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泰國象</p><p>*錶面包含:</p><p>時間、日期、距離、步數、電力</p><p>*App應用程式需求:</p><p>您的Garmin Connect 健身資訊


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2020年6月14日 | 第 1.0-upd3 版


2016年8月30日 | 第 1.0-upd1 版

A fun watch face! As you get more steps the elephant starts walking across the screen and spraying water. Love that it has the battery and steps right on the watch face.

Manujate Khaosamang
2016年6月15日 | 第 1.0-upd1 版

ช้าง​สวย​มาก​ครับ​ แต่​อยาก​ให้​มี​ราย​ละเอียด​เพิ่ม​อีก​ เช่น​ วันที่​ HR​

2016年6月9日 | 第 1.0-upd 版

Love it, just wish it had the date on the display!

2016年6月3日 | 第 1.0-upd 版

Love elephants so this made my day. I also love how it occasionally walks across the screen and sprays water-I'm yet to figure out if there's a pattern. I love that I can see steps but seem to lose these at some point during the day and they don't return until midnight. Apart from the latter- a perfect watch face. Thanks

2015年12月9日 | 第 1.0 版

I love elephants, so this was a no brainer for me. I love the way it wanders across the screen, and at certain times of the day (I haven't figured out the why of it yet) sprays water from its trunk. Criticisms? I wish the time were bigger. I wish it had the date. Cool stuff so far!