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I developed this datafield to meet my personal requirements. I'ld like to share to other MTBer. Beside the quite common features like speed, distance, HR, compass etc. there are some specific features:</p><p>- automatically identification of uphills and downhills, show current ascent/descent incl. counting</p><p>- speed/elevation/power chart (tap on chart to switch)</p><p>- HR zone and grade statistics (in gauge)</p>


V1.0.3:</p><p>- changed bluetooth symbol</p><p>- power calculation considers also current wind (to be activated by tap on power value (number becomes pink)</p><p>- touch on speed shows relative speed to wind in red</p><p>- bug corrected wrong language file was added for FIT file</p><p>V1.0.2:</p><p>- added timer for weather view</p><p>- internal preparation for wind contribution to power calculation</p>

Dodatne informacije


Program potrebuje dostop do:

  • Program naj deluje v ozadju, ko ni aktiven (vpliva lahko na avtonomijo baterije)
  • Pošiljanje/prejemanje informacij v internet/iz interneta
  • Beležite dodatne informacije v datoteke dejavnosti
  • Lokacija GPS
  • podatkov senzorja (tj. ANT+, srčni utrip, kompas)
  • Vaš vadbeni profil v storitvi Garmin Connect™
  • Edge® 530 Edge® 530
  • Edge® 830 Edge® 830
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Ken Tobias
08. april 2021 | Različica V1.0.3c

Has great potential. Needs to handle non metric units. Needs language updates.

Statistika še ni na voljo.