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A free data field for Garmin watches to provide stats for walking activities. Built to provide more data in a more compact format than is typically available on data fields designed for runners (where too much information becomes impossible to digest at speed). Focused on data relevant to casual walking scenarios where step count, distance, pace and calorie burn are the predominant concerns rather than hiking where bearing, ascent and altitude etc. are more relevant. Currently displays:</p>


1.2.0</p><p> - Add support for new devices</p><p> - Update Polish translation</p><p></p><p>1.1.1</p><p> - Fix bug with reducing font size on walks over 1 hour</p><p></p><p>1.1.0</p><p> - Setting for black background</p><p> - Memory optimisation</p><p></p><p>1.0.8</p><p> - Fix calculation bug when speed display mode was selected in combination with miles units</p><p></p><p>1.0.7</p><p> - Black battery percentage text colour when battery is yellow (10-20%)</p>

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Avaliação média: (67 avaliações)

15 de Julho de 2020 | Versão 1.0.7

Very good and nice!

14 de Julho de 2020 | Versão 1.0.7

Great data field. It's exactly what I want to look at while walking. Speed field still doesn't seem to respect preferred units (I have "pace/speed" set to miles on fr945). Thanks, developer!

Resposta do desenvolvedor
14 de Julho de 2020, wwarby

Thanks Ray. Garmin settings for units are confusing. There are separate units settings in the Connect app's user profile, and in the watch settings section in the Connect app, and on the watch itself under Settings. The first two are a single setting for "units", but the one on the watch itself is split into "pace units" and "distance units" - at least on my fenix 5x anyway. It's not entirely clear to me exactly how those settings overlap (though they most definitely do overlap) but the Garmin SDK exposes only two settings to me: paceUnits and distanceUnits. I'm pretty sure I'm reading and respecting those settings, with paceUnits affecting the pace (top left in Walker) and distanceUnits affecting distance (top right in Walker). I've tested this pretty thoroughly on my own watch. If you're convinced that your settings are in miles across the board and Walker is still showing kilometres I'd be grateful if you could get in touch through the "Contact Developer" option so that I can get to the bottom of what's causing the problem.

Paolo Avezzano
12 de Julho de 2020 | Versão 1.0.7

Very nice data field, even though, at least on my 645, text is quite thin and blurry compared to stock Garmin labels or most of other data fields on IQ store.

Tim Harman
12 de Julho de 2020 | Versão 1.0.7

Beautiful. A simple, clean Data Field that's perfect for walking. Garmin could take a few design cues from this lovely interface.

Resposta do desenvolvedor
12 de Julho de 2020, wwarby

Thanks for the compliments Tim, very much appreciated :)

Michael Klingberg
12 de Julho de 2020 | Versão 1.0.7

Excellent data field. I would love something simular for hiking. Hiker. Any chance to get that?

Resposta do desenvolvedor
12 de Julho de 2020, wwarby

I might consider doing a Hiker data field at some point. Unlike Walker, it's not something I'd probably use personally so the motivation to do it is a little less, but if there's demand for it I'll try to find the time at some point. Thanks for the feedback!

12 de Julho de 2020 | Versão 1.0.7

I was surprised that I can't view the number of steps during walk in the stock Garmin UI, but this data field added that feature and even more. Thank you for developing it.

11 de Julho de 2020 | Versão 1.0.6

I am super happy with this walker datafield. Very intuitive to include steps that I have never seen before. After the activity, gives ability for additional metrics view using steps. I have gone ahead to add this to my running as well, as I do mostly short runs. Any customisation will be helpful but not necessary.

Lee Russo
11 de Julho de 2020 | Versão 1.0.6

Excellent data field. Works perfect on my Venu watch.

Lee Russo
9 de Julho de 2020 | Versão 1.0.5

Love this data field! Excellent work. I have one oddity. My language is English, but the fit data is written in a foreign language in the iPhone app. Spanish I think.

Resposta do desenvolvedor
9 de Julho de 2020, wwarby

Huh. It's not doing that for me. I did have a bug at one point where it was doing that, but I'm not sure if I ever released a version containing that bug - could you do me a favour and double check that you're running version 1.0.5? (and importantly, that the walk you're looking at was recorded with version 1.0.5). Maybe try uninstalling and reinstalling Walker if you're not sure - I don't think it's actually possible to see the version on the watch itself. I have one trick up my sleeve I could use that might solve this problem if it still exists because I don't have an explicit translation to English as it's the "default" language - I could add an English translation file but I'm not sure why that would be necessary for your watch and not mine unless maybe it was purchased in Spain and somehow for you Spanish is the "default" language or something like that?

Radek Polášek
9 de Julho de 2020 | Versão 1.0.5

Very good datafield at F3 HR. What you think about to add an altitude . If you make a battery field divide for two fields, you will have a space for it. Thank you

Resposta do desenvolvedor
9 de Julho de 2020, wwarby

It doesn't really fit with my intentions for this DataField I'm afraid. I want to keep the design of Walker quite clean and focused on casual walking scenarios. The design is quite dense already and I don't want to stuff every millimetre of negative space with data. Also (to me at least), altitude is of interest when you're "hiking", and if I were to add it I could easily see myself drifting towards trying to shoehorn in data for total ascent, cadence, bearing direction and other things that hikers care about and people out for a casual afternoon stroll just don't. I might make a "Hiker" companion DataField with that kind of stuff in at some point (no promises) but it's not something I want to see in Walker at the moment I'm afraid. On a side note I'm so close to the 16K memory limit of the older watches (that includes the FR3 I think) that I can't add so much as a setting for background colour at the moment without crashing the device, so I'd have to find some memory savings somewhere before I can add anything for older watched anyway.

8 de Julho de 2020 | Versão 1.0.5

Great data field with otherwise hard to find step data. This version fixed the static data display issue on the 945 for me BUT the speed field seems to be stuck in kph (watch is set to mph).

Resposta do desenvolvedor
8 de Julho de 2020, wwarby

Hi Ray, I've had a few issues with this so I wouldn't rule out the possibility there's still a bug in there somewhere, but the settings for this are a bit confusing. In the Garmin Connect app there is only one setting for "Units" which gets synced to the the watch, but in the activity settings on the watch there are actually separate settings for "Pace Units" and "Distance Units". In a previous version I wasn't respecting the difference between those settings and it was causing unexpected behaviour for another user - can you check whether you have both settings set to MPH?

Carmen Frisch
7 de Julho de 2020 | Versão 1.0.5

After the update it works fine again. Thank you for your quick reaction. I was really sad because that datafield is what I've been looking for. The font is now easier to read. Feature request: The possibility to change the background color to black. The FR735 isn't able to do that, I can only change the background for the built-in watchface. But that doesn't change the datafield's background.

Resposta do desenvolvedor
7 de Julho de 2020, wwarby

It's strange - the device simulator for Garmin's SDK lets me switch your watch model's background colour, so I'm surprised they would simulate a setting that's not actually available on the device. In any case I tried adding a setting for it this morning (which is easy enough to do), but it's pushing me over the memory limit of your device and crashing the simulator. You may not be aware, but the FR 735 limits DataFields to 16KB of memory, of which about 9KB is taken up just by the DataField itself before you even get started. Staying under this limit is INCREDIBLY hard (I had to draw that heart icon with two circles and an upside down triangle instead of using an image file just to save 200 bytes for example). The problem is, I've picked off all the low hanging fruit on memory consumption and I'm still hovering around 15.9KB used, so adding literally anything at this point is going to mean taking something else away. I'll get my thinking cap on and see if I can find the extra 50 bytes or so of memory needed to add the feature, but can't promise anything :)

David johnson
7 de Julho de 2020 | Versão 1.0.5

Thanks William for the fast response to the data issue. Now it’s working as it should. This will be my go to Data Screen for the foreseeable future as it hits all the data points needed. Keep up the great work.

Carmen Frisch
7 de Julho de 2020 | Versão 1.0.3

Now the datafield is broken. On my FR735 I can see the data of your screenshots. Only the battery and the time are real. I can't see the timer running after starting the activity. It stays at 23:31 and all the other values of the screenshots.

Resposta do desenvolvedor
7 de Julho de 2020, wwarby

Urgh. I knew I'd accidentally do that at some point. I have a bit of code in the project that I uncomment to take screenshots, and I accidentally left it in the build. It forces the values to the ones you see in the screenshots. Apologies, one star review well and truly deserved in this case. I've just uploaded version 1.0.4 which corrects the problem. I'll work out some kind of process that prevents me from doing that again - apologies for any inconvenience.

7 de Julho de 2020 | Versão 1.0.3

Finally! I've wanted a simple walking datafield like this one for a long time. Thank you!

Resposta do desenvolvedor
7 de Julho de 2020, wwarby

You're welcome ;) I had the same need - couldn't find what I was looking for in the Connect IQ store, so I built it myself.

Palle Kølln
6 de Julho de 2020 | Versão 1.0.1

Great datafield! Would like to have the black background as shown on the frontpage, but can’t fint the setting for it?

Resposta do desenvolvedor
6 de Julho de 2020, wwarby

Hi Palle, the background colour is in the settings of the Walk activity itself on the watch, not in the settings for the data field on the phone app. The setting is called Background Color, the relevant page on the manual for my fenix 5x watch is here: I believe on older watches like the Forerunner 235 the setting is in a different place because it's for the whole watch rather than one specific activity, but all watches have the setting. Hope that helps :)

6 de Julho de 2020 | Versão 1.0.1

So far the beat walking app. I would ask to develop similar interface for hiking.

6 de Julho de 2020 | Versão 1.0.1

Basically, great!! It looks perfect on my FR645M. I look forward to testing it on my next activity. Thanks so much!

Carmen Frisch
5 de Julho de 2020 | Versão 1.0.1

On my FR735 the font is a bit small.

Resposta do desenvolvedor
6 de Julho de 2020, wwarby

Thanks for the feedback Carmen. After a bit of experimentation I found I was able to increase the font size a bit for your device and still make everything fit on screen. I've released an update (version 1.0.3) that increases the size of all the text in the layout for the Forerunner 230, 235, 630 and 735xt.

1 de Julho de 2020 | Versão 0.6.2

Ziet er mooi uit maar het lukt mij helaas niet om deze op mijn horloge te krijgen. Vivoactive 3 staat er wel tussen.

Resposta do desenvolvedor
6 de Julho de 2020, wwarby

Bad translation from Google: Looks nice but unfortunately I can't get it on my watch. Vivoactive 3 is among them. Response: I'm not sure why you're unable to get this data field on your vivoactive 3 as I do support that model and it works fine in the device simulator from the Garmin SDK for the vivoactive 3. I'd suggest you get in touch with Garmin as it's more likely a user support issue than a technical problem with the design of Walker itself.

30 de Junho de 2020 | Versão 0.6.2

Wieso kann ich das Datenfeld nicht updaten? Bei jeder neuen Version wird die nicht installiert. Ich muss es jedesmal deinstallieren und neu installieren. Habe die Venu.

Resposta do desenvolvedor
30 de Junho de 2020, wwarby

Translation: Why can't I update the data field? It is not installed with every new version. I have to uninstall and reinstall it every time. Got the Venu Reply: I'm afraid this is entirely outside my control as a developer - once I upload a new version it is Garmin's responsibility to get it onto user devices. I've experienced this exact problem myself and can only think that it comes down to just waiting patiently :) I expect Garmin would update your watch automatically after a few hours and I have heard from other users that it is updating just fine, but as I always want to test my latest version immediately after upload I invariably have to delete and reinstall it. Apologies for the inconvenience, if there was anything I could do to make it update faster I would, but I'm afraid it's out of my hands.

Conte de Fleckenstein
29 de Junho de 2020 | Versão 0.6.0

Nice design and all relevant items for walking are present.

28 de Junho de 2020 | Versão 0.5.0

Irgendwie funktioniert bei mir kein Update. Muss immer deinstalliert werden und neu installiert. Garmin Venu.

28 de Junho de 2020 | Versão 0.5.0

Perfect! Much better with bigger font. Thank You.

Kate Lucas
27 de Junho de 2020 | Versão 0.4.1


Infelizmente, não há nenhuma estatística disponível ainda.