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This is a Datafield for usage on the map while navigating. Garmin allows only two datafields on the map screen.</p><p>If you want more data you can use this datafield as a mini dashboard below your map. </p><p>The dashboard contains 6 fields which are configurable via Garmin Express or Garmin Connect Mobile. </p><p>The three bars change colour to indicate in which HR-zone you are.</p><p>To use this datafield go to Settings - Activity profiles - [your profile] - Data screens - Map - Layout and Datafields - Choose "1 " - Choose Connect IQ - choose MapDashboard.</p>


1.6.0 Changed presentation of gears, added field for battery state.</p><p>1.5.0 Added heading to the list of fields, added support for portuguese.</p><p>1.4.0 Added gears and timer time to the list of fields. Notation for the gears is now like "1:2 10:11" for front 1 of 2 and rear 10 of 11. Suggestions for a better way are always welcome :-)</p><p>1.3.0 Added support for The Edge 530 and 830, I do not have these devices myself, I can only test in the simulator. Please contact me if you have questions.</p>

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Este aplicativo requer acesso ao:

  • Executar em segundo plano quando não estiver ativo (potencialmente afetando a vida útil da bateria)
  • Dados do sensor (por ex.: ANT+, frequência cardíaca, bússola)
  • O seu perfil de fitness do Garmin Connect™
  • Edge® 1030 Edge® 1030
  • Edge® 1030, Bontrager Edge® 1030, Bontrager
  • Edge® 530 Edge® 530
  • Edge® 830 Edge® 830
  • Edge® Explore Edge® Explore
Avaliação média: (17 avaliações)

Jochen Dickmann
21 de Julho de 2019 | Versão 1.6.0

Great App. Can you add more datafields to elect? Altitude (current heigh) is missing for me. Rgs Jochen

Resposta do desenvolvedor
21 de Julho de 2019,

Thanks. Altitude is the top field in the list of fields. Regards Erik

Lars Schiffer
12 de Julho de 2019 | Versão 1.6.0

Super Datenfeld, nur muss ich es bei meinem Edge 530 jedes mal neu zuweisen, sonst wird nur ein leeres Feld angezeigt.

13 de Junho de 2019 | Versão 1.5.0

hey , ziet er fantastisch uit, ik heb het nog niet rijdend kunnen testen , maar ik vrees dat het wat klein gaat uitvallen, waar en hoe kan ik het 4 veld instellen (downloaden(?) ) Nog eens en alvast bedankt

Resposta do desenvolvedor
15 de Junho de 2019,

4 field version:

Armand van Renssen
9 de Junho de 2019 | Versão 1.5.0

Very good but too small for me. Erik, can you make the 4 field version compatible for the 830 please? Can't download that one now :(

Resposta do desenvolvedor
15 de Junho de 2019,

Hello, i made the app compatible with the 530/830. There is very little space so I had to improvise. Regards Erik

Hans Weststrate
23 de Maio de 2019 | Versão 1.4.0

Ziet er netjes uit, werkt ook op de 830. Enige wat ik mis is het veldje richting.

Resposta do desenvolvedor
25 de Maio de 2019,

Dat kan ik wel toevoegen, de API van Garmin geeft de richting aan in radialen. Het dataveld dat je normaal kiest geeft een windrichting aan als noord/zuid. Ik zal eens kijken wat ik er van maak.

Gijs Sohier
5 de Maio de 2019 | Versão 1.3.0

Works just as it should. Myself I have a har dtime reading the data because of the small fonts. Am I getting old? :-) Is a four data fiels dash an option? Love these IQ apps by the way !

Resposta do desenvolvedor
25 de Maio de 2019,

I added a four field version to the the store with a larger font.

Paul Terpstra
17 de Março de 2019 | Versão 1.1.0

Geat idea as alternative for the very limited 2 standard data fields. Just installed it on my Garmin Express and looking good. Will try it on the next ride. Bedankt Erik!

Resposta do desenvolvedor
18 de Abril de 2019,


Richard Hamilton
15 de Março de 2019 | Versão 1.1.0

Great but any chance of 3 seconds power field

Resposta do desenvolvedor
20 de Março de 2019,

Yes, I've added that field.

14 de Março de 2019 | Versão 1.1.0

Thanks Erik for adding Distance to Next. Wow, that was quick!

13 de Março de 2019 | Versão 1.0.9

Great to have these fields on the map. Is it possible to also add Distance to Next?

Resposta do desenvolvedor
14 de Março de 2019,

Thank you, yes that's possible.

Gloucester Mike
9 de Março de 2019 | Versão 1.0.8

I wanted four field on the bottom the Map but with this two extras. All can be custom data. Perfect App for tooling around, navigating or training using the map. For me the font height is just right. Couple of hints when setting data fields. -When I got to settings for the data fields the little person ran for over a minute until the screen was populated with the data field list. Each time was faster. Be patient. -If your 1030 goes to sleep, my power saver setting were on, my iPhone disconnects and jumps out of he setting page. Super App

9 de Março de 2019 | Versão 1.0.8


DONNAY Jean Francois
10 de Fevereiro de 2019 | Versão 1.0.5

Yessss top with « distance » Ps would be even better with a smaller field description, they overwrite (in French language)

Resposta do desenvolvedor
10 de Fevereiro de 2019,

Thanks. I'll fix it.

DONNAY Jean Francois
3 de Fevereiro de 2019 | Versão 1.0.2

Pas trop de champs donc cela reste lisible, il manque juste la distance parcourue et ce sera parfait

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