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Os melhores artistas do mundo. Agora a tocarem no seu pulso.</p><p>Aceda e transfira as listas de reprodução, os álbuns e os podcasts para ouvir em qualquer lugar. Ouça músicas Criadas para si ou para Exercícios para descobrir faixas novas que melhoram o seu desempenho enquanto treina.</p><p></p><p>Nota: é necessário ter uma conta Spotify Premium para utilizar a aplicação em dispositivos Garmin


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Média de classificações: (517 classificações)

27 de Janeiro de 2020

Cuando escucho la musica desde la aplicación en el reloj se corta demasiado a comparación de cuando la escucho desde mi celular. Cuál es la razón?

Emil Schlueter
27 de Janeiro de 2020

Works great on my vivo 3 music. The “recently played” function is very helpful when downloading playlists

Daniel Stanton
27 de Janeiro de 2020

Doesn't work with the Spotify app on your phone. You need to download playlists to the watch ahead of time. Should have got a WearOS watch.

27 de Janeiro de 2020

Got it to work. Once it’s installed, open your garmin connect app, then on the watch, hold down the down button to open music. Then on garmin app it will prompt you to login to Spotify.

27 de Janeiro de 2020

Stik kak

26 de Janeiro de 2020

Its not enough to install the app, you have to go to settings with the back button, music, music provider and choose spotify... I've a Venu

Russ Strathern
26 de Janeiro de 2020

THIS IS HOW TO FIX IT! To get the app to work after the 2Jan2020 update: uninstall Spotify app from watch (using connect app on phone), turn off watch, turn off phone, turn on watch, turn on phone, reinstall app using connect app on phone, sync watch, when prompted on watch login to Spotify, download music onto watch... took a while to figure it out, but works!! Hope this helps someone else!!!

Jeff Sartor
25 de Janeiro de 2020

Unable to connect to wifi. Incorrect password. Bullshit.

Avital Wulz
25 de Janeiro de 2020

My Spotify app has not been working for a week now. I tried to reinstall the app but not success. Is this a system problem?

Rafael Ortiz
25 de Janeiro de 2020

I almost lost my flight to buy my Garmin vívoactive® 4 GPS smartwatch and I just can’t believe the only feature why I chose this product, is not working at all. Pls, we need a solution NOW!

25 de Janeiro de 2020

In den 3 Monaten in denen ich meine fenix s pro besitze hat es noch nicht einmal funktioniert. Trotz diverser Updates. Es ist eine eine Frechheit. Wirklich schade

Ronald Mckay
25 de Janeiro de 2020

Current patch not working at all. Watch face shows only spotify logo. Tried reinstall receiving same result.

Annika Schultz
25 de Janeiro de 2020

This is infuriating. The whole purpose of purchasing the watch for music and I can't utilize this function...

25 de Janeiro de 2020

It needs Premium to work! Really not necessary at all!

24 de Janeiro de 2020

When is it gonna get rectified???

24 de Janeiro de 2020

This is bullshit. Why did they have to go and break something that was working just fine??

24 de Janeiro de 2020

Still broken

23 de Janeiro de 2020

On my vivo4s app there is no actual feature coming up for me to even choose to download music onto my watch very dissapointed

23 de Janeiro de 2020

Application runs well on vivoactive 4. I would have given 5 stars but unfortunately you cannot scroll in the music playlist especially when you want to listen a specific song.

Antonio Eliche
23 de Janeiro de 2020

He actualizado la aplicación y ahora no entra y no puedo escuchar música y tan poco se sincroniza las canciones ni listas de reproducción. Que puedo hacer? Fatal.

23 de Janeiro de 2020

Until now it worked well. Since the most recent update I cannot play any music. The screen is blank.

James Appleyard
22 de Janeiro de 2020

Does not sync. Does anyone have a solution to this??

22 de Janeiro de 2020

It’s a shame that one has to pay for Premium in order to use the app. It costs quite a bit as is to have such a watch, and I don’t mind listening to advertisements if it means I can listen to music.

Tyler Wells
22 de Janeiro de 2020

Keeps telling me to wait until my phone is synced to access. Once it syncs, it tells me to check in the connect store for access. The store tells me the app is queued. Help!

Johan Dahlgren
22 de Janeiro de 2020

Had the blank screen issue, but today it worked fine.

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