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naruto- sharingan analog watch


This watch face is part of anime watch faces line that was made by me because of a "necessity" I've felt. Sadly, there's a problem with this watch face for every device without AMOLED screen so this watch face is available for venu series only. This is my second ever watch design after this watch face was my first:</p><p> </p>


-ADDED DONATION LINK - I would really appreciate any donation for my watch face. You can do it here:</p><p></p><p>-Added a notification indicator and also changes a bit the places of the indicator in the screen to widespread them.</p><p>-Date is shown in English for every system language instead of not showing at all

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Avaliação média: (5 avaliações)

Aditya Khot
20 de Janeiro de 2022 | Versão 1.1.1

Nice. Loving it. Would love to customize the data fields.

6 de Janeiro de 2022 | Versão 1.1.1

Clean, simple, easy, fast understandable. I love it.

Mike Clarke
18 de Outubro de 2021 | Versão 1.1.1

All this is missing is an analog display hidden somewhere on the face and a weather icon. Great job!

Resposta do desenvolvedor
19 de Outubro de 2021, kfir7755

Hey thanks for the review. I didn't understand what is your meaning about the analog display hidden. Do you mean just showing the sharingan itself? Contact me via email about it so I will understand it better and will be able to code it. About the weather icon, maybe in the future, it takes a lot of time to code it.

27 de Setembro de 2021 | Versão 1.0

It looks cool on Venu 2. Maybe notifications count in the future...

Resposta do desenvolvedor
28 de Setembro de 2021, kfir7755

Hi, ty for your review. Notification count is indeed the next indicator I am going to add. I hope I will update it in a few days.