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Relax Analog configurable


IMPORTANT NOTE :</p><p></p><p>*********************************************</p><p></p><p>** CHANGE SETTINGS ONLY WITH GARMIN EXPRESS **</p><p></p><p>** DO NOT USE GARMIN CONNECT ON A PHONE !!! **</p><p></p><p>*********************************************</p><p></p><p>_______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________</p>


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Nouf Delavilledu77
2017年2月3日 | 1.5-upd3 版

My favorite watch face. You could improve the battery indicator : the colour turns too quick on yellow / orange / red whereas there is stil 70% 60% 50% of battery left. It should turn red under 20% - orange under 30% - yellow under 40% - ....

2016年11月7日 | 1.5-upd2 版

Could be better, as the date is applied over a little leftover on the 3 o'clock position. That looks not that good. Would be nice if you can switch between normal and inverted mode.

2016年10月27日 | 1.5-upd2 版

Excellent! You can do to enable/disable the icons of the battery and bluetooth?

2016年10月27日 | 1.5-upd2 版

Excellent! You can do to enable/disable the icons of the battery and bluetooth?

2016年9月24日 | 1.5-upd2 版

Ein sehr schönes watchface. Schlicht und elegant zugleich mit den wichtigsten Informationen. Perfekt!

2016年8月10日 | 1.5-upd1 版

Very beautiful, looks almost like real Rolex. Only shortfall is low definition i.e. limited to 218 x 218 pixels only. Simply loving it. Keep up with the good work. Perhaps can create watch faces from other great brands like Omega Speedmaster and Breitling NaviTimer... :-)

Lawrence Lam
2016年5月22日 | 1.5-upd1 版

My No.1 favorite watch face. But I hope I can configure to add: (1) Week day, (2) Battery indicator like a triangle on 1~60 mins, (3) Message indicator.

Kevin Wong
2016年1月5日 | 1.5 版

Doesn't work on my new fenix3 too

2015年12月17日 | 1.5 版

Great! But much better with the percentage of the battery status in number or on the side.Good work.

Marco Scalco
2015年11月17日 | 1.21a 版

Good idea but please, remove advertising to support France. Thank you.

Laurent Vergeynst
2015年11月15日 | 1.21 版

Funny. But 2 comments. The small text details could be better. The same for the needle. Please improve. I'm looking forward for an update.

Machete 🚴🏼‍♂️🏊🏼‍♂️🏃🏽‍♂️🏋🏻‍♂️
2015年10月19日 | 1.2 版

Perfect!! More please!!

2015年10月12日 | 1.2 版

it is so it

2015年10月9日 | 1.2 版

Nicely done - the most legible analog watch face for the Fenix3 so far !! Would be great if you could do a Sea-Dweller version as well !!

Marco Scalco
2015年10月4日 | 1.2 版

Ok Now you take a 5 stars. Almost perfect. Only one thing I don't like so much is the font of the date... maybe too Big. Thank you.

2015年10月4日 | 1.2 版

The high contrast is excellent. Would like to see the hands in high resolution please if you can. Also agree with some other users that the digital time was a nice touch. Keep up the great work...

2015年10月4日 | 1.2 版

The color contrast for this face would be useful with your black breitling watch face. This face is easy to see in sunlight. Personnally, I preferred having the digital time on the middle of the screen.

Ronny Priemer
2015年10月4日 | 1.2 版

Would give 5 stars, if the hands were in high resolution. Great watch face.

Detlef Engelhorn
2015年10月3日 | 1.2 版

Einfach großartig, dass es die Möglichkeit gibt sich solche Designs zu erstellen und noch mehr dass es Menschen gibt die solche Designs erstellen und teilen - Vielen Dank!!! Schade dass das Display in der Auflösung nicht mehr hergibt. Ja, ich hätte auch gerne noch mehr analoge Uhrendesigns der edlen mechanischen Vorbilder!

pzawadzki Zawadzki
2015年10月3日 | 1.2 版

Please, can you make the Rolex Explorer II with the black face. That will be awsome.

2015年10月3日 | 1.2 版

very cool...can you make a Rolex Submariner version

Julian Foster
2015年10月3日 | 1.11 版

Great, just needa the second hand to stay on.

Carl-Johan Sandvik
2015年10月2日 | 1.11 版

The earlier version was five stars but this version, sorry to say, only two out of five. Plz change it back!

2015年10月2日 | 1.11 版

I think it's pretty fantastic you did this. Thumbs up for you. Hope to see more, better resolution, do a Panerai's dial version. Good job!

2015年10月1日 | 1.11 版

fantastic!!!!! I am a mechanical watch enthusiast and I think you did a wonderful job. I would only turn a bit mote white the color of the index and hands for a better readability without back light. If possible improve the definition.. If I may suggest you some more faces there are some DOXA sub and Omega (i.e. PloProf) that would be awesome. Thanks again!

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