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Songlate makes it easy to manage and sync your music between online storage (Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive, Google Play Music or YouTube Music) and your smartwatch.</p><p>Manage all your music online at</p><p></p><p>______________________________________________</p><p></p><p>How to start?</p><p>• Create Songlate account at</p><p>• Connect Songlate with one of the file storages (Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive, Google Play Music or YouTube Music).</p>


New device support.</p><p></p><p>NOTE: If you have problems with the app after you updated to a new version, try turning the watch off and on.


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Avaliação média: (78 avaliações)

Fergal Kilkenny
16 de Outubro de 2021 | Versão 1.5.2

Fails to sync with my Fenix 6x Pro "Sync failed (error-402)"

Resposta do desenvolvedor
17 de Outubro de 2021, janousek

The problem is that you are trying to sync too large playlist (thousands of songs) and you watch are unable to process it.

13 de Outubro de 2021 | Versão 1.5.1

Personally, I love it. It's a great option for Youtube Music users. Instruction was intuitive and price was reasonable. I had no problem with the setup and sync.

James Adams
4 de Outubro de 2021 | Versão 1.5.0

Seems like a solid idea, but for some reason it refuses to sync more that 7 songs. Reports an unknown error, or that the file can't be read. I was told that the file error was due to a format incompatible with the watch, but I've verified that all of my music is compatible and still receive the error.

Padeanu Cristian
11 de Setembro de 2021 | Versão 1.5.0

Good app and it works really well! Could a button to skip forward 10-30 seconds of the song be possible ? Keep the good work coming !

Erling Worm
12 de Agosto de 2021 | Versão 1.5.0

Just what I was looking for. Real easy to use when first configured

Kai Deimel
5 de Julho de 2021 | Versão 1.5.0

Works very fine. Best App for YouTube Music user. Important: read the manual to avoid problems.

10 de Maio de 2021 | Versão 1.4.0

Pracuje ako má.. super práca. Vďaka

Wade Davis
4 de Maio de 2021 | Versão 1.4.0

The app itself works fine, I get all my desired songs and playlists synced. However, the subscription, once paid for, does not go through. I’ve tried paying for it 3 times, and it keeps telling me that my subscription is expired. No bank statement went to my account, so this could be an issue on my end but I’m still confused.

27 de Abril de 2021 | Versão 1.4.0

Paid subscription and takes over 20 minutes to download a 13 song playlist (on medium sound quality settings because high quality results in slow sync times lol!)

Resposta do desenvolvedor
27 de Abril de 2021, janousek

Hello. Yes, because your watch are slow :D There is nothing I (or anyone else) can do with this. People just don't understand that Garmin watches are not highend devices (meant in terms of hardware performance). It doesn't just depend on the number of songs, but what matters is their size. The watch has a very limited data write speed. In any case, this is a limitation of the watch and not an application.

Rudi Kay
21 de Abril de 2021 | Versão 1.4.0

10€ a year for syncing a service that I already pay for?? It should be damn good for this..lets see

18 de Abril de 2021 | Versão 1.4.0

Can't wait to use it.

Oleg Gavryliuk
15 de Abril de 2021 | Versão 1.4.0

Best app for listening podcasts and other audio files. Fantastic synchronization with Google Drive and Youtube Music.

Jonathon Sanders
5 de Abril de 2021 | Versão 1.4.0

Poor interface and requires a reoccurring subscription without so much as a trial. I wouldn't mind a one time payment after a trial to ensure the application works as intended, but to pay a subscription to play music from another subscription service is just a money grab.

Resposta do desenvolvedor
5 de Abril de 2021, janousek

Hello, recurring subscription is not required! And what's more there IS free trial. You don't have to pay anything at all to try the application.

Kai Deimel
24 de Março de 2021 | Versão 1.4.0

Works great. Its a must if you have a google music account

Matt Leech
10 de Março de 2021 | Versão 1.3.1

Being a software dev myself, I'm not only impressed that you got this app working, but also that you had the foresight to see that it was possible. This is the only way I've found that gets Youtube Music onto my Garmin watch, and although the setup process must be daunting for non-techie people, the instructions are good and work perfectly; sorry to all you people having difficulties, the problem lies with yourself. I moved from Spotify to Google Play Music a couple of years ago, just before I bought my Garmin, so I was pretty disappointed that YTM was not a native app for the device. Subsequently, until today, I've been without music on all my runs. Thanks for an excellent and welcome app. Keep up the good work :-)

Jean Roux
13 de Fevereiro de 2021 | Versão 1.3.1

works great! no issues, setup a little technical but once it's setup, it just works which is all you want

Kai Deimel
15 de Janeiro de 2021 | Versão 1.3.1

The app works great. The first sync at 474 songs takes a little while. But the Fenix 6 pro only has 2.4 GHz WLAN. After that, it runs perfectly. Songs can be played cleanly. The setup of the app takes 1 minute! If you can not do that, then you do not deserve to use it. Use your brain a little and watch the instruction video.

12 de Janeiro de 2021 | Versão 1.3.1

Tried getting the code to work with my YT music subscription but I just get a message saying "one moment please". I've watched the video a few times but still no joy. I've emailed the developer but got no response

Resposta do desenvolvedor
12 de Janeiro de 2021, janousek

Hello. First, I gave you your reply to your email three days ago. But most of all, you probably didn't watch the video. Because the situation with the message "one moment please" is in the video at time 0:26. And it describes exactly what to do (copy the code from the developer console). Just watch the video again.

Häcker Alfons
7 de Janeiro de 2021 | Versão 1.3.1

Verbindung ist kompliziert

25 de Novembro de 2020 | Versão 1.3.0

Finally it is working, but the install is not easy even if the video help. With iOS (at least) in the YouTube Music app if I add a playlist to my favourite it is not visible in the songlate page, only if I create a seperate library in the app and I add this playlist to it. The sync for 400pcs songs takes a lot of time (56% is ready after roughly 1 hour). Yesterday I tried during my running, but it was easy to use.

21 de Novembro de 2020 | Versão 1.3.0

Perfect with yt music

Ed Bustamante
12 de Novembro de 2020 | Versão 1.2.9

Installation instruction video is horrible. Not worth the time to watch it or install.

איתי לוי
10 de Novembro de 2020 | Versão 1.2.6

Can i do this from my phone?

Resposta do desenvolvedor
11 de Novembro de 2020, janousek

Hello, what do you mean with "this"?

Mehmet Ugurlu
6 de Novembro de 2020 | Versão 1.2.6

Looks great. Will it be possible to sync with google podcast?

Resposta do desenvolvedor
6 de Novembro de 2020, janousek

Hello, I'm not currently planning to add support for support Google Podcast.

Rober Jover
24 de Outubro de 2020 | Versão 1.2.3

Almost perfect and cheaper than other music's option out there. Only one I found one bug, when I selected one playlist It plays all the playlist! It takes several times to select and unselect until you only select the right one and the app plays it correctly

Infelizmente, não há nenhuma estatística disponível ainda.