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Airly - Air Quality Manager


Do you know, what kind of air you're breathing? Right now many urban centres are struggling to clean up their air. This widget will help you to monitor real-time air quality.</p><p></p><p>Features:</p><p>CAQI (0-100) - air quality index</p><p>PM2,5 & PM10 - small particles in µg</p><p>temperature, humidity and pressure history (if available)</p><p></p><p>Data are taken currently from (...


2.5 (IMPORTANT!)</p><p>- API change (previous versions will not work anymore)</p><p></p><p>2.4.3</p><p>- fix for pressure chart</p><p></p><p>2.4.2</p><p>- support for Vivoactive 3 Music</p><p></p><p>2.4.1</p><p>- you can force GPS refresh from menu</p><p>- on timestamp screen added information about GPS strength: last known, poor, usable, good</p><p></p><p>2.4</p><p>- correct display of AQI val...




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  • GPS 位置
  • Approach® S60 Approach® S60
  • D2™ Bravo D2™ Bravo
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平均評等: (53 個評等)

2019年1月18日 | 第 2.5 版

AQI is correct but pm2.5 is inaccurate. Value of pm2.5 should NOT be the same as AQI. Please fix this error you will get more star for this useful widget!

Ittipan Langkulanon
2019年1月17日 | 第 2.5 版

Handy tool for displaying location-based AQI data from nearest weather station rather than needing to get it at

Somchat Tilapornputt
2019年1月17日 | 第 2.5 版

I got it to work on my Fenix 5 in Thailand. I noticed the values of AQI and PM 2.5 are the same. I don't think that's correct. Any suggestion?

Alex Helix
2019年1月16日 | 第 2.5 版

I'm using my Fenix 5X plus in Thailand. The Airly widget is working well except the value of pm2.5 is shown the same with AQI value. Can you suggest any solution?

Mean Watsama
2019年1月16日 | 第 2.5 版

How to change location? Even hold light button and update location, it doesn't work.

Nuttawut Jantarasittiphol
2019年1月16日 | 第 2.5 版

Finally, it worked on my Fenix5 in Thailand. If your Fenix5 continue saying "No internet connection". Here is my solution. 1. Update Garmin app to latest version. 2. Bring your Fenix5 to outdoor to receive GPS signal. 3. On your Fenix5, hold the light button to view Control Menu, go to Save Location, and ensure your current GPS location is appear. 4. Resync your Fenix5. 5. On your Fenix5, go to Airly widget. The AQ data would be appear. Good Luck.

Suraphart Suwanmaitree
2019年1月16日 | 第 2.5 版

It keeps asking for connection.

2019年1月16日 | 第 2.5 版

Can not use this app alway ask internet connect

2018年12月18日 | 第 2.5 版

Ca fonctionne nickel sur ma Fenix 5 sapphire, BT ou Wifi. Merci au dev !

Jeilson Raasch Galacho
2018年12月11日 | 第 2.5 版

Now work!!! Thanks... I like this app.

2018年12月10日 | 第 2.5 版

Latest update works much faster then the old one. Quick and easy access to air quality, easy to see what air station the data came from, and the ability to manually set a location. Does everything I need. Would be neat to save a few manual locations.

2018年12月10日 | 第 2.5 版

Very nice

2018年12月8日 | 第 2.4.3 版

No work

2018年12月9日, dcmarti

Reply to all comments about connectivity issue: due to API change please update to the newest version (and update your comment afterwards).

2018年12月7日 | 第 2.4.3 版

Worked well until 2 week ago. Now isn't working.

Tomek IT
2018年12月7日 | 第 2.4.3 版

Niestety przestała działać. Prosi o ręczne ustawienie lokalizacji.

2018年12月6日 | 第 2.4.3 版

was working for some time, now showing info to set localization in menu... anyone knows how to solve it?

Konrad Bysiec
2018年12月5日 | 第 2.4.3 版

Good api but not working all time see set gps in menu, check connection.

Ryan Choi
2018年12月5日 | 第 2.4.3 版

I am very sarisfied with this app. However it is not working properly about a week. It shows ‘waiting for connection’,’Set location in menu’,’is internet available’ sign and turns off. Hope you can fix the issue.

준규 Navy Seal
2018年12月1日 | 第 2.4.3 版

fenix 5X user is not active and is loading only wish to fix the problem quickly.

Ferhad Fidan
2018年12月1日 | 第 2.4.3 版

Great app. There is some difference with official measurements from the same station but apparently it's not related to this app but AQICN as it has those values too. Additionally, aqicn page of the station displays temperature and pressure values but the widget doesn't. Maybe works with other stations or other time; not important as it displays the data it should. :)

2018年11月29日 | 第 2.4.3 版

A clear layout and appears to function well. Recommended!

2018年11月29日 | 第 2.4.3 版

Na vivioactive 3 przestała działać nie da się zainstalować

2018年11月29日, dcmarti

Czy możesz przesłać więcej informacji? Użyj opcji kontaktu z developerem i prześlij logi z katalogu GARMINAPPSLOGS. Spróbuj też usunąć pliki aplikacji ręcznie i zainstalować ją jeszcze raz.

2018年11月25日 | 第 2.4.3 版

A really great widget. It clearly shows all important information. If you are looking for an app to check air quality, this is the best choice on the market.

2018年11月14日 | 第 2.4.3 版

doesn't update fast enough. when aqi was 200 here this would still show 10 for 6 more hours. this makes the app not very useful

2018年11月16日, dcmarti

You must provide more information as this is not helping a lot. Please use "Contact developer" fature and provide your location (from the widget) and date/time when this heppened. Only then I can resolve it.

2018年10月23日 | 第 2.4.3 版

jak na razie kozak!