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Snatch the Cheese


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~</p><p>Are you bored at work or school? Looking for a sneaky way to pass the time without getting caught with your face in your phone?</p><p>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~</p><p>~</p><p>~</p><p>CHEESE IS FALLING FROM THE SKY!</p>

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August The Pilot
23 de Outubro de 2019

This is the best game on Connect. Still would like to see your high score on it. Perfect for a school teacher who is boring.

Ian Kovatch
22 de Março de 2017

Not a bad app for your watch... especially if you are looking to pass the time at school; Three Suggestions: 1) It would be nice to be able to see your own high scores... 2) The falling blocks of cheese are sometimes to close to each other to be able to switch from left, middle, to right. By the time you go one way, if there is a green block(cheese) in front of the yellow block(cheese), by the time the green falls out, the yellow one has too. 3) Maybe insert a dotted line to show the players where the cheese blocks fall from... Maybe a future update could help... But overall great way to pass the time

29 de Novembro de 2016

This is a good idea but it isn't entertaining or fun. Maby make it more fast or levels

18 de Setembro de 2016

You should make a pacman game!!!

15 de Maio de 2016

Great game! I is a very good way to pass the time. One suggestion: improve the graphics, such as make the cheese pieces like cheese wheels, instead of blocky squares

Taylor Koh
6 de Outubro de 2015

Do not download this game. It will leave a stain in your app library. Poor game play, aweful graphics. You controll a rocket ship to collect cheese. It plays like a tiger LED game. You can position your rocket ship left , middle, or right of the screen to collect "cheese" and avoid green "cheese" 10/10 With 1 being the highest

18 de Julho de 2015

I like the idea, but I'm colorblind and cannot tell the difference between colors, could you fix this in the next update?

Dan Blau
17 de Julho de 2015

Great Idea, but I can't see the difference between the green and yellow boxes because I'm color blind. Could you post an update that allows us to change the colors of the boxes? Maybe Blue and Yellow?

12 de Julho de 2015

Simple and clean app. Very fun and addictive! Only works for Vivoactive. I would request that the app maker makes a cleaner app logo for the watch and instead of cutting off words just put STC as the app name.

29 de Junho de 2015

This game does not work at all make an update that actually works because now it is stuck on my watch

Parker Mitchell
26 de Junho de 2015

Get it now. The guy who made this is absolutely brilliant. This app single handedly is going to drive sales of Garmin watches. The best smartwatch game of the year is only on Garmin watches. That's right, Apple. Shots fired. Go Garmin.

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