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EDGE Power


EDGE Power is a unique data field designed to provide graphs of speed, cadence, altitude, total climb, power, AVG power, heart rate and cadence. Data in metrics and status.</p><p>=============================================================</p><p>You like? You can support my work with a small donation:</p><p>=============================================================</p><p>The display design is optimized for Edge 1030, 1030Plus and 1030 Bontrager.</p>


v1.6.1 · Jan, 31st ·· Fixed minor on Ascent field</p><p>v1.6.0 · Jan, 06th ·· Fixed minor error reported </p><p>v1.5.5 · Jan, 05th ·· Fixed errors reported on TOTALAscent no GPS signal




  • 透過 ANT Radio 傳送/接收資料至/從協力廠商的感測器
  • 將裝置上的警示傳送給您
  • GPS 位置
  • 心率、氣壓、溫度和海拔高度紀錄
  • 您的 Garmin Connect™ 健身設定檔
  • Edge® 1030 Edge® 1030
  • Edge® 1030 Plus Edge® 1030 Plus
  • Edge® 1030, Bontrager Edge® 1030, Bontrager
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Tom Egebakken
2021年7月3日 | 第 1.6.1 版

Looks great