p><p>- Bearing</p><p>- Heartrate</p><p>- Power</p><p>- Speed</p><p>- Altitude</p><p>- Cadence</p><p>- Timer elapsed/timer</p><p>- Power battery level </p><p>- Power battery time (o = operating time when max battery time is not configured, r = remaining time), format hh:mm</p><p></p><p>Configuration can be done using on-device settings.</p><p></p>


- option to show pressure when altitude is in range</p><p>- option to show mean sealevel</p><p>- set batt.duration powermeter (exp) - option to show/hide</p><p>- fallback power 0 for 5 sec, show distance</p><p>- hiit color: green = ok / blue = recovery time




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2023年5月9日 | 第 1.0.0 版

Hello. I don't see the same data windows as in the picture. I'm missing the top line and the bottom two. Weather, gears, HR, stamina will not show. I like it all like your picture. What with this?

2023年5月9日, Fietser

Its a screenshot of my garmin edge 1040 page, it contains: top-left: the connect IQ app `what weather` top-right: garmin datafield di2 gear-ratio the actual app: what metrics (grade, heading, .. timer) the connect IQ app: what tired (showing ride disctance) bottom left: garmin data field stamina (not accessible via sdk api) bottom right: garmin data field distance next Note: its not possible to have this all in one connect IQ app, it will cost too much memory. That's why I use several connect IQ apps. Hope this helps, all connect IQ apps are avaiable :-) Best regards.