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Qinggong is a Chinese martial arts technique that focuses on agility and swiftness. Examples of this are often portrayed in martial arts films, where people perform superhuman feats like scaling trees or leaping gently across rooftops.</p><p>Enjoy a demonstration of gravity-defying Qinggong moves as you work to meet your step goals!</p><p>Besides the time, the date, steps, distance, remaining battery charge, and Bluetooth status are displayed.</p>

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28 lipca 2016 | Wersja 1.2-upd

不错 挺有意思的

7 grudnia 2015 | Wersja 1.1

L'heure, la batterie et le nombre de pas ... Le tout accompagné d'une sympathique petite animation qui évolue en fonction de l'objectif quotidien ! Que demander de plus ? Merci :)

Na razie brak dostźpnych danych.