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Classic analog watch


Classic clear analog watch with battery low indicator.</p><p>When the battery is lower than 20%, the "Batt. Low" string appears instead of "MCab" </p><p>Easy to see due the big numbers and hands.</p><p>-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------</p><p>If you like this watchface, you can help me to develp better programs by a donation at Thanks :)</p>

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12. marec 2016

Like it very much, except 1) wish it was brighter, and 2) would prefer seeing my battery percentage than name of designer.

Sreekumar Ashok
12. februar 2016

For some reason it replaces the Fringe watch face if I install this. I would like to switch between both of them.

John Cook
03. januar 2016

Good watch face. As per previous reviews, would be a 5* if Mcab could be customised to battery/Bluetooth indicator

Christopher Taylot
04. december 2015

Great looking watch face - but get rid of MCab please and let people choose what to add or remove. Other than that it would be 5 stars!

01. december 2015

Please reply mcab to battery icon and bluetooth indicator

25. november 2015

I have always preferred analog watches to digital, and I checked the IQ store for watch faces before purchasing my Vivoactive. For all the great things it can do, I knew I wouldn't wear it if I didn't like the way it looked! This is one of my favorites, clear, very readable, and it looks like a "real" watch. The black background blends in with the black casing of my Vivoactive, giving it a seamless appearance.

Michael Rooney
23. november 2015

Excellent. Would be better with battery indicator.

23. november 2015


22. november 2015

Επιτέλους, μια αξιοπρεπείς εφαρμογή που δείχνει πως υπάρχουν ελπίδες να βγει κάτι καλό γιαυτό τα ρολόγια, συμφωνώ βέβαια πως και μια ένδειξη μπαταρίας θα ήταν τέλεια. Κάτοχος ενός vivoactive!

21. november 2015

Very good. And it will be better if it has battery icon.

Julius Sagayca
20. november 2015

It would be nice if you add a Bluetooth icon

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