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Minimum Average Speed


You enter the TIME (in hours) and the DISTANCE (in miles or km) as User Settings. Then this Data Field provides you with the average speed so far, and the speed you need to average for the rest of the time, in order to achieve your goal distance in the time allowed. I designed this for a RAAM Qualifier 24hr race that requires 400 miles. But you can set it for any time (1-72hr) and any Distance (1-1200 miles or km). If you exceed your goal distance, the mile countdown value goes negative. If you exceed your goal time, the HH:MM countdown timer goes negative. Speed is based on Elapsed Avg Speed (stops count against you as they do in a race).</p>


v2.2: fixed a bug with Android Garmin Connect and User Settings</p><p>v2.1: fixed a rare divide by zero bug</p><p>v2.0: optimized this so it'll work on the Edge 520




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平均评级: (3 个评级)

Thomas Thissen
2019年5月10日 | v2.3 版

Good job Dave - new values have to be set in Garmin connect app

Patrick John Charlton
2019年4月30日 | v2.3 版

Impossible to set Time = 0 as in your instructions..... so doesn't work for me. Idea is good though.

Crockett Bohannon
2019年2月5日 | v2.2 版

Works great! using in my next 24 hour race!