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Translated from cloudjangs:</p><p></p><p>您是否厌倦了频繁滚动Garmin配套的小部件?“我的一天 高级”正是为您设计的。它结合了几个Garmin小部件:我的一天,步数,楼层攀爬,强度分钟和消耗卡路里。 </p><p></p><p>设计灵感受到garmin小部件的启发。然而,有一些限制以及一些增强。 </p><p></p><p>限制: </p><p></p><p> - Garmin原厂的“我的一天”页面上可以显示最近一次活动。不幸的是,开发者权限受Garmin限制无法访问最近一次运动数据,所以此插件无法显示最近一次运动的数据。 </p><p></p><p> - 开发人员无法获得活动消耗的热量。因此,Garmin的卡路里小部件显示一些不同的东西。 </p><p></p><p>增强功能: </p><p></p><p> - 数据显示集中,所有内容都显示在一个页面,不需要通过反复滚动我的一天高级视图来查看。 </p>


v0.1.1: included stair page</p><p>v0.2.0: included stairs detailed page</p><p>v0.3.0: included calories widget (calories detailed view is not implemented yet), included calories goal on main page</p><p>v0.3.1: included calories detailed view</p><p>v0.3.2: improved grid accuracy, included intensity minutes graph, improved intensity minutes icon</p><p>v0.3.3: minor bug fixing, included intensity minutes rest view</p>


  • D2™ Charlie D2™ Charlie
  • D2™ Delta D2™ Delta
  • D2™ Delta PX D2™ Delta PX
  • D2™ Delta S D2™ Delta S
  • Descent™ Mk1 Descent™ Mk1
  • Forerunner® 645 Forerunner® 645
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  • Forerunner® 935 Forerunner® 935
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平均评级: (60 个评级)

Aleksi Leminen
2019年10月3日 | v2.2.1 版

This is a must have for Garmin watches! All the necessary data in one widget. The spider diagram is quite hard to read, though. I think the dates on spider diagram are wrong.

2019年8月15日 | v2.2.1 版

This one is a real must-have for all who wants to have a quick, yet complete insight in their daily activities without having to scroll through a lot of seperate widgets. The extra features definitaly are worth a donation to this excellent developer!

Ben Goodaker-Craig
2019年7月31日 | v2.2.1 版

My favorite widget! Combines about 5 in one, and pretty enough to be a native widget. Love the pro features as well!

Adam Rykala
2019年6月9日 | v2.2.0 版

Anyone else getting a continual update loop for this widget?

2019年6月9日, topcaser

If you have problems with this widget please contact me via the contact developer button. Saying this, the update I released today, caused zero problems on my watch...

Fahed Barakat
2019年4月27日 | v2.1.2 版

Can't rate it more highly, I've consolidated all the default widgets in one. This is how Garmin should have done it in the first place. Big Thanks for the developer. Suggestion: perhaps a weekly view widget or extension.

2019年3月7日 | v2.1.1 版

I like the widget, but one thing is messed up BIG TIME. The displayed values on the Y axis (and guide lines) of the chart (e.g. distance, steps, calories) should enable quick approximations. For example, right now for steps I have on the Y axis (0, 6.8k, 13k and 20k) rather than (0, 5k, 10k, 15k, 20k). For distance (0, 6.3, 12.6, 18.9) rather than (0, 5, 10, 15, 20, etc). The same user-unfriendly behavior applies to other charts. It is difficult to "calculate" the values based on such erratic guides.

2018年12月11日 | v2.1.1 版

@topcaser : Hi! How do i get my distance to show on my FR645 Music? I'm kind of poor right now, but i'd really LOVE the distance feature for free, pleaaaaase?!

Jim Basu
2018年7月15日 | v2.0.8 版

can you release this for Garmin Fenix 3 HR?

2018年7月9日 | v2.0.8 版

I mean after last update and entering my Unique Pin no any Extra Features working. No Summary Page, no Averages. No any changes after settings.

2018年7月9日, topcaser

Please contact me via Contact Developer button. I will try to solve your problem.

Thomas Scheffler
2018年7月7日 | v2.0.8 版

Now all works with the Fenix 5 plus... Thanks for the fix!

Thomas Scheffler
2018年7月6日 | v2.0.7 版

Die App ist großartig, aber kann es leider auch nicht auf der Fenix5plus installieren!

2018年7月6日, topcaser

Please try again. I have compiled the app with the latest SDK version. If this doesn't help it's a Garmin problem and you have to wait for a new firmware version.

2018年7月5日 | v2.0.7 版

Cant install on Fenix 5 Plus. It is saying I need to update my watch. But watch is up to date.

2018年7月6日, topcaser

Please try again. I have compiled the app with the latest SDK version. If this doesn't help it's a Garmin problem and you have to wait for a new firmware version.

Diego Garzon
2018年5月29日 | v2.0.6 版

BEST widget on the VA3!!

Jeremiah Pierucci
2018年5月18日 | v2.0.6 版

This is the widget the Garmins SHOULD come with. Thanks for fixing for the VA3!

Adam Rykala
2018年5月16日 | v2.0.6 版

A great widget set that's fantastically well constructed

2018年5月14日 | v2.0.6 版

A great way to reduce the number of widgets I used to have to scroll through.

E. Espino
2018年5月12日 | v2.0.6 版

A simple and elegant solution to not having to scroll through many widgets. Great work.

Jared Boorky
2018年4月26日 | v2.0.5a 版

Awesome. A much needed widget!

Terry Powner
2018年3月11日 | v2.0.5a 版

Everything you need to know in one app. Great widget! It’s the app that garmin should have built and installed on their watch platforms. Keep up the great work!

2018年3月9日 | v2.0.5a 版

Funktioniert super auf der Forunner 645 Music.

Sunny Bains
2018年2月3日 | v2.0.0b-upd 版

Cannot seem to open this on my garmin approach s60

2018年2月4日, topcaser

LOL, I have never released the widget for this watch. This is part of Garmins automatic update process: new watches are supported "automatically" which you can see on the "-upd" string in the version. Saying this, I tried your watch in my simulator and found out at once that your watch doesn't support floors, which indicates that you haven't got a barometer. After a quick internet search I found out that it has indeed a barometer. Nevertheless, the simulator doesn't start either wiith the hint that floors are not supported. Maybe it's a bug in the firmware. I have to find out. As you can see, it costs me time to maintain the software although I haven't got such a device.BTW: it's also possible to leave me a message via the contact dev button instead of leaving a negative review. Thanks for sharing

2018年1月14日 | v2.0.0b 版

Great widget to reduce the need to push buttons to scroll individual pace/floores/... widgets. You can still access them if you feel required. (tested on F5s)

2018年1月5日 | v2.0.0 版

Very good overview! Will give it a 5-star review when I can see % or pie or minutes of both DAILY and WEEKLY intensity minutes goal on the main page instead of weekly goal. I’d love to be able to check off daily intensity minutes achieved. Thank you developer, hope you will take this wish into consideration.

2018年3月12日, topcaser

Implemented! Check it out.

2018年1月4日 | v2.0.0 版

All that u need to know for your wellness!!! The best!!!

Thomas Lynen
2018年1月3日 | v1.1.2b 版

One of the best Widgets i've seen

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