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Forerunner 235 Sleek HR


A clean, sleek watchface for Garmin Forerunner 235.</p><p></p><p>The watchface is based on "Sleek HR", wich i made for the Fenix 5/5x/5c. I was asked to make a similar one for Forerunner 235, so i did :)</p><p></p><p>===== How to set custom Text =====</p><p></p><p>In the app on your phone, go to "Activities and app administration", "Watch Faces". Click on the "Sleek HR" watch face you will find a "Settings" option where you can set Custom text</p>

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30 czerwca 2020

Is a good one, for 24hrs format in the next update remove the dot. But the best one I have download.

Gerardo Gallardo
25 czerwca 2020

I’m installed in 2020 and it’s amazing!! Thanks!!

Stefy Obando
22 czerwca 2020

Me encanto

Janni Tran
1 maja 2020

Can you please make this for Forerunner 735xt. This is my favorite watch face. Thank you

Paul Marcus
15 kwietnia 2020

Love it. Plain and simple but with all the stats I want to see at a glance.

6 kwietnia 2020

Impossível desinstalar

22 marca 2020

Great watch face! If possible, adding the distance to it would make it perfect!

Kelly 🐶
17 marca 2020

This watch face is AWESOME! I have used other watch faces, but I keep coming back to this one, as it is very clear

Bonsam Koo
26 lutego 2020

Thanks for making a good watch face. I love to put my own text on the screen. But as mentioned in some of the previous review, I hope to see the second and distance instead of notifications.

22 lutego 2020

I'm not sure if this is my watch only, but whenever it has a full charge, it says it's only 97% charged. Is that just for me or is everyone's like that?

Yan Deslongchamps
4 listopada 2019

Wish it had the seconds, other than that perfect

Donna Girouard
5 września 2019

I love this watch face. Just have a problem trying to switch it off of military time. I unchecked the box and hit save. It said that setting has been changed and saved but it doesn’t actually change it. It’s still set to 24hr time. It won’t let me do custom text either. Any ideas......

Numa Toro
26 sierpnia 2019

I use this face most of the time, no matter what new face I try, I always end up coming back to this one.

18 sierpnia 2019

Nice app. If You can add distance instade of notifications would be great.

Michel VanMusschenbroek
19 czerwca 2019

It is simple and clear. It is has a great format for daily life. I installed this and removed all the others.

13 kwietnia 2019

Great interface but it's better to change the time color.

25 marca 2019

Thanks for the wonderful app , really appreciate the efforts. I want to give one suggestion , please check the feasibility. Can we have multiple custom texts options - say 5 & can you switch between them periodically (configurable) on the watch face ? So that we can set texts for the day in the morning & we are done for the day.. no need to change it from app again & again.. hope I am not asking for too much.. thanks in advance !!

Ania Aki
21 marca 2019


4 stycznia 2019

Missing the seconds to be perfect... and water tank for the races … :D

Chris Watkins
1 września 2018

How do you change the custom text I’ve look pretty much everywhere

Odpowiedź producenta
14 grudnia 2018, KGDI

Thank you for the review Chris! I have updated the main page With a description on how to change the text. ==== How to set custom text ==== In the app on your phone, go to "Activities and app administration", "Watch Faces". Click on the "Sleek HR" watch face you will find a "Settings" option where you can set Custom text.

TJ Rothwell x
31 lipca 2018


Guilherme Cunha
24 lipca 2018

The watch face is actually quite good! However I need to know how to change the custom text. Would you include a brief description on how to do so?

Carole Nourry
21 lipca 2018

I appreciate a lot this watch face! I can see all my datas at a glance. But I would like to change my custom text and I don't remember how to reach this menu anymore... Would you be so kind to explain it to me?

5 czerwca 2018


Moritz Krauff
4 czerwca 2018

Very nice and Easy to use! But it would be great if the clock would show seconds!

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