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The Metre for Venu Sq


The Metre features three analysis rings for steps, heart rate and calories burned, as well as, date, day, AM/PM and battery life. Each circle helps the wearer to quickly visualize their progress towards their daily goals. 24 hour clock format available in settings.</p><p></p><p>Design by Totem Designs</p><p></p><p>Watch Face costs $1.85 USD {Each purchase supports the design & development of future watchfaces}</p>


Version 2.2:</p><p>Added option to replace AM/PM with seconds</p><p></p><p>Version 2.4:</p><p>Added option for always display in English or hide the day of week for non-compatible languages.</p><p></p><p>Version 2.5:</p><p>Fixed AM/PM for noon

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  • Executar em segundo plano quando não está ativo (potencialmente afetando a vida útil da bateria)
  • Enviar/receber informações de/para a Internet
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17 de Novembro de 2021

Hi, Can you add to day shortcut polish symbol, like Ś? Because due to the lack of this symbol I can only see a square on my watch. Thanks in advance, Ola

4 de Novembro de 2021

Really like the way it looks and operates. Would love to see a notification icon added to it.

Ronald Fernandez
14 de Outubro de 2021

Loved it... Nice and well organised. Has all required information

Charles Verstegen
2 de Outubro de 2021

This stuff blocks your first screen to be visible. Looks nice does not work like it should.

Resposta do programador
2 de Outubro de 2021, Totem_Designs

Hi Charles, Apologies, but this watch face requires a nominal payment for use. Once your free trial period is over, you must go to our websites, enter your code and check out. If you require a longer trial period, please email us and let us know, as the duration of your trial is not set by us but rather by your device.