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Средняя оценка: (Отзывы: 31)

28 Октябрь 2017 г. | Версия 2.1a-u-upd

forerunner 235 0BJAPWvjWq!MA!MABSARNABXABcATCFTHGmETGoAUoGdoAsoG!!A!!AxTHGjAUjGdjAsjG!!ANtAktA!!AZwEvbA!!4!!1jNF

16 Апрель 2017 г. | Версия 2.1a-u

Love this watch face. Excellent service. Rodrigo and I had many back and forth emails as he helped me get the app set up just the way I wanted it. Can't say enough about how helpful he was. Thanks again Rodrigo All the best, Dave Mills

10 Апрель 2017 г. | Версия 2.1a-u

A very good idea ! Some data is missing

8 Март 2017 г. | Версия 2.1a

Awesome, awesome watch. I would give it 6 stats if it had analog second hand and digital second counter. Lots of fun

Navneet Saharan
17 Февраль 2017 г. | Версия 2.1a

Excellent application, and prompt response from Rodrigo. Struggled this get it activated on my watch, however patient help but Chuckle Rodrigo was the difference. Works well except for incorrect temperature value on screen, probably will get fixed in next update.

John Schiller
13 Февраль 2017 г. | Версия 2.1

Installed on my F3 like a champ. Good job. Will play around with it tomorrow.

John Schiller
10 Февраль 2017 г. | Версия 2.0c

Sorry, I didnt see your response before now. Just installed current version and still No Joy on F3. Reverts back to default F3 digital watchface when selected.

John Schiller
4 Февраль 2017 г. | Версия 2.0b

Not working on Fenix 3, 8.20 with version 2.0. Just keeps reverting to Fenix 3 default watchface.

Ответ разработчика
4 Февраль 2017 г., r.485

Thanks for the feedback. I uploaded a new version as an attempt to fix the problem, but I don't have a Fenix 3 to test. Would you please try it? If it doesn't work, please send me a message using the 'Contact developer' link. Thanks

12 Январь 2017 г. | Версия 1.5

Great idea, but it's not working on a Fenix 3 8.02 beta. Just shows a black screen with a number ( 10: ) Nothing changes, copied and pasted other codes from below, still the same, 10: which it's in the 10 o'clock hour now. Please tweak it a little further. Thanks

Ответ разработчика
31 Январь 2017 г., r.485

Thanks for your feedback. Would you please check if the problem was solved with the lastest update?

12 Январь 2017 г. | Версия 1.5

No funciona en el fenix 3.

31 Декабрь 2016 г. | Версия 1.5

No funciona en Fenix 3.

30 Декабрь 2016 г. | Версия 1.5

Great App! And great customer service! If you want to try my face build, here is the code: 0JJANW0pW5!!A!MAAAO!!cSvGAvA!!A!!A!!AAoASoGhoAxoGhvA!!AZKAEjASjGhjAwjG!!A!!O!!OxCAZAF!!A!!4!!1xvG#

15 Декабрь 2016 г. | Версия 1.5

El mejor, con mucha diferencia. Totalmente configurable. Ahí va mi configuración para VivoActive HR... 0Bl6KW0oW5TygByghygAGavuAxyACAThAOyAONjOxpUSpOxjUdMZwbH!!MBjOgpUBpOgjUTNLxXHxNCBNC!!g!!J!!M!!KxGU

11 Декабрь 2016 г. | Версия 1.4a

Getting Blanc screen or only show Hours time. After latest version. Best regards Michael

5 Декабрь 2016 г. | Версия 1.3b

Upset, didn't know there was a trial period. I would buy if there was a MOVE BAR. Also, the settings NEED to be persistent. I can't redesign the setting from scratch every time I want to move our change something. 0BBRQywlyqAyOAoOAtA!!B!!B!!BwNFwRFyyTSAqslOLOqRcq!!A!!AxTHAITylDAfGAUGyASwqA!!ByGS!!B!!B!!4!!t!!B

Horea Pop
30 Ноябрь 2016 г. | Версия 1.3b

Excellent application. Simple and intuitive.

30 Ноябрь 2016 г. | Версия 1.3b

While it is one of the best watch faces yet with its configurability. My wish list of features to add is: 1. Seconds display. 2. Loading the current configuration from the watch when I select an item instead of using all of the configuration from the last item changed. 3. At least a 24 hour trial period, 48 would be better. I was not even done configuring when the trial period ended. 4. A font option one size bigger than 5. I'm old and even the 5 is very hard to read the time without my glasses........ But it is still worth the money to buy.

29 Ноябрь 2016 г. | Версия 1.3b

Great app~

28 Ноябрь 2016 г. | Версия 1.3b

If you want to make your own customized watch face, this is the one. You can adjust a lot, however I miss some options for now; - min heart heart - max heart rate - av. heart rate - altitude - memo text align center - month name, day of week perhaps in capital letter - weather temperature, icon For now I have made mine for the vivoactive HR, all options in white, main infomation like time, heart rate and steps from top to down in biggest font. Day of week, day of month and month smallest font in white on top of the screen, On the bottom, battery level, calories and distance And of course the notifications are there too on top right, phone connection, then down alarm icon, notification icon and qty of the notifications. Background is black, battery level in this case is dark blue. You only have to change battery color bar to match with your clothes? 0BXOLD5nD5YAARAAgAA!!N!!B!!B!!B!!A!!OZs5ZY5wxAZxACxAxOA!!5!!AFZO!!A!!A!!GxKAxGAxBA!!A!!.!!OZoc!!N ​

25 Ноябрь 2016 г. | Версия 1.3b

Worth every penny as I can finally get the watch face I've wanted for a long time: 4BBoAn5cn0LycAyhXyc!!c!!c!!c!!c!!c!!c!!cAGq!!c!!cyyo!!c!!B!!cACV!!c!!c!!c!!c!!c!!c!!c!!c!!4!!1!!c Helps too that the author is accessible and responsive!

24 Ноябрь 2016 г. | Версия 1.3b

Super 5B-ARbvmbq!MA!MA!!qAyA!!q!!qCFFCKDFSFGoAUoGdoAsoGyAAASA!!AGjAUjGdjAsjG!!A!!AAAFGACyyu!!5!!4!!1AtF

Cathy Nguyen
24 Ноябрь 2016 г. | Версия 1.3b

great app! Showed a few of my friends via social media and they are gonna download it too! Worth the donation for sure. Rodrigo was super fast on responding to my questions by email. Love it!!!!

23 Ноябрь 2016 г. | Версия 1.3b

Wish there was a second counter or hand

22 Ноябрь 2016 г. | Версия 1.3b

0BrAVX7oX)!MA!MADSSyQBDhQGnVVDTVKUyQBntSUoGZwSrnToKS!!AOvGyQByQPZqOwgGjDQyRPktA!!ABaDwPB!!4!!1LJk. My configuration code. VERY GREAT - EXCELLENT - OUTSTANDING app. None better!!! Worth the donation to Rodrigo.

21 Ноябрь 2016 г. | Версия 1.2d

Excellent app; performs exactly as described. Also, excellent customer support, had answers within a few minutes. Only issue is sunrise/sunset not always showing accurately for my time zone, which Rodrigo says he will look into; I have no doubt that he will fix it. Thanks!

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