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AccuWeather UV and Air Quality


Thank you for your feedback! If you are experiencing a reboot issue with your device, ensure your firmware is version 2.9 or above, if not please update.</p><p></p><p>Quickly check the UV Index and Air Quality when you are outdoors for activities. This widget requires that Garmin Connect Mobile is running on your cell phone so that it can communicate with the internet and your last known GPS location is used when you are indoors. Air Quality data is only available for US locations.

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Program potrebuje dostop do:

  • Pošiljanje/prejemanje informacij v internet/iz interneta
  • Lokacija GPS
  • D2™ Bravo D2™ Bravo
  • D2™ Bravo Titanium D2™ Bravo Titanium
  • epix™ epix™
  • ForeAthlete® 920XTJ ForeAthlete® 920XTJ
  • Forerunner® 920XT Forerunner® 920XT
  • fēnix® 3 fēnix® 3, quatix® 3, tactix® Bravo
  • fēnix® 3 HR fēnix® 3 HR
  • fēnix® Chronos fēnix® Chronos
  • vívoactive® vívoactive®
Povprečna ocena: (29 ocen)

09. januar 2019 | Različica 1.0-upd4

It says that the air quality is good, while in real the quality is tragic... Is better to check websites like DiscovAir or similar. I gave a chance to this app two times (about 1,5y difference) and it is still the same. Information provided by this app are not true. 1 star.

Yul Park
23. januar 2018 | Različica 1.0-upd4

I like it

Serge Baker
03. januar 2018 | Različica 1.0-upd4

Please add FR935 support

Serge Baker
03. januar 2018 | Različica 1.0-upd4

Please add FR935 support

31. marec 2016 | Različica 1.0-upd1

What happened to the Minutecast app? It was really useful to see when it was going to rain before cycling. It has disappeared completely from the Connect IQ Store.

Eran Levi
29. februar 2016 | Različica 1.0-upd1

Nice idea. It does seem to be getting data from the correct nearby stations. However on the few occasions where air quality was terrible widhet still said "good". And uv index says "high" even at night, and other weird things.

16. december 2015 | Različica 1.0-upd

Uv index seems ok. Air quality at local station unhealthy, but widget reads "good".

Martyn Rolton
21. oktober 2015 | Različica 1.0-upd

Nice app shame the air quality info is totally meaningless , today the psi is a terrible 225 yet the app says the air quality is good , it's been the same the last few days .

Luis Manuel Gonzalez Cadena
13. oktober 2015 | Različica 1.0-upd

good app but would like more if it showed the climate, maybe you should do one for that. i consider that the climate is a more general app that many people would download. things like the tempeture, highs and lows, sunny/cloudy/ storm, and many other aspects like these are the ones i look for. besides that, this app is very good!

Arin Buyaku
30. avgust 2015 | Različica 1.0

Never loads, always comes up as error.

30. junij 2015 | Različica 1.0


Alicia Lopez
11. junij 2015 | Različica 1.0

Does not reboot now, but still does not display data on my vivo active. Can't wait till this app works well!

04. junij 2015 | Različica 1.0

United Kingdom data please

01. junij 2015 | Različica 1.0

Yes, it causes your watch to reboot right now. But hopefully they will get it fixed soon. Thank you for attempting to provide apps for the vivoactive!!

19. maj 2015 | Različica 1.0


Anderson Vong
19. maj 2015 | Različica 1.0

Horrible apps that totally crash my Vivoactive and need to repair

Drew Downing
14. maj 2015 | Različica 1.0

Unusable on vivoactive. Causes device reboots.

10. maj 2015 | Različica 1.0

Causes my Vivoactive to reboot each time.

07. maj 2015 | Različica 1.0


07. maj 2015 | Različica 1.0

I really like the idea behind this widget, but there's plenty of room for improvements. There's a bug showing Very High UV every night, when there's no sun in the sky

07. maj 2015 | Različica 1.0

Works only with garmin mobile connection. information is received bei phone ! Please add more language support. Thx.

Laurent Delaney
07. maj 2015 | Različica 1.0

position gps alwats the same, even I am not in the good city

Brett Copeland
06. maj 2015 | Različica 1.0

Makes vivoactive reboot.

06. maj 2015 | Različica 1.0

Sadly it doesn't work in Germany. Just Shows Data not available for Location

06. maj 2015 | Različica 1.0

Vert Nice widget