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The Swimming App Professional currently focuses on open water swimming and shows you key parameters like speed, pace, distance, etc. with high sensitivity GPS. Additionally an ANT+™ compatible sensor for heart rate and temperature monitoring is supported. It is designed as as watch app (and not a data field or widget).</p><p>This version is currently in BETA status and completely FREE without l...

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25 czerwiec 2017

Dont work on my vivoactive HR , the app start but unfortunatly dont count anything .

21 czerwiec 2017

I use this app on my Garmin Vivoactive for open water swimming. If I wear my watch around the wrist, the app doesn't work properly. Howerver, using the workaround to wear it underneath my the bath cap, it works 100% and is very accurate. I don't really care about my current pace whilst swimming, so I don't mind not seeing the watch during a swim. However, it could come in handy if during a swim, the activity can be pauzed & resumed again by pushing on the record button. Currently, the activity can be stopped by pushing on the record button but if you want to resume, you have to tap on the screen, which is of course not possible if the watch is underneath a bath cap. As a consequence of this, the average pace is very low due to several stops. Autopauze would also be nice if it could be added to the app. For those who doubt the accuracy of this app, here's my Strava activity recorded with the app: Many thanks to the developper of this app!

20 czerwiec 2017

Not very accurate but ok as a very rough guideline.

20 czerwiec 2017

Used in OW swim during a sea swim, have to say very accurate!

16 czerwiec 2017

It does not calculate the correct distance in meters.

11 czerwiec 2017

Benutze die Viviactive HR. Herzfrequenz funktioniert jedoch nicht beim Schwimmen, was zu erwarten war und auch nicht weiter schlimm ist. Schade ist, dass die Distanzen überhaupt nicht stimmen. Über den Daumen gepeilt misst die App immer rund 30% zu viele Kilometer. Auf der Karte sieht der Kurs auch recht zickzackig aus. Klar läuft das mit dem GPS nicht so unter Wasser, aber könnte man den Pfad nicht glätten, damit es in etwa hinkommt mit der Distanz?

4 czerwiec 2017

Tracks the swimming path, but registers 2842m instead of the known 1900m.

27 maj 2017

Used this a few times, was happy to start with; but then stopped working properly... can't seem to get it to record in metres and when you start it, it seems to stop and does not record the full swim. I emailed the designer for advice weeks ago and have heard nothing back. App used on Garmin vivoactive hr... think I'll use the running app for the GPS as that seems more accurate! App deleted!

17 maj 2017

I've used this for about a month and it is fairly accurate.

17 maj 2017

Good app for swimming. Even its a little drain battery but still better than swimming pf Garmin app. Cheers!

15 maj 2017

First attempt using my vivoactive HR+ swam a known distance of 1500m but the watch recorded 4000m. Will try again tomorrow and revise my review if experience is aby better. Some people suggest exporting to go and reimporting seems to get a closer distance.

14 maj 2017

Application its great, you fix the missing things from Garmin and it's good. HR also work good as it's average. Thank for the great work.

13 maj 2017

Looks good. Look forward to trying it next week!

13 maj 2017

This app was able to track my swim by the sea cliffs. gps works ok but it shows a part of my swim over the cliffs which is not telated to the app but my vivoactive I guess. It is hard to tell if the data is 100% accurate as I wasn't following a straight line . On the other hand I had been able to have a data with pace and distance so far. No stroke count yet

6 maj 2017

Looking forward to trying this app. I will try this first indoors, and compare it to the actual meters I swim to see if accurate. I am personally very interested in this app as I need a vivoactive app that accurately records my open water swims in Lakes. My goal is to swim across Lake Erie, and hoping this can be used as a training tool.

26 kwiecień 2017

Ottima applicazione ma non funziona bene sul mio vivoactive HR. Distanza sovrastata (1000mt effettivi - 1800 rilevati dall'applicazione). La distanza è stata correttamente registrata da altro garmin forerunner che era con me. Inoltre il battito cardiaco non è affidabile. Il fatto è che il vivoactive HR non ha gli algoritmi di correzione del segnale GPS necessari per il nuoto in acque libere.

16 kwiecień 2017

I seem 780m,but it showed 49m,what is the problem?

15 kwiecień 2017

Used this today for an open water swim. It showed the course well, but said I seem 820m but I only seem around 400m. How can I make it more accurate?

8 kwiecień 2017

I like the ability to customise. However I find that out in the ocean it shows that I swam less than what I did. I swam to a known distance of a 1000m and it showed 800m. Not sure what causes the issue.

14 marzec 2017

Why does the watch seem to record an accurate distance, but indicates another data (+30% on the watch and Garmin connect) while, once transferred to other applications, such Google Earth or View Ranger, the GPX file then shows the correct distance?

12 marzec 2017

Is it my settings. It does not log lengths automatically indoors like garmin app does. I would like an app that does auto lengths. Metrics and heart rate

6 marzec 2017

When you use outdoor in open water swimming track, the distance are completely inaccurate, My experience: I swam a known 1000 meters distance in a beach the app recorded 800 meters when I returned swimming the same distance the app registered 1250m..

2 marzec 2017

Applicazione interessante. io la utilizzo indoor in piscina da 25 metri. questa app lavora col gps, dovreste implementarla aggiungendo il conteggio delle vasche, i tempi parziali delle vasche per i 25 , 50 e 100 metri. mi piacerebbe molto che riconoscesse lo stile di nuotata e che contasse le bracciate. sarebbe perfetta! sarebbe molto utile poter leggere anche l'orario. la scelta della lingua in italiano non sarebbe male anche se è molto intuitiva già così. (vivoactive hr)

19 luty 2017

Gps signal is erratic during open water swimming so distance is miscalculated so all other data-speed,lap time, etc-is totally wrong . Heart rate monitor and temperature don't work in the water.

14 luty 2017

Used app for the bus so jetty swim (Western Australia), worked rather well. Believe the distance was exaggerated, but the tracking was a lot calmer than other gps trackers I have tried. Impressed so far.

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