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This watch face contains 2 base styles:</p><p>- Digital Analog</p><p>- Performance Analog</p><p></p><p>The Digital Analog is the most customizable style.</p><p>- The top holds the status bar, which shows Bluetooth, notification, and alarm status.</p><p>- There are 2 bars on either side of the watch that can be turned off, or show step progress, move bar, or battery status. The colors of these b...


***ATTENTION***</p><p>- [Note] If you see an issue, please use the "Contact Developer" button. That sends me an email, leaving a review does not.</p><p></p><p></p><p>- [Note] There is a bug in the current Fenix 5 line firmware, which is preventing the second hand from being shown the old way (gesturing). Once this is fixed, and your device firmware is updated, the second hand will automatically...


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  • D2™ Bravo Titanium D2™ Bravo Titanium
  • D2™ Charlie D2™ Charlie
  • Descent™ Mk1 Descent™ Mk1
  • ForeAthlete® 230J ForeAthlete® 230J
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  • ForeAthlete® 630J ForeAthlete® 630J
  • ForeAthlete® 735XTJ ForeAthlete® 735XTJ
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Chris Litty
2018年3月11日 | 1.1.2-upd4 版

I like it - clean, easy to read and professional looking. Thank you for not cluttering it up!

2018年3月10日 | 1.1.2-upd4 版

I love this watch face, it is the clearest and most use of the info I need. My only complaint is that it take up too much memory on my watch. Can't you pair down the size?

Giampaolo Parodi
2018年2月22日 | 1.1.2-upd2 版

Nice watchface, but there should be the possibility to add info like Altitudine or Baro trend other than battery status, BLE link, Date, steps. Is there any plan to implement this?

Costas Tsouloupas
2018年2月20日 | 1.1.2-upd2 版

My favorite watch face so far! Still waiting for some fixes :(.

2018年1月22日 | 1.1.2-upd 版

Uses up more memory than an average watch face

2018年1月12日 | 1.1.2-upd 版

Awesome job. My favorite so far!

Stephen Ipsen
2018年1月11日 | 1.1.2-upd 版

The red coloured second hand only appears spasmodically.

2018年1月11日, GriffW

If you read the app description, I cover this behavior in depth. This is expected behavior, this is a limitation that Garmin places on 3rd party developers. There are some watches that support always on seconds. This watch face has not yet been updated to reflect this new feature set.

Jerome Wise
2018年1月5日 | 1.1.2-upd 版

Love this watch face! I've downloaded a few, but this one has the key information on the watch face in a discreet and stylish layout. It makes the watch more wearable in non-sports situations. Thanks! The white contrast face does not work well with the 230 / 235 due to the watch cutting off the top and bottom, but the black face works very well.

2017年12月14日 | 1.1.2-upd 版

Causes my Fenix 5 to stop syncing way to stop this process or to remove the watchface from the list..already turned the watch on and off and restarted the connect app several times..

2017年12月19日, GriffW

You can remove the watchface by selecting a different one then uninstalling. This watchface, and all others, cannot impact syncing behavior in any meaningful way.

Krzysztof Kościuszkiewicz
2017年12月13日 | 1.1.2-upd 版

Very nice watch face that will also work on semi-round screens (Forerunner 230 etc.). Highly configurable (mostly regarding colors) - one missing part is the centre hub of the dials, it has a fixed color.

2017年12月13日 | 1.1.2-upd 版

Fenix 5S, software 7.00 After latest software upgrade (v7.00) device had an efficiency problems. Works very slowly: needs about 2s to switch from main clock face. Also heart rate measurments were much lower that usually. After deinstalation works propertly. Check it please - it was my favourite clock widget.

Oliver Simon
2017年12月11日 | 1.1.2-upd 版

Great looking watchface. I tried out lots of others, but always coming back to this one. The only info I am missing, is the week number. Would be great if this could be added, either in the data format or as a seperate info (e.g. instead of battery). Is there a way to hide BT and alarm icon ?

Ramiro Mollinedo
2017年12月6日 | 1.1.2-upd 版

Great watch face. Just a question, why can't I see the military format numbers on the most outer circle, as shown in the picture? Thanks.

2017年12月12日, GriffW

What you are seeing is the physical characteristics of that specific watch. That is not part of this watchface.

Phil Budd
2017年11月22日 | 1.1.2-upd 版

Fantastic, massively adaptable and visually simple and clean face. I had it set perfectly but after an update it's reset to 'basic' and I can't seem to change it at all now (previously via iphone sync). Not sure if it's a Garmin issue or the watch face software. Help please if you can - I'd love my old watch back.

2017年11月22日, GriffW

Hello, Sadly I can't stop those updates, where it adds an "-upd" to the end of my version screen. I can tell you that every app is affected, and it's not something that I can control. Also, as it pertains to the settings issue, I see that as well. This appears to be a large scale issue, at the moment.

2017年11月18日 | 1.1.2 版

Beautifull watch but very big! 199k in the memory

2017年11月4日 | 1.1.2 版


The Fly
2017年10月31日 | 1.1.2 版

Since the last update I get a 'not enough memory' notification and the update remains in the update list. Because of this error Garmin Express does not show any apps in the tab anymore, so I am not able to deinstall the app or install any other app. I tried to contact the developer, but there was no feedback :-(

2017年10月31日, GriffW

I responded to your email within an hour of recieving it. Below is the response I have already sent to you: “The watchface cannot be deleted if it is your current watchface. Select another one, then try deleting it.”

Mike Gleicher
2017年10月29日 | 1.1.2 版

exactly what i wanted - analog watch that makes it seem like I'm looking at an analog watch, with subtle extra info. Thank you!

2017年10月22日 | 1.1.2 版

Elegant and uncomplicated, while still showing all the important info I want to be able to see at a glance.

Łukasz Drop
2017年10月14日 | 1.1.2 版

I just love the watchface. The best I found so far (and I reviewed many of them). Two request from me: 1. Please add an option to set short date format (without month) 2. Please add option for thinner hands (as the current one covers eg. battery level) Thanks!

Michael Wieczorek
2017年10月11日 | 1.1.2 版

Very good design, but the second hand disapears after a few seconds - that's to bad

2017年10月11日, GriffW

This is something out of my control, and is not a bug with my code. All watch faces outside of the default one suffer from this issue. Please read the description, where this behavior is explained in detail.

Josef Kleß
2017年10月5日 | 1.1.2 版

Die aktuelle Version verbessert die Uhr nochmals! Perfekt!

2017年9月25日 | 1.1.2 版

Almost perfect face. I would live it if it had an icon for Do Not Disturb.

Ad Smits
2017年9月23日 | 1.1.2 版

De secondewijzer verdwijnt ook bij mij: forerunner 235

2017年9月19日 | 1.1.2 版

I Love the Performance analog style....great Work. Thx

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