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A simple text watch made with love</p><p>Venu Sq & Venu Sq2 series</p><p></p><p>_^.^_ Any donation appreciated to</p><p>_0.0_ Be sure that you have to latest firmware on your device!</p><p></p><p>== Features ==</p><p>- Customisable colors</p><p>- Time as text (12 hours only)</p><p>- Date</p><p>- Steps (Check marked when goal is reached), Distance</p><p>- HRM (Animated icon), Calories</p>

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== 0.4.6489</p><p>- Added basic support for Venu Sq2 Series</p><p>- Code refactoring for future updates</p><p>- Reduced CPU usage & battery drainage</p><p>- Bug fixes</p><p></p><p>.</p><p>== 0.3.6257</p><p>- Added icons (finally)</p><p>- Dynamic/animated HRM icon</p><p>- Dynamic messages icon</p><p>- Display a green check mark when steps goal is reached</p><p></p><p>.</p><p>== 0.2.5978</p><p>- Day font size increase</p>

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Táto aplikácia vyžaduje prístup k:

  • História srdcového tepu, barometra, teploty a nadmorskej výšky
  • Športový profil aplikácie Garmin Connect™
  • Venu® Sq. Venu® Sq.
  • Venu® Sq. 2 Venu® Sq. 2
  • Venu® Sq. 2 Music Venu® Sq. 2 Music
  • Venu® Sq. Music Venu® Sq. Music
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Sean Tyrrell
20. apríla 2023 | Verzia 0.4.6489

Easily one of my favorite watch faces for the Venu Sq 2. Also, used with my earlier Venu Sq. The imagery is clean and exactly what is needed/wanted. The fact that the hours and minutes are actually written out is subtly clever and novel. Thank you for your brilliant idea(s) and creation.

Odpoveď vývojára
21. apríla 2023, pakal

Hi Sean, Thanks for the positive review. The Sq 2 version still needs some work...

Genna C
27. marca 2023 | Verzia 0.4.6489

I’m really looking for a minimalist face that has time spelled out, with day of the week and date, and steps. I tried a face more like that and the text of the time wouldn’t load promptly. So I am really pleased that the time on this one shows up correctly at once when I look at the time. Four stars because I have low vision and don’t need all the extra data in a tiny font. On Venu Sq 2.

Odpoveď vývojára
27. marca 2023, pakal

Hi Genna, thanks for the positive review. All data fields will stay but bigger fonts for Venu SQ2 are planned.

Stefano Gianuario
21. marca 2023 | Verzia 0.4.6489

Elegant, minimal but also functional. I love it. Very compliment.

Professor Hive
14. marca 2023 | Verzia 0.4.6489

Great watch face! It is simple, yet packed with info. Only 4 stars though, due to no 24 hour time.

Claudia Silva Walers
23. februára 2023 | Verzia 0.2.5978

I might be biased but it’s the only watch face I use. Simple, easy to read and just perfect! Thank you!

7. októbra 2022 | Verzia 0.1.4489

Simple, easy and classy. My favourite!
18. septembra 2022 | Verzia 0.1.4489

Great watch face. I really love it ob Venu SQ 2 :-)

Odpoveď vývojára
1. marca 2023, pakal

Hi, wish granted! Venu Sq2 support added. Newer review and feedback appreciated.

8. septembra 2022 | Verzia 0.1.4489

Love it!

Sean Tyrrell
6. augusta 2022 | Verzia 0.1.4489

It isn't every day that you have a watch face that will literally "write out" the time, which leaves this as a very simple, interesting and classy watch face. This remains as one of my top 3 favorite watch faces, but could very easily take first place, and would even be something I would pay for if the body battery could be entered in to replace the calories field, and if more could be done in terms of symbols/graphics for the Data fields instead of a singular letter; an excellent example of this is the watch face Quatro. In any case, excellent Jon- keep up the excellent worm!

Odpoveď vývojára
23. februára 2023, pakal

Hi Sean, thanks for the positive review. Concerning the body battery you will have to wait but I updated it with nice icons (Just a start) ... Future review and feedback are welcome.

24. júla 2022 | Verzia 0.1.4489

love it

Lev Feterman
28. júna 2022 | Verzia 0.1.4489

Surprisingly cool! Thanks!

Nikolaus Lim
22. júna 2022 | Verzia 0.1.4489

Simple, sleek. Even better if we have the option to choose other data fields to show on the screen.

David Posada
16. júna 2022 | Verzia 0.1.4489


23. apríla 2022 | Verzia 0.1.4489

Love it. Clean and simple.

Maciej Sójka
9. apríla 2022 | Verzia 0.1.4489

Love it!

Julia Hoo
13. februára 2022 | Verzia 0.1.4489

So simple and sleek design.

James Lee
27. januára 2022 | Verzia 0.1.4489

Simple nice.

Arnie Manzano
19. januára 2022 | Verzia 0.1.4489

Simply beautiful

Hareshver Sivakumar
10. januára 2022 | Verzia 0.1.4489

Love this watch face. Thank you!

6. januára 2022 | Verzia 0.1.4489

Would love to see temperature added too! Other than that it's perfect :)

3. januára 2022 | Verzia 0.1.4489


29. decembra 2021 | Verzia 0.1.4489


22. decembra 2021 | Verzia 0.1.4489


11. decembra 2021 | Verzia 0.1.4489

Such a nice design! Keep up the good work. Thank you :)

Odpoveď vývojára
1. marca 2023, pakal

Hi Alexander, I kept the good work and updated it with icons and Venu Sq2 support. Newer review and feedback are welcome.

7. decembra 2021 | Verzia 0.1.4489