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This is a Datafield for usage on the map screen while navigating, it doesn't show the map itself. Garmin allows by default only two data fields on the map screen. If you want more data you can use this datafield as a mini dashboard below your map in the provided map screen. </p><p>The dashboard contains 6 fields which are configurable via Garmin Express or Garmin Connect Mobile. The three bars change colour to indicate in which HR-zone you are.</p>


1.30.2 Removed version info from settings page</p><p>1.30.1 Removed fixed values for gears and rear derailleur</p><p>1.30.0 Internal redesign. Added fields: average lap power, elapsed time, total stop time and moving percentage.The three bars can now be hidden.</p><p>1.29.1 Fixed bug in configuration, it was impossible to select ETE in the top left en top center field, thanks for reporting Douglas McKay.</p>

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Este aplicativo requer acesso ao:

  • Executar em segundo plano quando não estiver ativo (potencialmente afetando a vida útil da bateria)
  • Localização GPS
  • Dados do sensor (por ex.: ANT+, frequência cardíaca, bússola)
  • O seu perfil de fitness do Garmin Connect™
  • Edge® 1030 Edge® 1030
  • Edge® 1030 Plus Edge® 1030 Plus
  • Edge® 1030, Bontrager Edge® 1030, Bontrager
  • Edge® 1040 Edge® 1040
  • Edge® 530 Edge® 530
  • Edge® 830 Edge® 830
  • Edge® Explore Edge® Explore
  • Edge® Explore 2 Edge® Explore 2
Avaliação média: (90 avaliações)

Qui vivra vélo
20 de março de 2023 | Versão 1.30.2

OMG THIS IS PERFECT ,thought i had an issue with the garmin or the app, follow the manual. It's not a map but a mart that will replace the speed screen in the map, that's the way it works.

24 de fevereiro de 2023 | Versão 1.30.2

Hi, great app. But I can not display TSS in field. There is no choice for that. Is it chance for an update? Regards Artur

Resposta do desenvolvedor
24 de fevereiro de 2023,

Hi, thanks. TSS, NP and IF are currently not available in the Garmin API. I would have to calculate them myself but at this moment I don't have plans to do that. Regards Erik

Jeka Michal
12 de fevereiro de 2023 | Versão 1.30.2

Perfect! Must hawe

Ruud Binnendijk
11 de fevereiro de 2023 | Versão 1.30.2

Verdraaide handig, in een oogopslag alle belangrijke dataveld onder het scherm. Bedankt Erik.

2 de novembro de 2022 | Versão 1.29.1

hello! lap time doesn't even work when the lap button is pressed

Tim Spencer
16 de outubro de 2022 | Versão 1.29.1

I tried for several days to get this to work. However I have finally (after reading a 5 year old post on a forum) got it working, if I selected the three bars at the bottom right and then went to profiles, even though it could see the data field it would not load it. But if I set the map data field to 1 and then went back to the home screen and activated the profile it would load when I did a long press on the single data field on the map

Hojin CHA
16 de setembro de 2022 | Versão 1.29.1

This app is so good. Would you add "course point distance" to data field?

Heinz Kießler
30 de agosto de 2022 | Versão 1.29.1

Eigentlich super. Habe die App schon auf meinem Edge 830 genutzt. Bei der Einrichtung meines Edge 530 habe ich festgestellt, dass das Einstellungsfenster dänisch ist. Wie kann ich die Sprache ändern?

Resposta do desenvolvedor
31 de agosto de 2022,

What do you mean when you say "Einstellungsfenster"? Is this Garmin Express? I 've heard that before from Mac users. Please use the Contact Developer link if you need help.

25 de agosto de 2022 | Versão 1.29.1

Exactly what I was looking for. I donated money for a beer.

Rene K.
14 de agosto de 2022 | Versão 1.29.0

Super Idee die Karte mit den Daten zu erweitern, vielleicht könnte man noch eine Reihe hinzufügen. Und bitte den Leistungsbereich noch einbinden. Tolle Arbeit danke!

Michael Pawlukiewicz
9 de agosto de 2022 | Versão 1.29.0

Nice looking data field, super useful! Just tested on Edge Explore 2. Suggestion for future development - would be great to be able to make for example middle top field bigger than all the others so one value can be easily seen with a quick glance (speed or average speed or heart rate etc)

8 de agosto de 2022 | Versão 1.28.3

Exactly what I was looking for!

Gustav Bach
4 de agosto de 2022 | Versão 1.28.3

Hi! Great app, thank you so much!! Little note: When choosing fields for the Dashboard the danish translation is a bit off. Instead of “øverst række tilbage” (top row left) it should be “øverst række til venstre” Same goes for bottom row left, that should be “nederste række til venstre” Not really a issue at all, just thought you should know - thank you.

Resposta do desenvolvedor
4 de agosto de 2022,

Thank you, I'll update the Danish translation. Regards Erik

[email protected]
23 de julho de 2022 | Versão 1.28.3

1030: works perfect. This is great for xx30 and xx40 screens. Great widget during group rides. 5 stars 1040: can't get it to work. Reinstalled multiple times. I even watched the GPlama YouTube video. Hopefully this is a user error, if not hoping for a soon update.

Resposta do desenvolvedor
28 de julho de 2022,

Hi, the app works fine on my 1040 and my friends 1040. Please use the contact developer link to get help.

ronald brasser
11 de julho de 2022 | Versão 1.28.1

SUPER APP! Nu nog de timer incl seconden laten zien bij ritten langer dan een uur... dus de notatie op 01:01:01 ipv 01:01 Dan heb je echt maar één scherm nodig tijdens de training... Groet, Ronald

Andreas Eckmann
10 de julho de 2022 | Versão 1.28.1

Leider funktioniert das unter meinem 1040 noch nicht

Resposta do desenvolvedor
10 de julho de 2022,

I use this data field on my Edge 1040, I can install it, configure it and I can place it on the map screen. Which part is causing you trouble? If you need help please use the contact developer link.

3 de julho de 2022 | Versão 1.28.1

Great app! Please add the field "Dist then next Point"

Resposta do desenvolvedor
7 de julho de 2022,

HI, thanks, I think " Next" is what you are looking for, this field shows the distance to the next point. I don't know why I called it " Next" instead of " Next Point"

Udo Linnenschmidt
4 de maio de 2022 | Versão 1.26.0

Superb. Exact what I'm looking for.

Konstantin Greger
22 de abril de 2022 | Versão 1.26.0

Best data field on my Edge 830! It's pretty on screen 99% of my rides. Amazing work!

9 de março de 2022 | Versão 1.24.0

Please add "Course Pt. Distance" field. It is very important field for randonneurs

Resposta do desenvolvedor
12 de abril de 2022,

Sorry, Course Pt. Distance is not available in the API:

Christopher C Brown
6 de março de 2022 | Versão 1.24.0

I saw GP Lama’s review of this app the other day and thought it was interesting. Was able to use it yesterday for the first time and it’s great! So nice to have more fields on map screen. Thank you for creating such a fantastic and useful app!

2 de março de 2022 | Versão 1.24.0

Brilliant work Erik! This has been a great addition to my Edge units. Thank you.

24 de fevereiro de 2022 | Versão 1.24.0

Hi Erik, thank you for a wonderful addition to the map screen. Would it be possible to add: - avg. lap Power - Normalized Power and lap NP and maybe Intensity Factor as well? Cheers, Tim

Resposta do desenvolvedor
27 de fevereiro de 2022,

Hi, Thank you, I'm glad you like it. The fields you request are unfornatunately not available in the Garmin API. I could calculate avg lap power but the other ones are not an option. I have only acces to this data: Regards Erik

15 de fevereiro de 2022 | Versão 1.23.0

Super robota! Pytanie do autora: czy byłaby możliwość dodania pola danych IQ connect?

Resposta do desenvolvedor
20 de fevereiro de 2022,

Thanks, which field would you like to have?

Tim Bruls
29 de janeiro de 2022 | Versão 1.22.0

Super gave/handige app! Het zou mooi zijn om nog verschillende profielen te kunnen opslaan/gebruiken. Op mijn gravel&mtb heb ik geen vermogen en/of cadans meter, waardoor diverse velden geen meerwaarde hebben.

Resposta do desenvolvedor
29 de janeiro de 2022,

Dank je. MapDashboardMS ondersteunt meerdere profielen. Deze vereist wel een moderne Edge (530/830/1030)