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Race Screen is a data field that displays the most relevant information for running a race or training. It also corrects the difference between the GPS-measured distance and the actual race course distance: pressing the lap button when passing a course marker rounds the distance it displays and adjusts the average pace accordingly. If you set a race distance, it predicts your finish time.</p><p></p>


- Now with option to set a lap length different from 1km or 1 mile</p><p>- Now with option to predict race finish time assuming the average pace so far is kept until the end (default is instead to assume the current pace is kept until the end)</p><p></p><p>See for a detailed review by DC Rainmaker</p><p></p><p>IMPORTANT NOTE: The distance displayed by this data field may differ from the built-in distance field. This is by design, to help the user correct the difference between the GPS-measured distance and the official course distance when running a race by triggering a manual lap when passing an official course marker. If you wish to use this field only as a way to display information nicely in a single screen, you can switch off the distance/average pace adjustment and set the race distance and target time to 0 in the app settings.</p>




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平均评级: (190 个评级)

Rafael Granja Neves
2019年5月10日 | 1.4.7 版

Awesome app! Really useful when trying to achieve a goal time in a race, especially in races with many tunnels or tall buildings, like the Chicago Marathon.

Mark Lenferink
2019年5月7日 | 1.4.6 版

The best race screen! For people who can't find it on their watch, read the description..

2019年5月6日 | 1.4.6 版

Exactly what I want. Time. HR, Distance and AVG pace but it won't show on my forerunner 235 menu. It shows in connect IQ but isn't a choice on my watch.

Andrea Petteruti
2019年5月3日 | 1.4.6 版

To use Race Screen, configure a data screen in an App on your device (e.g. the built-in Run app) with 1 Field as the layout, in Field 1 select Connect IQ Fields, and select Race Screen. The field displays distance based on the unit (km/mile) set for distance in your device's settings and recent and average pace based on the unit set for pace. These can be different, so that you can match the distance unit to your race's course markers and keep a different pace unit if you wish. As a precaution, configure additional screens on your device to display information relevant for your race, and try Race Screen while training before using it during a race.

Stuart Pyne
2019年5月1日 | 1.4.6 版

I've found Race Screen really useful on my training runs. It is a well thought out design, with all the information I could ask for during a race. The customisation options help get even more out of an already excellent screen! Definitely recommend.

Michel Deveau
2019年4月30日 | 1.4.6 版

I have a FR235 - Love this race screen, however I have noticed that sometimes the default screen comes up when starting an activity (run). I think this is more of a Garmin issue than app issue, curious if there are theories on why this is happening.

Andreas Krohn
2019年4月28日 | 1.4.6 版

Great app!

2019年4月22日 | 1.4.6 版

I downloaded this application which appears on garmin connect. I can then manage the different parameters. But once synchronized, on the watch, I can not find this application ?! Can you help me, please? laurent

Ross S
2019年4月17日 | 1.4.6 版

Really enjoyed this so far on practice runs. Paired it with a second data screen that displays list of laps. One question: is there a way to make the data field black writing on white rather than the other way round? Tried toggling the black as default background but doesn't seem to do anything on my FR235

Jérémie Doucy
2019年4月15日 | 1.4.5 版

Just run a marathon with it, awesome, thx for it!

2019年3月25日 | 1.4.5 版

Hello. It's a fantastic data field. I would just like to be able to display the "percentage of my maximum heart rate" instead of "heart rate" and that would be perfect. Cordially.

Sergio Vázquez
2019年3月18日 | 1.4.5 版

Great data field! I love the predicted time but I'd like to keep average pace in big centered numbers since I don't need timer. Would it be possible? Thanks

2019年3月4日 | 1.4.5 版

I use it on my Forunner 235 since 1 year and I love it but today I have updated it and now I cannot save info, sync with my mobile and open it properly on my Garmin. Please help me!

2019年3月4日, dp0750

There is currently a bug in the Garmin Connect App (not specific Race Screen) that is preventing many users from changing settings in the Garmin Connect App. Garmin say they are working on fixing this issue. Hopefully, they will do so soon. Unfortunately, this is completely outside of my control.

Miranda Pike
2019年2月15日 | 1.4.5 版

I have a Fenix 5 Plus and cannot get this on here. I've used comments below and not working. Frustrated!! There has to be an easier way!

2019年2月8日 | 1.4.5 版

I use it as the main screen for my runs. I would also love to have a trail running version of it, containing alro ascent/descent info. The only think that I don't like so much is the shade of green used in cadence and hr: with white background, it's too light and thus a bit hard do read. A darker shade of green would be perfect.

Athanasios Mamarelis
2019年2月2日 | 1.4.5 版

Nice data field but everytime my watch does an update I have to uninstall and re-install the data field to make it work again. Please fix this bug.

Carmen Frisch
2019年2月1日 | 1.4.5 版

Color for cadence is missing on my FR735

Sanjeev Sajjan
2019年1月30日 | 1.4.5 版

Downloaded it on my FR 235 and sync couple of times. Then I went to Run - Menu - Activity Settings - Data Screens All I could see are the default ones only, not this one which I had downloaded. How to make it work?

2019年1月26日 | 1.4.5 版

I like this datafield. I think it is a verry good work and it is the base for more. Please test this datafield. For every runner it should be a perfect help to find the right time.

Lucianno Ramalho
2019年1月21日 | 1.4.5 版

Great datafield! Congratulations! A question: is there a way to configure %HR max instead HR value in the HR fieal? Regards,

Dario Arndt
2019年1月14日 | 1.4.5 版

Seems to be nice. But a silly question: How do I start tis app? Cant figure it out how to...? Need help pls. :)

2019年1月21日, dp0750

Race Screen is not an App but a Data Field. It will not appear in the list of Apps on the watch. Instead, you need to display it as a field within another App, like the standard Run App. You first install Race Screen on your watch using Garmin Express or Garmin Express Mobile. Then go to Settings, Apps, Run, Data Screens. Scroll down the list of Screens and until you reach one that is Off, toggle to On. Scroll down to Layout, if it is set to something else change to 1 Field. Scroll down to Field 1, in ConnectIQ Fields select Race Screen. Garmin limits the number of Connect IQ data fields that you can display across all data screens to a maximum of 2, so you will only be able to select Race Screen if you are displaying at most 1 other ConnectIQ data field in all of the data screens.

Trang Tu
2019年1月10日 | 1.4.5 版

Hello, thanks for developing this. If I'd like the background color to change colors when my pace is behind, do I leave the "set black as default background" on, or turn it off? I wasn't quite what the language meant. Thanks in advance.

Christopher Paul
2019年1月9日 | 1.4.5 版

Nicht wie angegeben mit der vivoactive 3 kompatibel.

Jonathan Bennett
2019年1月2日 | 1.4.5 版

Hi how do i get the predicted time to appear and how do you set over what distance it is predicting time? Otherwise looking pretty decent. Thanks

2019年1月2日, dp0750

To get a predicted time, you need to set the race distance in the app settings. You can do this either from Garmin Express on your computer or from Garmin Connect Mobile on your phone. If you do it from Garmin Connect Mobile on your phone, tap on your device, then on Activities & App Management, Race Screen, Settings. If you do it from your computer, click on IQ Apps, then on the three dots next to Race Screen. To get a finish time prediction, set Race distance (metres) to a distance in meters. So for a marathon set to 42195, for a 10k to 10000, etc. Then Save. While the setting needs to be specified in meters, Race Screen will still display the distance in the units set in your device, km or miles. The predicted time will be calculated by Race Screen at every point taking into account how much time you have already been running and the distance that remains to complete your target distance, assuming you keep your current pace until the end. If you prefer Race Screen to calculate the predicted time assuming you maintain your average pace so far (instead of your current pace) until the end, you can specify so in the settings as well. If you wish, you can also set a target time in seconds. So, for a 3:30 target time, you would set Race target finish time (seconds) to 12600. Just convert your finish time to seconds and use that. All this will do is change the background color when running behind target. Give it a try. A splash screen should show briefly the target distance and target time when you first display Race Screen when you about to start an activity. To stop displaying a predicted time, set the race distance back to 0 in the settings.

Hazri Hassan
2018年12月27日 | 1.4.5 版

I am looking for an assist on my newly purchased descent mk1. Install Race Face data field but unable to locate in the Run apps. What am I missing? Thanks

2018年12月29日, dp0750

Race Screen is not an App but a Data Field. It will not appear in the list of Apps on the watch. Instead, you need to display it as a field within another App, like the standard Run App. See my response 4 reviews below or the Description in the Connect IQ Store for more details.

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