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Based on Active analog ( source code I have tweaked to add seconds and change colors. Analog red aims to be a clean and simple analog watchface, that provides activity information and progress towards your goals using activity circles.</p><p>Donations to</p><p></p><p>The following status notifications are supported:</p><p></p><p> Notifications</p>


1.3.2: </p><p>* Fix pressure, and temperature in top field. </p><p>* Allow hide seconds hand.</p><p>* More granularity in status bar elements. </p><p>* Proof of concept in left field, to allow in the future to choose fields fo circles.</p><p>* Remove cruft. </p><p></p><p>1.3.1: Top field settings.</p><p>* Color settings and status bar hide option.</p><p>1.2.1:</p><p>* Proportions in hands as suggested by Thomas SImmendinger




  • 心率、气压、温度、和海拔高度历史数据
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平均评级: (11 个评级)

2019年1月21日 | 1.3.2 版

Really pretty and easy to read without too much visual clutter. I miss options to change the content of the three main data fields as I'm not too interested in floor climbed and active minutes but want to keep the date in the top data field. Keep up the great work!

2019年1月14日 | 1.3.2 版

Thanks for update! Great job! Would be nice, if pressure could have one decimal -like 1012.3- it would be perfect to see tendancy , but i see there is not enough space. No high battery drain for me.

Bent Larsen
2019年1月14日 | 1.3.2 版

Nice watch face, but High battery drain. The layout is perfect, and the ability to ajust colours is super.

2019年1月14日, aleixq

Hi Bent, Thank's for commenting. Do you really face a high battery drain? I found it's not too hungry when comparing to other wfs.

2019年1月13日 | 1.3.2 版

Exactly what I look after for a while and what I want. Thank you!

Billy Bush
2019年1月13日 | 1.3.1 版

Really like the clean & clear display, Option to change the style of the minute & hour hands would be a improvement I would like to see.

2019年1月12日 | 1.3.1 版

Great WF! Add ability to turn off seconds hand, please. Good luck!

2019年1月13日, aleixq

Done in 1.3.2. :)

Adam Rykala 🐐
2019年1月12日 | 1.3.1 版

With the new customisable data fields and colours this is arguably one of the best and clear analog WF's available

Adam Rykala 🐐
2019年1月7日 | 1.2.1 版

Really clear and good looking WF! Only thing I'd request - ability to replace the date with a different field - in my case, HR would be great :)

2019年1月12日, aleixq

Adam, In 1.3.1 hrm is there. Thank s for reviewing

2019年1月6日 | 1.2.1 版

Good, but don‘t like the big symbols for „phone connection/dnd.... Please make option to turn off symbols. More dats fields would be nice. Like pressure in hPa from sensor history.

2019年1月12日, aleixq

Allalin in 1.3.1 Status bar can be hidden and date temperature, pressure or hrm can be used in top field. Thank's for your review.

2019年1月6日 | 1.2.1 版

Schon ganz gut. Mehr Auswahl für die Datenfelder wäre super.

Thomas Simmendinger
2019年1月3日 | 1.2.0 版

Das ist der Beweis dafür welche Möglichkeiten es gibt um einen Benutzer zufrieden zu stellen der Wert auf eine ständige Sekundenanzeige und ein ansprechendes Design legt man kann das ein oder andere bestimmt noch optimieren (der Sekundenzeiger ist etwas kurz)aber es ist und bleibt ein gelungenes Ziffernblatt

2019年1月12日, aleixq

Thomas, colors and more settings in 1.3.1