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For fans of Military Submariner dials. A super-crisp watchface — custom made with anti-aliased hands, and always on seconds.</p><p>Like this watchface? Feel free to donate:

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Mike G.
Nedeľa, 2022, januára 9 | Verzia 1.0-upd4

Amazingly sharp!

Dominique Pelletier
Streda, 2019, decembra 25 | Verzia 1.0-upd4

One of the most legible face available, even when not backlit. Would like to see more info field options (battery), but I understand it’s hard to balance legibility with quantity of info. Great job!

Pondelok, 2019, decembra 16 | Verzia 1.0-upd4


Streda, 2019, októbra 30 | Verzia 1.0-upd4

Hands down the sharpest looking wf on GIC. Optimized performance would be nice, wf lags a bit when switching between widgets.

Nedeľa, 2019, septembra 8 | Verzia 1.0-upd4

A razor sharp elegant military watch face with a great deal of attention evident in the way it was created. There is no other IQ watch face with a seconds hand that is as sharp as this one. 5 stars.

Mark Lewis
Pondelok, 2019, septembra 2 | Verzia 1.0-upd4

My favourite - after trying many, I use only this face, as it is clear, simple, easy to view without the backlight - and its face is just like the military divers watches I have used. It would be great to have day as well as date. Would you consider updating with that option?

Babu Kannoth
Pondelok, 2019, júna 24 | Verzia 1.0-upd4

Very nice and superb watch face !! Pls add some more.. like Alt...etc.....

Pondelok, 2019, júna 17 | Verzia 1.0-upd4

This is my Fenix 5 face. Thanks a lot!!!

Utorok, 2019, júna 4 | Verzia 1.0-upd4

Beautifully finished watch face that I highly recommend. The creators gone above and beyond getting all the lines nice and crisp! Just wish it had the day name and battery info option.

Piatok, 2019, mája 17 | Verzia 1.0-upd4

Could you please add the day next to the date.

Falk Lembke
Sobota, 2019, apríla 27 | Verzia 1.0-upd4

Best looking watchface here! But please ad battery status. Since fenix 5 plus I need battery status, because energy efficiency of this watch is a shame.

Brian Reiter
Streda, 2018, októbra 24 | Verzia 1.0-upd4

This is a faithful rendering of a 1960s-70s onward Royal Navy spec watch face similar to Rolex Military Submariner with sword hands, Cabot Watch Company (CWC), and Omega Seamaster 200 and 300 with sword hands. It actually has skeleton hands like a 1990s blue Seamaster 300 which potentially obscures the date a little less often. The face is extremely legible. Looks as good or better than any analog face you will find for a Garmin. Unlike most analog faces in the store, this developer did the best possible job rendering smooth, anti-aliased hands and indicia on the modest resolution of the fenix 5x display, comparable to the stock faces.

Piatok, 2018, októbra 5 | Verzia 1.0-upd4

Any chance of moving date to 6 oclock? Would improve symmetry!

Daniel Romero
Utorok, 2018, augusta 14 | Verzia 1.0-upd4

Excelente dial para el Garmin, es el único que se ve simple y limpio, tal como debe ser un reloj diver. Solo le añadiría un indicador de batería muy discreto , tal vez como un anillo externo

Sobota, 2018, júna 23 | Verzia 1.0-upd4

Superb! Anti aliasing work great and looks sharp.

Štvrtok, 2018, mája 17 | Verzia 1.0-upd3

On fenix 5 s it's not showing the stripes above the hourly markers. Apart from that it's good

Sobota, 2018, apríla 21 | Verzia 1.0-upd3

Is there a possibility that you could add the day too??

Sobota, 2018, apríla 21 | Verzia 1.0-upd3

Is there a possibility that you could add the day too??

Štvrtok, 2018, marca 15 | Verzia 1.0-upd3

awesome face. Would it be possible to add fields for battery and notifications indicators? And possibly even a second time zone. That would make it perfect!

Michael Pinnell
Sobota, 2018, marca 10 | Verzia 1.0-upd3

Super sharp, simple! Maybe a day, date and battery life. Almost perfect probably donate a few $'s. Nice!

Streda, 2018, marca 7 | Verzia 1.0-upd1

Simple, true to MilSub originals and great anti aliasing logic on hands and indexes. Franco, just some 'ideas' to improve if feasible. First one would be to reduce indexes a little bit, and/or enable to change colors between border and fill. In Fenix 5s it will work better white fill fill with black border over black background, leaving indexes 2 pixel smaller in appearence. Second, extend seconds hand to the border and add a extension on the opposite side. Third, reduce hour and minute hands in width, again just a pixel or two. Again this feedback is based on a Fenix 5s dial size, perhaps in a 5x the actual sizing works perfectly. Last one, enable date window to be positioned between hour markesr 4 and 5 and/or replace hour 3 index if to mimic a sea dweller position. Thanks again for the great work!.

Mircea Vlad
Štvrtok, 2018, marca 1 | Verzia 1.0-upd1

Great watch face, I love how sharp it looks. I would really appreciate the addition of weekday display ( e.g. WED 31, instead of the current style); also I feel that the date height should be the same as the 3 o'clock tick height. Secondly, the only other info I'm really missing, is battery status. Something very simple like a line or a circle would be more than enough. Of course, I wouldn't mind paying for these extra features. Keep up the good work!

Utorok, 2018, februára 6 | Verzia 1.0-upd

Very nice! Super crispy! Franco's work is impressive. Deserves a donation! I just miss a notification icon/count. And honestly I prefer the dial of the "Ranger" watch face (I find it more elegant, and I like to have a battery indicator). But I love the hands of "MilSub". It would be amazing if we could customize it a little bit more...

Nedeľa, 2018, februára 4 | Verzia 1.0-upd

Excellent watch face so far. Keep up the good work!

Derek Nolan
Nedeľa, 2018, februára 4 | Verzia 1.0-upd

Best looking analog face. Very crisp.