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Air quality information today, keeps allergy and disease away.</p><p>Garmin Air provides real-time air pollution and UV information from more than 4000 monitoring stations with air quality and 1500 monitoring stations with UV throughout China, Taiwan, Japan and the United States.</p><p>The Garmin Connect Mobile application must be active on your internet connected mobile device. When indoors the last known GPS location is used.</p>

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Ta aplikacja wymaga dostępu do następujących zasobów:

  • Wymieniaj informacje przez Internet
  • Pozycja GPS
  • vívoactive® HR vívoactive® HR
Średnia ocena: (Oceny: 24)

8 lutego 2018 | Wersja 1.7

Omg, it doesn't work in mainland china☠️

5 października 2017 | Wersja 1.7

It would be great if it could work in France :(

27 września 2017 | Wersja 1.7

I'm located in the United States. I installed it. But it always says waiting to connect. I've now uninstalled it.

22 czerwca 2017 | Wersja 1.6.0

Does not work. Installs on Vivoactive HR device but never gives data. Uninstalled.

16 czerwca 2017 | Wersja 1.6.0

Copied review, but still not updating.. Failed to work after a re-install through phone... :( (IQ!)

Pacer02_趙元 Y.Chao
15 czerwca 2017 | Wersja 1.6.0

Failed to work after a re-install through phone... :( (IQ!)

2 kwietnia 2017 | Wersja 1.6.0

No funciona en España

17 marca 2017 | Wersja 1.6.0


DJ Criswell The Psychic Weatherman
18 lutego 2017 | Wersja 1.6.0

It seems this app has trouble getting data. "Waiting for data ... Cannot connect - please pair" But I made sure to pair AND sync a few seconds before. Uninstalled. When it works, it's a 5 star app, but that is hardly ever.

7 lutego 2017 | Wersja 1.6.0


31 stycznia 2017 | Wersja 1.6.0

Does not work. All I get is a "Waiting for data" screen.

31 stycznia 2017 | Wersja 1.6.0

Do not work in italy

Maximilian Yuen
18 stycznia 2017 | Wersja 1.6.0

Does not work in China Hong Kong. Only get waiting for data screen

15 stycznia 2017 | Wersja 1.6.0

Really nice widget - I always check it before going running. Would be nice if there was a way to display last update instead of always trying to pull online info (especially if you are data roaming).

4 stycznia 2017 | Wersja 1.5.0

Amazing not working in Europe!! Waiting for an upgrade!!

Rafal LEEQS 🇪🇺
29 listopada 2016 | Wersja 1.4

Doesn't work in Europ, what a shame, if Garmin apps shold cover all areas where watches are in sale.

2 listopada 2016 | Wersja 1.3

The update fix my issue. Very usefull, Thanks

27 października 2016 | Wersja 1.2

The newest version can work at the U.S. now!

23 października 2016 | Wersja 1.1

You have to in Taiwan, China & Japan than you can use this app

Clif Rapier
7 października 2016 | Wersja 1.1

Ditto for the other reviews.

Alexander Hall
30 września 2016 | Wersja 1.1

Same issue as prior two reviews. Installed and just displays 'waiting for data'. Located in NC, USA.

David Gibbs
30 września 2016 | Wersja 1.1

So far non-functional ... displays "Waiting for data" then displays "IQ" with an exclamation point (fatal error, I assume).

28 września 2016 | Wersja 1.0

Downloaded it, the app only reads "waiting for data" then reads not "supported in my area." Really? USA, Philadelphia? Oh well.

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