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Check our Facebook page:</p><p></p><p>____</p><p>Stopwatch r.485 is designed to be a widget and, as such, the watch face will be shown after a period of inactivity. There is no way to avoid it. This won't affect the timer, which will display the total elapsed time when you open the widget is again, including the period in which the widget wasn't in...


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Avaliação média: (30 avaliações)

30 de Outubro de 2017 | Versão 2.3b-upd

Great. was missing stopwatch installed as default but this widget makes my forerunner 235 even better. thanks

15 de Outubro de 2017 | Versão 2.3b-upd

Fenix 5X Can’t reset. Hold menu button down and it goes to menu.

Resposta do desenvolvedor
15 de Outubro de 2017, r.485

Click the first option of the menu and it will reset. Kind regards

15 de Outubro de 2017 | Versão 2.3b-upd

Fenix 3 hr: no way to reset

Resposta do desenvolvedor
15 de Outubro de 2017, r.485

Thanks for the feedback. I'm check the issue, which I believe it's a firmware problem. If you want to follow the discussion:

2 de Outubro de 2017 | Versão 2.3b-upd

Very simple and useful application. Just what I always wanted in my garmin - simple and easy to use stopwatch. Good work!

28 de Setembro de 2017 | Versão 2.3b-upd

My 935 can't reset the time, anybody got this problem?

Resposta do desenvolvedor
29 de Setembro de 2017, r.485

Thanks for your feedback. Garmin has introduced this change in some watches. A "generic" menu is displayed if you press and hold UP when any widget is open. But they said that the "expected" action is triggered when the first option of the menu is chosen. Just a remark: we had to make some adjustments on the program to handle some side-effects of this change. I recommend that you reinstall the widget to be sure that you have the latest version.

25 de Setembro de 2017 | Versão 2.3b-upd

All people need this

6 de Setembro de 2017 | Versão 2.3b-upd

Very good and simple widget, easy to use. Only my FR235 always closes the stopwatch after 60 seconds and jumps back to the main page.

Resposta do desenvolvedor
6 de Setembro de 2017, r.485

Thanks for your feedback. All widgets behave like that: close after some period of inactivity and jump back to the main page. It is not possible to change or avoid this behaviour. If you need a stopwatch that remain in the foreground, you must use a stopwatch "application". Maybe you want to check the one that Garmin has made: . Kind regards!

28 de Agosto de 2017 | Versão 2.3b

Very good widget, great job dev. but how do I remove a widget? Not necessarily your

27 de Julho de 2017 | Versão 2.2-upd

This is a good, basic stopwatch that's easy to read and quickly accessible as a widget (unlike Garmin's stock stopwatch app). Importantly, it runs in the background while you're using your watch's other functions, so it's useful for tracking total time. However, keep in mind that because it's a widget, you can't access it while you're using an activity app. A lap timer would be a good addition, but that might detract from the widget's simple interface.

1 de Maio de 2017 | Versão 2.2

There is no ability to lap, a must have.

31 de Março de 2017 | Versão 2.1-upd1

This is what I need.. nice, simple and working!!

8 de Fevereiro de 2017 | Versão 2.1-upd1

Nice but an option with choose between stopwatch and countdown will be a must !

Resposta do desenvolvedor
19 de Abril de 2017, r.485

I thought about it, but a widget cannot give an alarm or make the watch vibrate if it isn't active. So I didn't find it very useful, because the user wouldn't know when the countdown timer reaches zero.
16 de Janeiro de 2017 | Versão 2.1-upd1

Muy adecuado cuando lo que necesitas es un simple cronometro al que acceder rápido, 2 botones para usarlo y fin, si quieres algo mas sofisticado esta aplicación no es para ti, pero si solo quieres un cronometro start - stop/continuar y reset, este es genial.

26 de Dezembro de 2016 | Versão 2.1-upd1

Super widget, simple et efficace ! On peut retourner sur le cadran montre et le chrono continue à tourner. Serait-il possible d'avoir le même style de widget en version "compte à rebours" ? Ce serait parfait. Merci encore au développeur.

7 de Dezembro de 2016 | Versão 2.1-upd1

easy to install and use on a FR235. Downside there is no lap function?. Up menu button to access. Run button to start & stop. Up button HOLD to reset.

25 de Outubro de 2016 | Versão 2.1-upd1

Good if you just need a basic stopwatch quickly

18 de Outubro de 2016 | Versão 2.1-upd


Resposta do desenvolvedor
26 de Outubro de 2016, r.485

Instructions for non-touchscreen watches : - Start / pause / resume: "Enter" key (in most watches, press the button once) - Reset : "Menu" key (in most watches, press and hold the "up" button) Touchscreen watches: - Single tap: start / pause / resume - Tap and hold: reset

8 de Outubro de 2016 | Versão 2.1-upd

Simple and works. Exactly what I needed.

5 de Outubro de 2016 | Versão 2.1-upd


10 de Setembro de 2016 | Versão 2.1-upd

Sencillo y práctico... Así deberían ser todas las aplicaciones

10 de Setembro de 2016 | Versão 2.1-upd

Just downloaded on VivoActive. Looking good.

4 de Agosto de 2016 | Versão 2.1

This works exactly as I needed!

30 de Julho de 2016 | Versão 2.1

It´s an excellent and simple stopwatch when you don´t need to start the gps!

8 de Julho de 2016 | Versão 2.1

great finally a stopwatch that can run in the background . . .

6 de Julho de 2016 | Versão 2.1

It doesn't update the time as the timer is running. Is there something limiting this that Garmin could fix?

Infelizmente, não há nenhuma estatística disponível ainda.