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Mario Watch Face</p><p></p><p>Plant shows watch battery life</p><p>Flag shows step goal progress</p><p>Boxes show the current time</p><p>Day of the week and date are also shown</p><p></p><p>This is the lite version. The full version called "Mario" supports more watches, allows you to change the background color, change the piranha plant to use body battery instead of watch battery, and choose what other data shows up at the bottom next to Mario. It also lets you choose to use Luigi instead of Mario if you choose.


0.0.2: SDK 4.2.4 support

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13 de setembro de 2023 | Versão 0.0.3

simple.. everything just works

Hudson Harless
17 de março de 2023 | Versão 0.0.1

Great retro watch face, but only has face for main screen, would love to have seen screens for my other tabs