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清洁现代屏幕设计的训练和赛车的力量和心率。最关键的信息更容易阅读,字体更大,间距更大。较小的字段标签已被替换为附加的循环指标,因此最多显示16个数据字段,而不是默认最大值10。</p><p></p><p>----------------------------------------------</p><p>------------ 更大的字体 -------------------</p><p>----------------------------------------------</p><p>•速度</p><p>•力量(即时或平均3秒)</p><p>• 心率</p><p>•节奏</p><p>•距离</p><p>•时间(已用时间或移动时间)</p><p>----------------------------------------------</p><p>----------...


如果你喜欢这款应用,请考虑支持更多更新 -</p><p></p><p>版本1.17 - 次要样式更新。在“仅功率计”设置中,将TSS替换为标准化功率。</p><p>版本1.16 - 添加了新功能。增加了标准化功率和10秒功率平均值的可选功率显示选择</p><p>版本1.15 - 修正了一些遗漏的语言翻译</p><p>版本1.14 - 添加了新功能。增加了显示心率为最高心率百分比或乳酸阈值百分比的选项</p><p>版本1.13 - 添加了新功能。将平均心率添加到“仅限心率监测”屏幕</p><p>版本1.12 - TSS的样式更新。为葡萄牙语增加语言支持</p><p>版本1.11 - 添加了新功能。三种不同的屏幕布局:功率计和心率监测器,仅限功率计和心率监测器。可选功率显示:增加了“强...




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平均评级: (8 个评级)

Alain Vignalet
2018年6月6日 | v1.15-upd1 版

Hello Congratulations for your work. Some ideas of evolutions that would interest me With the speed add the max and the average Same thing if possible with the power and the bpm. Instead of the signal strength put the temperature Have more choice in the displayable data Thanks again

2018年5月29日 | v1.15-upd 版

In my opinion the best data field visualization for the Edge. Positive + clean and symple design + easy to read Minor improvement would be to add the grade to the screen.

2018年5月20日 | v1.15-upd 版

Great app, everything on one screen! Would be nice to see a few other fields, but I understand not all are exposed in the API. Surely average speed must be available though?

2018年5月17日 | v1.15-upd 版

Clean and easy to see. Perfect!

2018年4月24日 | v1.15-upd 版

No funciona, tengo el edge 820 explore y solo me sale un icono en la pantalla pero no deja ver nada ni hacer nada...

2018年4月25日, FlorianLungu

I would first recommend to uninstall and reinstall the app. Sometimes the Garmin Edge drops the bluetooth connection during app installs. If the problem repeats, please email me the log file from your device in GarminAppsLOGS and I will try to investigate the error message.

2018年1月27日 | v1.10 版

Very nice. Would like to see Normalized Power (NP) as one of the optional power fields. Would be 5* otherwise. Good job.

2018年1月27日, FlorianLungu

Thank you rouleur66. Unfortunately there are a few really important data fields that Garmin has not exposed in the API yet including Normalized Power. I wanted to include tempature and grade too but they are missing from the API as well :(

2017年11月1日 | v1.2 版

very beautifull and complete app. but i dont have powermetter and i want change power to other parameter. and the down blue is perfect if change color with zone pulse o power. i´m spanish...

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