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GMT4 Lite is a slimmed down version of GMT 4 especially for those devices with only 58kb of memory available. GMT4 Lite is the most flexible watch face available. With up to 4 different time zones and over 40 user settings GMT4 is hundreds of watches in one. Check the website for some sample settings and instructions. ( or read text below.</p><p>If yo...


New watch face for displaying up to 4 time zones! Please report any problems via 'Contact Developer' link and I will fix them for you.</p><p>13-Jan-18 Release 2.3.8 Change Calories Dial to Active Calories, remove contrast colour on 5 minute markers.</p><p>07-Jan-18 Release 2.3.7 Potential error when changing settings with Garmin Connect on Android phone</p><p>22-Nov-17 Release 2.3.4 Some more ...







  • 心率、气压、温度、和海拔高度历史数据
  • 您的 Garmin Connect 健身档案
  • ForeAthlete® 735XTJ ForeAthlete® 735XTJ
  • Forerunner® 735XT Forerunner® 735XT
  • vívoactive® HR vívoactive® HR
平均评级: (18 个评级)

2018年1月15日 | 2.3.8 版

I don't understand why FR735 need to use the Lite versione while 235 can use standard version since 735 is supposed to be an upgraded and better version of 235...does anyone have suggestions? thanks

2018年1月15日, Beeso27

It is explained in more detail on the web site however the VAHR and FR735 only have 58kb of memory available where as other devices have 64kb or 92kb available. GMT4 Lite has all the same features for your device as GMT4 although some code to support features only available on other devices has been removed to get under the memory restriction.

2017年11月29日 | 2.3.4 版

Please, can you explain how to select different watch face colors?

2017年11月29日, Beeso27

Yes via the Garmin app on your phone. Please see documentation for step by step guide. Thanks

2017年10月26日 | 2.3.3 版

Al momento il migliore quadrante per design e funzioni essenziali. Complimenti allo sviluppatore. Se fosse possibile aggiungere più possibilità di scegliere colori.

2017年10月27日, Beeso27

Thanks for the review. Have a look on the web site for full documentation on how to change the configuration and some sample settings.

2017年10月20日 | 2.3 版

Best analogue watch face available! Completely customisable with a great supporting website that includes some really cool samples. I also use the other version on my FR235. Thanks, excellent job!

2017年10月23日, Beeso27

Thanks for the review! Glad to see the web site is being used.

2017年9月6日 | 2.3 版

Absolutely no instructions on how to change the settings, the Settings button in the Garmin app goes nowhere, the website link goes to a dead page. Uninstalled.

2017年9月6日, Beeso27

Website has documentation, instructions and sample settings. The web site is working and updated regularly! Garmin provide the capability to update the settings via the Garmin Connect application on your phone. There is documentation on how to use this on the web site as well as the many Garmin Forums and Facebook pages. You just need to look.

2017年9月4日 | 2.3 版

Best watch face with a great number of possibility. Unfortunatelly I have errors while setting up. 4 Times for one succesful set-up-trial. Additional Logo of Wenger (Switzerland) would bei great. I am looking for new Updates. great job, thumbs Up

2017年9月4日, Beeso27

Thanks for the feedback. Take a look on the web site for some typical issues people have with setting up. Most of it comes from updating firmware at the same time and not allowing updates to be processed. If you have some other problems please share them with me via the 'Contact Developer' so I can update the website. There are some details on the website about how to also send me your log files so I can check any issues you might be having and why. Thanks

2017年9月4日 | 2.3 版

Its a really amazing watch face. I would definitly give it a 5 star if the +5:30 timeline is also added. Without which its not suitable for india.

2017年9月4日, Beeso27

The half hour time zones are supported in GMT 4 and GMT 4 Master. Unfortunately the smaller 58kb devices do not have enough memory to support the additional features unless I remove the sunrise/ sunset feature.

2017年8月28日 | 2.2.6 版

Hey, I love this watch face just what I wanted, crazy about the different configurations and colors too. The only problem is that the second hand comes and go for no reason that I can see. So for that I give it 4

2017年8月29日, Beeso27

This is a device limitation, please check the website for full explanation. Thanks

2017年8月16日 | 2.2.6 版

Great looking watch face. The only issues I have is that it seems to drain the battery a lot sooner than other watch faces I've had. Also, the screen to setup the custom colors and watch hands isn't that user friendly. If that was fixed than it would be a 5 star watch face. Very nice design, but with a few issues that need to be fixed.

2017年8月16日, Beeso27

Sorry, the screen to setup the various options is provided to developers by Garmin, outside our control to do anything about that. Thanks

2017年8月12日 | 2.2.5 版

loved the face chro for vivoactive hr is what i have been searching it seems my quest has ended . good job

2017年8月13日, Beeso27

Thanks for the review! Check the web site for some sample settings and some documentation on the various options available.

2017年8月10日 | 2.2.5 版

Now it is really one of the best after slimming down to lite! Had trouble with my 735XT before, but now it is working flawlessly and it is my standard watchface in black on white background. I love it! One option I miss is a digital actual time field. THX and keep on your good work!

2017年8月13日, Beeso27

Thanks for the review. I resisted a separate code base for the 58kb devices for a while but making the app a little smaller has fixed all the stability issues. Glad you like it!

2017年7月31日 | 2.2.5 版

great app but can you put a digital clock in the dial

2017年7月29日 | 2.2.5 版

Updates reset all settings.

2017年7月30日, Beeso27

Sorry can't help you with that one! That is a Garmin function when the updated software is downloaded. The current settings data is removed and you have to go back in and set them again via Connect app on your phone. Thanks

2017年7月11日 | 2.2.4a 版

Разобрался. Один из лучших. Спасибо. Надеюсь что продолжите работу.

2017年7月9日 | 2.2.3 版

Вылетает когда часы сняты с руки, и показывает стоковый циферблат. Vivoactiv hr. Прошивка 3.9. А так очень нравится. Надеюсь что исправите.

2017年7月10日, Beeso27

If you contact me via the 'Contact Developer' link I can get some more details on your device and what dials you are running. I have had some problems with the sunrise/ sunset dials and the heart rate dial depending on device. I think they may be memory issues on these smaller 568kb devices but working on it at the moment. Thanks

2017年7月7日 | 2.2.2 版


2017年7月9日, Beeso27

Can you send me some details ? device, version, what dials you are using ? Thanks

2017年7月7日 | 2.2.2 版

Nice work..very nice Look... Very much Options to personalize it...thx

2017年7月6日 | 2.2.2 版

Nice watch face, very configurable