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Jump over Spikes


My first game. It's inspired by geometry dash but is a lot simpler. Tap to jump, don't touch the spikes.


Fixed invisible spikes. Added easy, medium, hard, and expert modes. Added score.

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22 de Dezembro de 2020 | Versão 1.0.0

Needs to be more fast paced.

Arielle Mann
5 de Novembro de 2020 | Versão 1.0.0

This is a really fun game. I would really like it to me be more like geometry dash and please more color!!! You should add things like the yellow spots that make you go higher on geometry dash. Also can you change your character? Besides these problems with it the game is really good! Thanks!

29 de Maio de 2020 | Versão 1.0.0

The score does not show

16 de Abril de 2020 | Versão 0.0.0

I cant even see the spikes this is so bad

Resposta do programador
25 de Maio de 2020, htsvr

The new version should fix this.

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