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22 June 2018: FIXED DATA CONNECTION. The widget should now update normally. </p><p>Devices with limited memory (e.g. Vivoactive) may produce an error when starting the widget. I'll be working on this issue when I have a moment but please note that I am doing this as a hobby when I have time.</p><p></p><p>This widget displays information about upcoming SpaceX launches: date, countdown, rocket, payload, launch/landing locations and trajectory.</p>


1.0.6 Swapped interface buttons. On Fenix, up/down now controls launch id and select/back now controls page (date, rocket, map, trajectory)</p><p>1.0.5 Fixed trajectory display when no landing data is available. Tried to lower widget Kb weight.</p><p>1.0.4 Corrected bug (now if data isn't yet downloaded, pressing Select will not trigger an IQ! error). Added the age of the dataset - this number is shown for 2 secs when opening first page.</p>

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Kevin Montgomery
11 listopada 2019 | Wersja 1.0.6

Fenix Chronos. Just says "No data"

⛺🐿️Sam lawrence🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿
6 sierpnia 2019 | Wersja 1.0.6

BUG report ::: Fenix 5x 13.40.... Widget has ceased to function ( stuck on No data)

⛺🐿️Sam lawrence🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿
14 sierpnia 2018 | Wersja 1.0.5-upd7

Working perfectly with th Fenix 5x beta versions 10.51/ 10.52..... Also perfectly on the latest 5x public release software....runs fast and smooth....all functioning. No Issue's. One of the most amazing widgets available in the store, and is a permanent resident on my watch. Thankyou Dev for your top quality free Prg's! :--)

5 lipca 2018 | Wersja 1.0.5-upd7

Waaahhhh! I wanted this to work on my Vivoactive HR, but I get an "IQ!" icon instead

Adrian Ruiz
25 czerwca 2018 | Wersja 1.0.5-upd7

I love the idea, downloaded immediately when I saw it but since then, its shown IQ!. Waited for an update to fix it maybe but the last one didn't do it. I have the vivoactive 3.

Marek (mkzr37)
6 kwietnia 2018 | Wersja 1.0.5-upd3

Great idea and design, but sadly, widget don't want to work on my Fenix 5. Waiting for a fix, keep up a good work :)

Odpowiedź producenta
22 czerwca 2018, JuliensLab

I fixed the data connection. Please let me know if that solves your issue. Thanks!

5 kwietnia 2018 | Wersja 1.0.5-upd3

As soon as I enter the widget on my vivoactive HR, it displays IQ error. I cannot do anything.

19 marca 2018 | Wersja 1.0.5-upd3

It seems good but it doesn't work on my vivoactive HR it just show IQ! Error when I launch it

Aidan Salasin-Deane
9 marca 2018 | Wersja 1.0.5-upd3

Looks awesome, would be 5 stars but just shows up as an iQ error. If this can be fixed would definitely change my review.

24 grudnia 2017 | Wersja 1.0.4-upd

I really like the idea and would be happy with this widget. The downside is that it uses way to much space (601.69KB compared to 50-100KB used by other apps/widgets) to operate on the vivoactive HR. I hope that this issue can be solved. If this is possible, SpaceX-widget will get a 5 star-rating.

Odpowiedź producenta
1 stycznia 2018, JuliensLab

Thanks for this useful feedback. I think images (SpaceX logo and rockets) take up most of the KB space. I will see if this can be reduced.

Danie Jordaan
22 grudnia 2017 | Wersja 1.0.4-upd

Does not work on Fenix 5. Gives IQ error.

Odpowiedź producenta
9 stycznia 2018, JuliensLab

Updated. Can you check if it works now? If not, please describe the issue (use Contact Developer link on the main page).

⛺🐿️Sam lawrence🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿
9 grudnia 2017 | Wersja 1.0.3

This awsome widget is fully working perfectly with the Fenix 5x version 7.0 even with the slower processor speed from 6.0. All the best, Sam

Fredrik Johansson
6 grudnia 2017 | Wersja 1.0.2

On my chronos, I get an IQ Error. I have the latest version on my watch (9.10)

William R Odom
29 listopada 2017 | Wersja 1.0.1-upd

On the Fenix 5S I simply get an IQ? error. Tried rebooting my phone and deleted enough widgets to make sure there was plenty of memory in case that was the problem. I'm a short drive from Vandenberg - would love to see this work!

Odpowiedź producenta
30 listopada 2017, JuliensLab

Strange, as this works very well on my D2 Charlie (equivalent to Fenix 5X). Do you get the IQ sign immediately upon startup or after browsing the app? I will check if the Fenix 5S has lower technical abilities compared to the 5X. You can get in touch with me with the link "contact developer".

⛺🐿️Sam lawrence🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿
22 listopada 2017 | Wersja 1.0.1-upd

Superb widget,congratulations and thankyou very much developer! This is a very useful and well drawn widget, and looks great on my watch,and seems completely stable. I like that i can keep track of upcomming launches,with the information available,and excellent images. If i want more info,the widget also links to the relevant web pages on my phone with a touch of a button from the watch itself, awsome! All the best, Sam. Fenix 5x 6.0

Odpowiedź producenta
3 grudnia 2017, JuliensLab

Thanks a lot Sam for your feedback. I could use your help: there was an issue (noted by another user above on Nov 29), this has been fixed on my end. It was due to data source versioning. Could you let me know if the latest version 1.0.2 of the widget does work for you as well? Thanks!