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Chess (2-Player)[Alpha]


This is an alpha release of a 2-player chess app. It is not in great shape (barely playable), but it is still being tested and worked on.</p><p>For now, [alpha] means:</p><p>Do not expect it to not crash on you.</p><p>Do not expect it to look great on non-Edge devices.</p><p>Do not expect the controls to be intuitive.</p><p>Do not expect it to handle castling, en passant, or non-queen promotion perfectly.</p>

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Sobota, 2018, septembra 1 | Verzia 0.0.0-upd6

Good idea and first demo. The chess board looks clear even on a round Fenix 5 screen, the controls are intuitive and the board shows hints for available moves. There are a few things that could be improved. Firstly, the pieces that cannot move should not be selectable (e.g. rooks in the first move). Secondly, the "bad move" checking logic should be fixed, I could not take the queen with my king despite it being a legal move. Thirdly, small cosmetic changes could be done: the pieces have a vertical offset, the selection cursor is poorly visible (1 pixel square). Overall I like this app, it has a good potential to be a good frontend for any chess application. Keep up the good work and keep in mind having a reusable API for this board.

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