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Another version of the popular watch face for fans Star Trek.</p><p>You can support my work with a small donation.</p><p>V 1.00 - 12/24 h , date, steps, joules, calories, move bar, progress bar</p><p>V 1.10 - added icon for connected phone (tested on vivoactive - FW 2.50, forerunner 920 - FW 3.07)</p><p>V 1.20 - added support for older firmware version</p><p>V 1.30 - added support for czech and german translation (you need vivoactive - FW 2.50, forerunner 920 - FW 3.07 or later)</p>

Dodatne informacije

  • epix™ epix™
  • ForeAthlete® 920XTJ ForeAthlete® 920XTJ
  • Forerunner® 920XT Forerunner® 920XT
  • vívoactive® vívoactive®
Povprečna ocena: (60 ocen)

René Pauly
09. december 2015 | Različica 1.40

Wirklich absolut GENIAL!!!! selbst als nicht über drüber Star Trek Fan eine wirklich schöne Oberfläche.. ich kann sie nur empfehlen!

02. december 2015 | Različica 1.40

The best for my square vívoactive screen. My suggestion: - add any icon for pending messages to read - possibility to select steps or km. - possibility to select colours for time great job

26. november 2015 | Različica 1.40

Awesome. really well made!

16. november 2015 | Različica 1.40

Awesome watch face, thank you!

10. november 2015 | Različica 1.40

Love it! Live long and prosper!

17. september 2015 | Različica 1.40

Very nice and classy in a tech and Trek way. Bluetooth connectivity to phone via the Star Trek logo is a nice touch. It would be super great 6* if you could superimpose the steps into the bar and adding distance in km

07. september 2015 | Različica 1.40

Awesome Star Trek throwback I love it.

06. september 2015 | Različica 1.40

Works awesome on vivoactive ! Never crashes and i get a lot of compliments on its coolness. Great use of colors as well! Thanks A+++++++

22. avgust 2015 | Različica 1.40

Pretty decent face. .although when i saw the compass, i thought it was real instead of decoration

05. avgust 2015 | Različica 1.40

Gute best

01. avgust 2015 | Različica 1.40

What about Star Wars fans? Can you please make us a watch face too?!

27. julij 2015 | Različica 1.40

I love this face on my VivoActive, but the Month and Day fields are a bit out of sync. ( Day needs to go up a bit).

Richard Ho
22. julij 2015 | Različica 1.40

can u make a copy of this beautiful watch face for fenix 3 as well ?

22. julij 2015 | Različica 1.40

My favorite watchface, please a version with time in pure white for better readability.

06. julij 2015 | Različica 1.40

Love it !!!!! I'm going to have this face until they make a transformer watch face

27. junij 2015 | Različica 1.40

It looks great. One thing that I miss is seconds that are not display. Will it be possible to add seconds?

Michael Kloosterman
22. junij 2015 | Različica 1.40

This face won't work after my latest update... 4.2 on a 920xt. I love it and would like it back if possible LCaRS 1 works but not 2 :-( Help!!

20. junij 2015 | Različica 1.40

Awesome! It reminds me of the years I watched Star Trek with my father when I was young(er). In my opinion, the font is very easy to read. The only thing I was disappointed in was the fact that my dad did not recognize it when I first showed it to him (and that's definitely not the developer's fault).

Steve Joiner
31. maj 2015 | Različica 1.30

Love it! It is *almost* perfect. Lose the kJ display (and maybe even the kcal display too) and make the steps bigger. Using on a 920xt.

28. maj 2015 | Različica 1.30

I love having a Star Trek watch face!!!! The steps and calorie info is not as necessary to see as the date and time for me. Perhaps eliminate the activity info and increase the size of the date? Or make another Star Trek themed watch face. I'd love a Klingon watch face. Qapla!!

Mike Driessens
14. maj 2015 | Različica 1.30

Zalig. En handig. Vindt het momenteel een van de betere thema's.

Brian Tolley
12. maj 2015 | Različica 1.30

I love this watch face. Not only is it Star Trek, but it gives great information. I use it as my main watch face all the time.

29. april 2015 | Različica 1.30

The text at the bottom is a little small, but the design is excellent. Thanks for taking the time to make it.

Reinhard Alarich
16. april 2015 | Različica 1.30

Ein Grund mehr diese Uhr zu kaufen. Sehr schön. Danke!

14. april 2015 | Različica 1.30

Everything seems to function but layout is too busy. Font at bottom is difficult to read.