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WorldFace 3D ISS


Clean and elegant design inspired from Fenix 6.</p><p>Gain a global perspective. Spot the International Space Station. Customize each field from 40 options. Customize each arc from 10 options.</p><p></p><p>MAIN FEATURES</p><p>- Heart rate (1hz update only if displayed on the bottom right field)</p><p>- Weather, city, sunrise/sunset</p><p>- Bitcoin price</p><p>- Stock price</p><p>- Usual health and sensor data</p>

Čo je nové

1.0.6: User requests: date options, analog hands.</p><p>1.0.4: Used user feedback to improve many things. Weather, Bitcoin and stocks added.</p><p>1.0.2b: Added correct ISS orbit and weather (this will become a paid feature in the future)


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Táto aplikácia vyžaduje prístup k:

  • V čase nečinnosti ju nechajte spustenú na pozadí (potenciálny vplyv na životnosť batérie)
  • Odosielanie/prijímanie informácií cez internet
  • polohe GPS.
  • História srdcového tepu, barometra, teploty a nadmorskej výšky
  • Športový profil aplikácie Garmin Connect™
  • D2™ Charlie D2™ Charlie
  • D2™ Delta D2™ Delta
  • D2™ Delta PX D2™ Delta PX
  • D2™ Delta S D2™ Delta S
  • Darth Vader™ Darth Vader™
  • Descent™ Mk1 Descent™ Mk1
  • First Avenger First Avenger
  • Forerunner® 245 Forerunner® 245
  • Forerunner® 245 Music Forerunner® 245 Music
  • Forerunner® 645 Forerunner® 645
  • Forerunner® 645 Music Forerunner® 645 Music
  • Forerunner® 935 Forerunner® 935
  • Forerunner® 945 Forerunner® 945
  • fēnix® 5 fēnix® 5, quatix® 5
  • fēnix® 5 Plus fēnix® 5 Plus
  • fēnix® 5S Plus fēnix® 5S Plus
  • fēnix® 5X fēnix® 5X, tactix® Charlie
  • fēnix® 5X Plus fēnix® 5X Plus
  • fēnix® 6 fēnix® 6
  • fēnix® 6 Pro fēnix® 6 Pro, fēnix® 6 Sapphire
  • fēnix® 6S fēnix® 6S
  • fēnix® 6S Pro fēnix® 6S Pro, fēnix® 6S Sapphire
  • fēnix® 6X Pro fēnix® 6X Pro, fēnix® 6X Sapphire, fēnix® 6X Pro Solar, tactix® Delta Sapphire, quatix® 6X Solar, tactix® Delta Solar, tactix® Delta Solar Ballisitcs
  • MARQ™ Adventurer MARQ™ Adventurer
  • MARQ™ Athlete MARQ™ Athlete
  • MARQ™ Aviator MARQ™ Aviator
  • MARQ™ Captain MARQ™ Captain, MARQ™ Captain: American Magic Edition
  • MARQ™ Commander MARQ™ Commander
  • MARQ™ Driver MARQ™ Driver
  • MARQ™ Expedition MARQ™ Expedition
  • quatix® 6 quatix® 6
  • quatix® 6X quatix® 6X, quatix® 6X Solar, quatix® 6X Dual Power
  • Venu Venu
  • vívoactive® 4 vívoactive® 4, GarminActive
  • vívolife vívolife
Priemerné hodnotenie: (počet hodnotení: 23)

Ellis Curtis
Štvrtok, 2020, augusta 6 | Verzia 1.0.6

This is an awesome face...tons of options to modify the face which is great! It does seem to be a bit of a battery hog, which would be my one and only critique. But not taking a star off for that because I really like it. And it’s free, Thank you!!

Chris Kirwan
Nedeľa, 2020, júla 12 | Verzia 1.0.6

I cant seem to get the globe to show on my vivo active 4. Am I doing something wrong? I've tried everything in the settings.

Oliver Dau
Sobota, 2020, júla 11 | Verzia 1.0.6

The watchface is great and I love it, but it drains the battery very quick (25% on my Fenix 6 Pro). Any chances to improve that?

Carl Freeman
Štvrtok, 2020, júla 9 | Verzia 1.0.6

Love this even though it’s heavy on processing power. Really hard to find a face that displays Bitcoin price so many thanks for that! One question, how do you edit the stock price fields, what’s the format? Thanks.

Pondelok, 2020, júna 29 | Verzia 1.0.6

Hi Time zones NYC LAX MOW always show the same time. in the settings the values ​​are correct

Nedeľa, 2020, júna 7 | Verzia 1.0.6

There is a bug. It is 01:35pm in the afternoon.But it shows 01:35 A. It should show 01:35 P. Please fix it.

Odpoveď vývojára
Piatok, 2020, júna 12, JuliensLab

Thanks for reporting. I will fix it as soon as possible.

Sobota, 2020, júna 6 | Verzia 1.0.5

Great watchface. Would it possible add analog hands?

Odpoveď vývojára
Nedeľa, 2020, júna 7, JuliensLab

Thanks for this great idea. Published with version 1.0.6.

Sobota, 2020, júna 6 | Verzia 1.0.5

First, thanks for releasing new version so fast . Second, can you make a option for changing position of displaying date in globe. For example, showing June 7th weekday or June 07 weekday.

Odpoveď vývojára
Nedeľa, 2020, júna 7, JuliensLab

Great idea. I included these options in version 1.0.6.

Piatok, 2020, júna 5 | Verzia 1.0.4

It works perfectly well now. Thank you for your support and all the effort you've put in.

Piatok, 2020, júna 5 | Verzia 1.0.4

Thanks for answering my previous question. Now, I have another one. Is it possible to add Month/date in time bottom seethrough which is in the display style.

Odpoveď vývojára
Sobota, 2020, júna 6, JuliensLab

Hi 叫我機王, It is possible and will try to include this option in the future.

Utorok, 2020, júna 2 | Verzia 1.0.2b

I like this watch face a lot but there is an issue on my Fenix 6: The globe view disappears when I return from an activity like walk.The other data are still visible but I can't bring the globe view back unless I restart the watch.

Odpoveď vývojára
Štvrtok, 2020, júna 4, JuliensLab

Hi, could you please send me a picture of this? Please use the Contact Developer link and make sure to state your email address so I can reply.

Nedeľa, 2020, mája 31 | Verzia 1.0.2b

Can you add am/pm icon or indicator for 12 hr mode?

Odpoveď vývojára
Štvrtok, 2020, júna 4, JuliensLab

YES! See version 1.0.3 :)

Štvrtok, 2020, mája 28 | Verzia 1.0.1

it's seemed that the Chinese date not shown on the top.

Odpoveď vývojára
Piatok, 2020, mája 29, JuliensLab

Hi Tiger, Only ABCD..XYZ characters and 123...89 numbers are available as rounded text. It is not possible for this watchface to have additional characters all around due to memory limitations. However, I could consider adding a few rounded characters only at the top in other languages. If you are willing, please send me an email to describe which letters need to be added. Make sure to mention your email so I can reply too. Thank you!

Anthony Paulozza
Nedeľa, 2020, mája 24 | Verzia 1.0.1

Very impressed by this watch face, especially considering it is still in beta. It's very beautiful and has some really nice options for customization. Can't wait for the full version!

Paul Geithner
Nedeľa, 2020, mája 24 | Verzia 1.0.1

Beautiful. I'm a user and big fan of your WorldFace, but I find this WorldFace 3D to be more harmonious with the round watch configuration (as opposed to the rectilinear Mercator projection layout of WorldFace). I've played with different fields and options already. An option to display time with seconds would be nice. I'm really looking forward to seeing what features and options you implement as you develop this.

Utorok, 2020, mája 19 | Verzia 1.0.1

Overall is great, but it seems that iss position is not accurate.

Odpoveď vývojára
Utorok, 2020, mája 19, JuliensLab

Hi Kerong Jiang, Thanks for your review. The ISS orbital data is not being updated. I wanted to first put the app on the store and see if it works for other users. The next update will feature regular orbital data update, so at this point, ISS location will be accurate. Thanks!

Moreau Jean-Manuel
Sobota, 2020, mája 16 | Verzia 1.0.1

Stunning and with many many ways to customize it. Very original and beautifully made.

Štvrtok, 2020, mája 14 | Verzia 1.0.1

Beautiful, as if it should be bundled in with my Fenix 6X.

Utorok, 2020, mája 12 | Verzia 1.0.1

Really like the beta, Cool concept and very well executed looks very well done.

Vincent PERIE
Pondelok, 2020, mája 11 | Verzia 1.0.1

Very very nice and original watchface, great concept, I definitely love it! I test it and will use the specific form if I have bugs or ideas. Regards. Vince.

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