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Watch face with 5 days weather forecast in intelligible meteogram format (no API key is required) and with a lot of optional data fields to be displayed in 2 customizable positions (altitude, pressure, steps, floors, current heart rate, min/max heart rate, sunrise, sunset, next sun event, distance, current temperature, current wind). Everything is drawn using nice anti-aliased graphics with customizable colors, and it is battery friendly!</p>


v2.3: added MPH units for wind speed</p><p>v2.2: temperature lines' thickness can be adjusted (original, thinner, thicker)</p><p>v2.1b: fixed the issue related to some specific location names</p><p>v2.1: location name parser improved, new CIQ SDK 3.2.4</p><p>v2.0: optional display of clock numbers (to help understand 12h precipitation forecast and sunrise/sunset marks)</p><p>v1.9: new optional wind speed units (knots and Beaufort)</p>

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  • Posição de GPS
  • Histórico de altitude, ritmo cardíaco, barómetro e temperatura
  • O seu perfil de fitness do Garmin Connect™
  • Captain Marvel Captain Marvel
  • Darth Vader™ Darth Vader™
  • First Avenger First Avenger
  • Forerunner® 245 Forerunner® 245
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Média de classificações: (39 classificações)

21 de Fevereiro de 2022 | Versão 2.3.0

Hi Dev, Thanks for your great work. This watchface is MAGNIFICENT!! Will you port the Meteogram watchface (and many others if possible) to the OLEDs Venu2plus and Epix 2? Eagerly waiting for them. Thanks a ton, Alex

14 de Novembro de 2021 | Versão 2.3.0

Is it possible to add alarm icon and move bar or indicator?

John Slater
20 de Julho de 2021 | Versão 2.3

This watchface does two things very well. Fortunately they are the only two things that matter... It looks brilliant and provides easily legible information efficiently. Another classic watchface from one of the most detail oriented Developers on Connect IQ. It looks better and provides more detail than some of Garmin's own offerings. I'm not exaggerating. Outstanding workmanship.

16 de Julho de 2021 | Versão 2.2

Fantastico!!!! Ottimo quadrante, dettagliato e ben leggibile in ogni situazione!!!

2 de Julho de 2021 | Versão 2.2

Very very useful with an easy to read graphic on 24 hours to predict the risk of rain. The minima and maxima of the day are super synthetic and useful!

Stefan Gulikers
25 de Maio de 2021 | Versão 2.2

Nice watchface with clear info. For me all the weather info I need. Only downside is that the precipitation isn't very accurate, sometimes when it's raining is predicts no rain and vice versa but that's something the developer can't control i guess.

Resposta do programador
25 de Maio de 2021, mbell

Yes, about the reliability of the precipitation forecast you have to complain to Garmin. :)

26 de Fevereiro de 2021 | Versão 2.2

This app is very well laid out ideal for planning outdoor activities . Well done developer

19 de Fevereiro de 2021 | Versão 2.2

I’ve just grown to love and appreciate this watch face. We live in the country, away from the local weather station by 15 miles and 1000 feet in elevation. The graphs represent a facsimile that reflects the overall ups and downs to expect even though they may be off a few degrees is no matter. The precipitation percentages are accurate enough to be very useful. Numbers are no good here on any watch face but graphs do the trick. A big bonus is energy efficiency and the development is on going.

Mario T.
14 de Fevereiro de 2021 | Versão 2.2

The watch face I found to be the most useful to me. I love the dial precipitation overview, the temperature graph and chart, the fact that it visually points to the sunrise and sunset, but that the next sun event (NSE) can also be added to one of the data fields. So I liked it and after using it for a couple of weeks I decided to send a donation to the author late Saturday evening. Martin replied within an hour with my license code. Now that's customer service! Also, you can notice that a user comment asked about thinner lines for the graph...the watch face got updated the very same day with that option added. Mind blown! :D Keep up the great work Martin!

Krzysztof Dziechciarz
5 de Fevereiro de 2021 | Versão 2.1b

Nice and usefull watchface. One of my favourite ones. I have one kind request: Could lines of temperature chart be thinner (or personalized) ? The same about precipitation lines. (F6X)

Resposta do programador
5 de Fevereiro de 2021, mbell

Thank you very much for your feedback! I will see what's possible regarding the lines' customization.

1 de Fevereiro de 2021 | Versão 2.1b

That's a real innovation, the weather forecast suits my Forerunner 245 really good!! Love the clear, well reasoned features perfectly balanced with time display! Top wf!!

Jeff Bramble
7 de Janeiro de 2021 | Versão 2.0.0

Great update

Ivan Poropat
4 de Novembro de 2020 | Versão 1.6

Great wf, please give the option to have distance/calories/floors or other values instead of weather update interval

Joe Nemet
3 de Novembro de 2020 | Versão 1.6

Great watch face and now with the option of choosing m/s or kph for the wind speed display.

Pere Roma
29 de Outubro de 2020 | Versão 1.5

Looks really nice on forerunner 245. Really good screenwatch. 100% recommended. Muy buena apariencia y funcionalidad para mi garmin forerunner 245. Una pantalla de datos muy buena. Recomiendo 100%.

26 de Outubro de 2020 | Versão 1.4

Another stunning and clever watchface from a gifted programmer.

Jeff Bramble
20 de Outubro de 2020 | Versão 1.3

New favorite watch face! Very proactive developer as well.

15 de Outubro de 2020 | Versão 1.1

Fantastic watch face lots of information works perfectly

14 de Outubro de 2020 | Versão 1.1

Great Watch face !!! Great data layout!!!

14 de Outubro de 2020 | Versão 1.1

Great watchface with a very clear weather forecast and supportive developer!

14 de Outubro de 2020 | Versão 1.1

Works great, love being able to see the weather forecast on the watchface!

14 de Outubro de 2020 | Versão 1.0

Very nice and clear watchface, i love meteogram, also on my mobile as a widget. Thank you

Arne Andersen
13 de Outubro de 2020 | Versão 1.0

Nice display of weather a few days forward in time. Great to have a graphical view that tells the trend. Looking forward to further development of this one.

13 de Outubro de 2020 | Versão 1.1

Finally, the first wf with clear and useful weather data, thanks for creative work! The best.

13 de Outubro de 2020 | Versão 1.0

I like it, but the max/min temp graph seems to only be Celsius, not reflecting Fahrenheit of the watch settings

Resposta do programador
13 de Outubro de 2020, mbell

Thank you for your feedback! Now it reflects the device settings. Please, install new version of the watch face.